Honor 8 review: Shining Knight

08 September 2016
Branding aside, the Honor 8 is a purebred Huawei sharing much of the P9 DNA. It was created to fill the blanks left by the P9 by reaching to markets and price tiers outside of those mandated by the Leica co-branded flagship.

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  • ras

looking so nice

  • Novage

kris, 09 Sep 2016"The performance of a single Cortex-A72 core is rather unin... moreI agree. CORTEX A72 are more powerful than Kryo

  • Anonymous

Who jump to the battery test first before reading other contents?

  • AnonD-406806

Okay , going to buy this for its looks. Just LOOK at it. It may be no xz but still, all blue sapphire glass. I am sold. Now just have to get a job somewhere. :)

  • Anonymous

I want this phone. Very beautiful love the blue color

  • kris

"The performance of a single Cortex-A72 core is rather uninspiring compared to the Snapdragon 820's Kryo within the OnePlus 3 and the Galaxy S7."

A72 is actually more powerful than Kryo. Geekbench 3 test were not as accurate and did not conform to SPEC. Re do the test with new Geekbench 4, it confirmed at the same process and clock speed Kryo has the same IPC as A57. Both A72 and Samsung M1 cores are faster than Kryo.