Honor 8 review: Shining Knight

08 September 2016
Branding aside, the Honor 8 is a purebred Huawei sharing much of the P9 DNA. It was created to fill the blanks left by the P9 by reaching to markets and price tiers outside of those mandated by the Leica co-branded flagship.

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  • Sean

GSM Arena I have read on Honor website this phone has Nippon Electric Glass which is a Japanese company

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 02 Jan 2017Is it waterproof No it's not

  • fjweinbk

Had mine for 2+ weeks and used my old Samsung headphones with it because it didn't come with one. I noticed that when I'm on a call or listening to music that it'll drop my call or end my music whenever I have a slight movement that interrupts the connection between the headphone jack and the hole for the jack. Seems like a loose connection where the slightest movement can cause a drop call or automatically initiate google voice. Has anyone else had/have this issue? I wondering if I should buy an Huawei headphone to use with it but it just doesn't make sense tho. Please help!

  • Anonymous

Can tell me how I take snap shot on honor 8 mobile


its a damn cute phon with heigh features but I have a question in my mind regarding its battery backup does 3000Mah is sufficient for 24 hrs net usage

  • Anonymous

Is it waterproof

  • Amir

I had honor6...and it was good phone for me..but I want to change it and buy honor8 and I'm sure that it can be a very good gadget

  • Anonymous

optical stabilizer missing... always something missing. And still no user-replaceable battery

  • Anonymous

AnonD-611107, 17 Nov 2016does it allows 2 sim cards and sd at same time??I read somewhere (sorry, no source) that you could detach the chip from your simcard and attach it to a microsd so you can use the 2nd slot for both of them. Do some researches


Honor 8

  • AnonD-611107

does it allows 2 sim cards and sd at same time??

  • Kakku

Honor 8...
Battery life very very good...
Looking very very cuuute...
You can use two SIM also...
Sound quality super...
Camera front and back very very nice...
No doubt honor 8: 10/10...

  • Haris

doe's it have Dual sim Dual active?

  • Anonymous

sexy look classic

  • will

from the results of your review, especially on the camera. may i know on a sample photo of the statue, bokeh effect that is whether the results of direct capture from the camera or edited after capture by selecting the focus point and apeture?
Coz all i see is bokeh of the this picture or others, is like poorly edited. and too shame if this is result of direct capture from honor 8 camera.

  • 00dicS

Honor 8 vs Xperia X..which is better?

  • ajit

Anonymous, 10 Sep 2016go to samsung or xiaomi. they are great in battery. sony, l... moreit s nice phone when i see the phone i socked the price its verry chep and best quality if you compair samsung higher reange phone buter then samsung its own procecer and hard wear huawei using all are own good quality once you use then only you no the what phone the make my expreince is exlent i am as now huawei fans i buy only huawei phone

  • Anonymous

Why is Bloatware not an objective pro or con. Should be!

  • AnonD-590793

Does it support multiple users ?

  • raj@reboot