LG V20 review: Twice as bright

23 September 2016
If the LG V20 was a superhero - and we're not convinced that it's not - its superpower would be to have two of everything (or more!). Two screens, two cameras... twice!, four DACs, two apps on the screen, the list goes on and on.

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  • AnonD-588599

GSMArena has dropped the ball of late. Rushing the reviews without proper battery testing, extensive camera testing is of no good. Lot of people rely on review sites to decide if a phone is worthy of purchase, and the editors should strive to help people better.

About the phone, I've never liked LG's UI. To me, the visual elements are cartoon-ish and plain ugly. I haven't held the phone in hands yet, but I'm not particularly excited about the design and build quality. What I like, though, is its audio capabilities. I wish other OEMs follow LG's way and take a cue or two from their books.

Overall, a meh phone, save for the audio experience.

  • Anonymous

Hello_it's_me, 23 Sep 2016Never ever buy phone with "back,main" buttons on the screen. me too. i never buy smartphones with on screen navigation buttons

There you go, every single LG's phone suffers from disappointing battery life!!!

I love the idea behind V20, but it's absolutely unacceptable.

The way I see it, LG thinks that - common people do not see the web review so they could never figure out real-life battery life in the shop on the street corner, thus, "short battery duration doesn't matter"..
But it does matter. I'm going to walk out on you, so long LG!

  • AnonD-331410

Now shut up and take my money!

  • Hello_it's_me

Never ever buy phone with "back,main" buttons on the screen.

  • AnonD-476243

Front very similiar to blackberry z10

  • AnonD-448401

only downside is the battery .oh well it can imrove with updates but still why so low.maybe coz of lack of optimisation and 2nd screen

  • AnonD-506278

I saw you pick Axon 7 as an alternative. So when will GSMarena review this phone?

  • PavelD

No FM radio neither DAB, that's a pity. The barometer sensor vanished as well.

  • Anonymous

Although i like the design of the V20.I feel the design of the V10 had more character.Kudos to LG to have incorporated both removable battery and a metal body.

  • Martin

Good review, V20 is very good.

  • Jay34frtw

"It's also a phone built for durability and longevity - something all consumers would appreciate."

I would suggest to leave a few weeks to see if all is ok with this phone first. I read all sort of things about LG including Bootloop, Bad color calibration, poor battery life with 2nd screen on, etc... After all, what reviewers called the best phone yet happened to be explosive.

  • Anonymous

Most underrated phone of 2016.Hope they bring this to India with a competitive price.

  • Anonymous

zte axon 7 is the best but bad ui is the problem and is underrated compared to oneplus 3

  • First

Getting an LG is a pretty good way to not follow the masses who go for either a Samsung or an iPhone, and still get a great device. Go LG!