Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 review: A hidden gem

06 October 2016
The Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 has big shoes to fill - its predecessor became India's best selling phone online and enjoys great popularity in China. It comes barely half a year since the Note 3 went on sale, but it's not quite a direct replacement - instead both will live side by side, with the Note 4 as a more premium offering.

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  • Anonymous

Can we do anything about the back camera. It is not giving clear picture. from cam is better than back camera.


What is the difference between global and standard version of the redmi note 4 64 gp

  • Anonymous

jikanv, 31 Jul 2017I would not recommend the redmi note 4 if you are looking t... moreDid u adjust camera settings, as it is set to standard quality by default instead of high, high gets u higher rez pics?

  • jikanv

Banamex, 20 Jul 2017I am debating between three phones. This one (Redmi Note 4)... moreI would not recommend the redmi note 4 if you are looking to use its camera to get decent photos as it is really bad quality grainy ptohos. Also if you are looking for louder volume I would nto recommend it because it is really quit at the loudest setting too. (both, ringtone and loudspeaker).
I've got one about two months ago but it has soo many shortfalls compare to my previous cheap chinese phone I've decided to get rid of and never buy xiaomi again. This was the first and last unless I read it has improved majorly. I assume all xiaomi phones are similar.
Gps is quick, screen is nice, battery holds easy 3 days charge with averag euse. It has good qualities, but the camera and volume kills it.
The camera is soo bad when you're shooting a picture of a further object like cityscape you only got blotches of color. Shoot a flower and it's a blotch of color like watercolor painting.
Good luck. Aoid xiaomi redmi note 4.

  • Banamex

I am debating between three phones. This one (Redmi Note 4), Moto g5 plus, and the ZTE Blade v8 Pro. I like all three due to the good reviews and battery life tests. Anyone have suggestions?

  • Sk

My phone Display & Touch damaged , than I change it , than the battery is not completely backup is available is working more than 1 hour only plz

Check this

  • dan k

joel, 10 Apr 2017I believe the other port is a microphone but not 100% dont ... moreyeah bro, the one on the left side facing it is microphone while on the other side it's the speaker

  • joel

Pradeepraj , 10 Feb 2017My redmi note 4 phone in bottom side only one loud speaker ... moreI believe the other port is a microphone but not 100% dont think two speakers

  • AnonD-660625

AnonD-601096, 23 Oct 2016is this phone worth it over asus zenfone 3 max 3gb/32gb rom... moreI have both, Max ZC550KL which has a Snapdragon chipset.

I love both, nothing beats my Max's battery. Handling wise, I prefer the Xiaomi, lighter, slimmer. Optically, even if they are the same size, Asus screen seems bigger.

Both are reliable.

P.S. I also use an iphone, and I can't justfiy the price difference between it and the Xiaomi, or even the Asus max.

  • AnonD-660625

Steve, 04 Jan 2017I bought one 64gb set in Singapore for about a week already... moresame here, from Singapore Lazada. Excellent buy, love the Redmi Note 4.

Camera? I only use the camera for day to day stuff, I don't take selfies. For serious stuff, no camera phone beats my real camera.

Bought full screen protector and cases from Q0010.

  • Jessica

Does this phone tends to heat a lot when playing Heavy games like 2K17?????

i currently have Mi4c and it heats terribly bad when playing even low graphic game like Mobile Legends..

thanks for the answers :)

  • Omid46

My dearest knowledge asking enthusiast friends worldwide.This uppermost midrange smart-device+RN3 with snap-dragon+Mi Max 1 + RN2 and coming Mi Max 2 with necessary modifications before its release,constant updates,upgrades and after selling service care and maintenance are my best choices amongst all Xiaomi devices for my Virtual Grand Dream Museum !!!Nevertheless I respect the freedom of choice if some eager to buy other high quality overpriced models!!!On scientific research complete testings,unfortunately we see omissions of qualities and quantities after RN4 with mediatek which is unexplainable unexpectable from a newly highly established famed brand!!!?Of course I never ever intend to criticize for destruction of any models of any brands but constructive recommendations to make better and the best for the whole world public interests but again not downgrade and omissions of qualities in ... ways!!!Fact-writing is my following my moral guidelines regardless of the influence and power of any brands through nepotism!!Thanks listening Xiaomi and fact-writing fact-following brave publishing facts call it gsmArena+you yes you as the best judges worldwide!!Justice Rights.Omid 12 Omidvar,....

  • lokman

Kima, 22 Feb 2017Hi, My name is Kimthantluanga I bought redmi not 4 on 15th... moretry click off screen Auto brightness

  • Kima

Hi, My name is Kimthantluanga I bought redmi not 4 on 15th feb, the lcd display does not work when its cold(usaully) but no problem during the day time. It blink contiuously. Plz help

  • Pradeepraj

My redmi note 4 phone in bottom side only one loud speaker is working, its normal....

  • sp

Can we fingerprint scanner for locking apps???

  • mrL

AnonD-613213, 23 Nov 2016Does note 4 capacitive touch button comes with led light?Yeah!

  • Mantu

It has double speaker or single speaker

  • Fred

Good phone. Previous phone oukitel k10000. Oukitl had better battery but vedry bad buildquality ..problems started after 3 months. screen broke restarts and all kinds of stuff. Very bad phone but idea was good because it was quick enough and batgtgery was very very fgood..

Now the note 4.. is better buildquality works bit faster and does all i want a phone to do. Czamera bit yellowish but i fixed that by changing white balance. now ok.. This would be a prefect phone if they but a 6000 maw battery in it or more. battey is ok... lasts certainly one day ..but not really good. My wife has a note 3 pro and that phone is equally good and battery life about the same.

We are not into socs and chips and snapdragon or mediatek and the phone is very good indeed. About screen also good you can only see the difference if you hold one phone next to an other. Kinda useless screen is good. Camera is also good about the same as my wifes note 3 pro. We do not notice any difference in soc snapdragon or mediatek.. for normal users useless. This phone could be the mother of all phones if they put a 6000 or more mmaw battery in it. Seems the manufacturers do not get is. Soc snapdraghon etc useless for normal users. If the phone weights more with big battery i do not care. Some other features i do not even use ...like fingerprint scanner or ir blaster. no need.. useless. BATTERY!!! By the way my oukitel had a "slow" mediatek soc and even that was certainly fast enough for me. I do not play games and i do not even want to know what asphalt is. Antutu i even care less. As long as i can call internet whatsapp and the battery is ok and screen descent all is fne with me.

  • AnonD-638711

Very bad phone poor camera. Normal display clarity heating the phone sound clarity is normal.