Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 review: A hidden gem

06 October 2016
The Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 has big shoes to fill - its predecessor became India's best selling phone online and enjoys great popularity in China. It comes barely half a year since the Note 3 went on sale, but it's not quite a direct replacement - instead both will live side by side, with the Note 4 as a more premium offering.

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  • Saujan

The phone is okay, but I just came up with one problem. The menu, home and back buttons don't have backlight, while the menu shows options to turn it on/off. Is this because I received a faulty phone or it's the same in every case? Is it software update fixable? Redmi Note 4 users please reply!

  • Ayan

Why the benchmark picture cant see?

  • rashmi

whether it gets heated while using or charging?

  • Ram

What's SAR value?

  • AnonD-635375

My favorite mobile company mi
I Love you.....

  • AnonD-633871

Anonymous, 10 Oct 2016You can get cheap if you obtain off-the-shelf parts and have vir... moreThey brought flagship performance to a device priced around 200$. Which is driving down insane 800$ prices for a flagship devises. Or giving people choice if they want to pay 200$ or 800$ for basically the same. Sure you can get couple of % better performance or better pictures but you have to pay couple of times more. Look at profits these companies make selling you 800$ smartphones. Currently these are one of wealthiest companies in the world. The only thing they do for android market is stuff their pockets with your money by selling you devices worth 350$ (even at that price with huge profit margins) for 800$.

  • gandhisanju

very disappointed by hybrid sim slot

  • Don Vitto

Got my files back.. Big thanks to Veerasuri!

  • Gerry

I have the redmi note 4 as well. I would like to ask if it supports 64 or even 128 gb micro sd card without causing bugs or problems... Any feedback/advise would be highly appreciated... Thank you in advance...

  • Steve

I bought one 64gb set in Singapore for about a week already, it is a China export set @sgd238, so no local warranty. So far so good, fast and responsive, exceeded my expection for this price range phone.

  • oku

shape is really good

  • teonidas

where i can download switch app like this picture http://www.gsmarena.com/xiaomi_redmi_note_4-revi­ew-1504p4.php#.
Mine was broken, and when it's fixed this switch app is gone. i forgot to backup apk

  • AnonD-622772

this, or the Asus Zenfone 3 Max ZC553KL?

  • Amit

AnonD-613213, 23 Nov 2016Does note 4 capacitive touch button comes with led light?Yes.

  • Anonymous

I like this phone ......

  • AnonD-613213

Does note 4 capacitive touch button comes with led light?

  • AnonD-612267

AnonD-385277, 17 Oct 2016Never! Mi5s might be released by end of this year You'd want to check the price 1st ... and Mi5 don't have 5.5" screen ... never say "Never" so hastily!

  • AnonD-202456

I've just bought this phone from Geekbuying.com and I'm looking for the user manual, but nothing on internet neither on Xiaomi.com
Is there someone who has a link, for downloading?

  • Rahat

AnonD-601202, 23 Oct 2016Shoul I buy this one or the Redmi Pro?Yes, I am using redmi note 4 it's pretty cool 😎

  • N.

I don't have online streaming in my music and also speakers are just mono. Anyone had mic problems?