Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 review: A hidden gem

06 October 2016
The Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 has big shoes to fill - its predecessor became India's best selling phone online and enjoys great popularity in China. It comes barely half a year since the Note 3 went on sale, but it's not quite a direct replacement - instead both will live side by side, with the Note 4 as a more premium offering.

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  • AnonD-11127

Anonymous, 31 Oct 2016Android "patches" != Android base, do realize the huge diff. And... moreI realize that. I mentioned it. Bases may be different but features are almost consistent across all bases so long as the MIUI version is the same.

The patch level is important to anyone who cares about security. Not many other manufacturers send out security patches consistently.

I am on the Redmi Note 4 and I find that the updates make things better. If weekly updates scare you, you can always switch to the stable ROMs. Moreover, as I said, not all manufactures give out updates regardless of the base like Xiaomi does. You are pretty much guaranteed to get the latest MIUI version if your phone is under 3 years old. You can get the latest Touchwiz with Samsung. The latest touchwiz has scrolling screenshot support. You need the latest Samsung phone to get that. But you can do the same with an older Xiaomi phone.

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AnonD-11127, 11 Oct 2016Driving down prices of the phones. That's what Xiaomi did to the... moreAndroid "patches" != Android base, do realize the huge diff. And it's called MI"UI" not Mi OS for a reason buddy. The weekly updates are not all fine and dandy when it introduces newer bugs nearly every time. I should know because I'm a current Redmi 3/ido/hm3 user.

  • Dude

I need this phone with a 650/652 chipset...

  • AnonD-601096

is this phone worth it over asus zenfone 3 max 3gb/32gb rom?im choosing between them.since zenmax 3 contains mediatek chipset..thanks

  • AnonD-601202

Shoul I buy this one or the Redmi Pro?

  • Aaron

Is this the standerd edition or high edition??

  • kaliyo

How can i buy this smartphones in india with marshmelow 6 in 5 days ???

  • AnonD-385277

Anonymous, 09 Oct 2016When will Redmi Note 4 release in India?Never! Mi5s might be released by end of this year

Anonymous, 10 Oct 2016"...We just wish the company would hurry up and make its product... moreBoth Redmi 3S and Redmi Note 3 are available in international editions that support all European LTE bands. You can buy them today.

  • Anonymous

Mediatek = no custom rom = no deal.

  • AnonD-11127

Anonymous, 10 Oct 2016You can get cheap if you obtain off-the-shelf parts and have vir... moreDriving down prices of the phones. That's what Xiaomi did to the Android world. They started the price war.

Galaxy S7's rear design was copied from Mi Note.

Moreover, Xiaomi Provides weekly updates to their phones for their device's lifetime. The Mi2 which came out in 2012 still gets the latest version of MIUI. The Android version may not be the newest, but the features offered by MIUI is uniform across all android versions. Not to mention that the Android patches are up to date.

  • AnonD-595922

rhaspody, 10 Oct 2016pls do a review of ZTE axon 7check DeviceSpecifications, they have a good review of Axon 7 as well as many other devices

  • rhaspody

pls do a review of ZTE axon 7

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 10 Oct 2016I find it just incredible how a phone this quality can cost that... moreYou can get cheap if you obtain off-the-shelf parts and have virtually no profit per device. Xiaomi probably depends on large local contracts of companies that buy a whole lot of phones at once at bargain prices.

While e.g. Samsung has an active development and is even one o/t fore-runners that drive Android features. Samsung were the first with multi-window support, extended battery saving, fingerprint-scanner and whole lot of other features on Android. Of which a few recently became standard. What did Xiaomi do to push Android eco-system forward?

At least they didn't blindingly followed Apple (this time) with that all glass-design from previous models with all the crap associated with it, unlike Samsung :-(
Just read how fragile these "edge"-phones are. At least my Galaxy S5 has a lip on its edge which recesses the screen a bit to protect it better when falling. Am I glad that I didn't follow the stupid mass-consumers whom fell for the S6/S7-series.

Anyway, what did Xiaomi do for the Android world?

  • Anonymous

"...We just wish the company would hurry up and make its products more easily available worldwide..."

Which is useless since
1) it doesn't work with e.g. European LTE-bands
2) Xiaomi services (like virtual SIM & Mi Voice) aren't available outside mainland China

It's the same as with their Mi5. It looks very impressive until you realize that most of its connectivity, which is the most important part of a cell-phone, is completely useless for your region. :-(

Good for the Asians though. While we are stuck with overpriced crap with 2013 SD61x-SoC's from major brands :-(
When will we finally get proper SD65x devices? And I don't main devices which waste that power and battery on QHD screens that aren't manageable by that Adreno 510 GPU (Alcatel I'm looking at YOU!).

  • Anonymous

I find it just incredible how a phone this quality can cost that little...it is a bit of a wake up call related to the phones released by the top dogs. I can't imagine how Samsung could have released these kind of phone without charging a minimum of 1000$. So, what are we talking about then?

  • Anonymous

When will Redmi Note 4 release in India?

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MTK... stop reading

  • AnonD-315724

"It's a race to the bottom and a climb to the top - of price and features, respectively."
This is the kind of writing that sets this site apart from all the rest.
Thank you GSM Arena!