Our camera shootout: iPhone 7 vs. Galaxy S7 vs. Xperia XZ vs. LG G5

17 October 2016
Team Fall in the red corner versus Team Spring in the blue. Okay, not really - it's actually every phone for itself, but the newly-launched contenders from Sony and Apple take on the established players from Samsung and LG that have been around for some six months.

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  • AnonD-510275

Anonymous, 20 Oct 2016Again, with not DSLR image present as reference...Agree with you

  • Anonymous

Again, with not DSLR image present as reference...

  • Anonymous

Why no iphone 7 plus or pixel?

  • Anonymous

Note7 owner, 20 Oct 2016My Note7 would burn the competition. Do you still keep it ? Why ?

  • YAGA

AnonD-599940, 20 Oct 2016While the tests were done well, it's hard to find this cred... moreYou're obviously living in a cave. G5 camera wasn't news worthy cos the phone wasn't news worthy. Gsmarena has compared the cameras before, YouTube has, other top sites have and g5 consistently came on top

My Note7 would burn the competition.

Daylight = G5
HDR = G5 & S7
Low light = S7
Flash = G5 & S7
Macro = S7
Panorama = S7
Daylight selfie = XZ
Low light selfie = G5 & S7
Good light 4K video = iPhone 7 & G5
Good light 1080p video = S7
Low light 4K video = G5


  • AnonD-229512

Iphone doesnt stand a chance, lol

  • AnonD-404798

''The Galaxy S7 takes a different approach to the focusing race and has a phase detection sensor at each pixel - a total of 12 million phase detection agents. Beat that, triple-hybrid Sony!''

consider it beaten because xperia has much better autofocus system overall , for example in video and especially at 60 fps S7 struggles a lot to focus while Xperia does focus almost instantly...

  • AnonD-442781

Anonymous, 20 Oct 2016Thanks for the detailed explanation. So based on the test,... moreG5 is better at good light and 4k. S7 is better at low light and 1080p.

I'd say if you like taking shots of scenary on holidays and stuff, the g5 will mainly do better. But s7 would be better for the average day to day use if you want a camera that works good in any light condition and has reliable auto focus.

  • AnonD-599940

While the tests were done well, it's hard to find this credible without being able to confirm the EXIF data. I love LG but the timing of this post is a bit amusing given Samsung's Note7 fiasco. Nobody was praising G5 at launch for its camera quality :P

Forget the somewhat downgraded i7 and XZ, LG and Samsung phones still have the best cameas.

  • Dude

To me the G5 is the overall winner and I'm not even a fanboy. Well done LG, now go make solid overall phones and not weird clunky stuff that falls apart. A good design, something unique with top of the line specs and you'll become interesting.

  • Anonymous

Is there any other camera being done here besides gsmarena?


and iphone 7? where's iphone 7? xd

  • Anonymous

So all camera modules are made by Sony..?

Interesting battle...


G5 is the best IMHO. It keeps most details as GSMA said, and as added bonus it makes yellow colour to turn to orange-ish. I like Orange more than Yellow, that's right.

  • Anonymous

Thanks for the detailed explanation.
So based on the test, G5 > S7 > IP7 > XZ ?

  • Anonymous

GSMArena readers: don't know which phone made which pictures. In their opinion iPhone 7 makes better pictures than Galaxy S7.
GSMArena itself: knows wich phone made which pictures. Says Galaxy S7 is champ and iPhone 7 a letdown.

I think that fact is interesting

  • Anonymous

Proud to have G5.other OEM pays blog to claim their camera phone is the best but LG is the best