Google Pixel XL review: Upsampled

28 October 2016
Google was always a service - the best search engine on Earth. Now under the Alphabet umbrella, Google is becoming a brand - for online services yes, but also for hardware. Leading the charge are the Pixels, Google’s equivalent to Samsung’s Galaxy or Apple’s i-gadgets... and every bit as premium.

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  • 19 Oct 2022

does anyone know where to buy a pixel xl in 2022?

    Loyal and fanatic Pixel and iphone user here. I am currently going through the entire line of pixels. Typing this on a Pixel XL. I found one new in the box on ebay. Ok. It runs hot. Other than the speed and panel it can't hold a candle to the iphone 7plus. The color and the speed hangs close if not better. No stereo speakers. It does have a headphone jack which is cool. For almost an 8 year old phone, it is still nice. I'm getting attached to it. Oh yeah. And the camera also close if not better than the Apple. Just one lens compared to 2 though. And the 32 Gb version. Why not 64? I don't get it. Keeps me focused and on task though.

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      • 25 Feb 2021

      Sockman, 20 Feb 2021I'm a Tech Dummie but as Retiree with plenty of time t... moreRight absolutely

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        • 20 Feb 2021

        I'm a Tech Dummie but as Retiree with plenty of time to sample a number of Devices I have found the Google XL to be an excellent product. Of course it's not on par with the latest smartphones but compared to other older phones it is top-notch. I would venture to say the newer Pixel models are extremely good. Thanks Google I was pleasantly surprised.

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          • 22 Feb 2019

          I am doing retention .

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            • anton
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            • 07 Oct 2018

            i dont have any issue about speed nice ui everything the clarity of the pixel density everting it ok i bougth xl only 2 week and when i try to update to android pie 9 the headphone or we call headset is not working but i can listening video or music but over all its ok upter update become this the problem,anyway im htc user and blackberry only now i try to google i never cheange again not now becouse useless if i change to google xl 2 not to much differnt for the spec thank you google but fix the headphone mic plsss...

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              • 7k6
              • 05 Aug 2018

              We have Google pixel XL but Company is not giving any answer for problem in ring tone.

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                • 11 Mar 2017

                great camera but too many limitations, just like nexus series

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                  • 07 Feb 2017

                  annie, 24 Jan 2017 sir, when i tried to buy a smartphone or anything, i was ... moreSame with me greatest phone.
                  Better in comparison to s7 and and iphone 7.
                  All rounder great battery, display, camera , processing, ui, power management, ai , unlimited photo storage

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                    • AnonD-632062
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                    • 05 Feb 2017

                    Awesome camera! More manufacturers should use HDR+ instead of relying on dual cameras.

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                      • annie
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                      • 24 Jan 2017

                      sir, when i tried to buy a smartphone or anything, i was studying those reviews and comments on those sites, both(positive,negative, recent and latest etc ) so that a clear idea can be acquired,
                      but not every site provides a clear view and neither some reputed other sites do.
                      (in this case , especially for a Google pixel and xl) it really really got undermarked. but there is still plenty of time....isnt it?

                      all I am asking to you, if some product is really really good or beyond great, then dont ever discriminate it by giving foul or bad remarks...this makes it worst experience for both the product and the site... and it doesn't favour the competitors either.

                      ultimately I got my pixel xl despite all such foul remarks... and I think I wouldn't get any disappointment from it in the near future... (only god know what else, i hope)(my initial choice were, iph 6s plus, s7 edge, ip7 plus, note7, htc 10, pixel xl, htc ocean, one plus 3t and some other)

                      ultimately pixel won my heart and mind.... :-)
                      so lastl thing I am asking, dont make any such remarks which will prove false or inaccurate itself in future.

                      thanks again
                      ( i thought I should point out thos loopholes, what I felt in this last 4-5 months in this regard),

                      thanks to mkbhd, lou, gsmarena, pharena,and many many others.

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                        • 14 Jan 2017

                        Anonymous, 31 Oct 2016Any idea who makes the screen? It seems identical to the on... moreSamsung

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                          • 07 Jan 2017

                          AnonD-231608, 05 Jan 2017Google Pixel vs. Google Pixel XL Google Pixel ... moreMy dearest fact-writing follower.I am not talking about contact-buying smartphones but buying from the free markets in US and around the world that in some places do not have contract carries!!Just look at the eBay prices in the US itself!!128 gigs version(not the carrierVVersion!!) price is already $ 1500 !!! Thanks goodness that it doesn't have 256 gigs version!!Otherwise it would have been $3000 (not yet considering taxes!!)!!!I almost know all smartdevice prices worldwide and classes of devices being sold!!Also you might have known that HTC for increasing its reputation,has been making the Pixel models in Google,s name this time with using tight budget measures for Google!!!O.K.Friend besides these goodddebate , please read GSMArena,s quality review and unbiased comments too!Justice Rights means fact-writing regardless of top positions of brands and their influential rates to present comments be written and released or not !!!Omid12Omidvar....

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                            • 05 Jan 2017

                            Omid46, 08 Nov 2016Hi,Google the wealthiest King.The difference between 32gb a... moreGoogle Pixel vs. Google Pixel XL
                            Google Pixel Google Pixel XL
                            Weight (Ounces, Grams) 5.04 oz; 143g 5.92 oz; 168g
                            Mobile software Android 7.1 Nougat Android 7.1 Nougat
                            Battery 2,770mAh 3,450mAh
                            Price off-contract (USD) $649 (32GB); $749 (128GB) $769 (32GB); $869 (128GB)

                            Where is 1500 dollars ?

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                              • 28 Dec 2016

                              .alpha, 31 Oct 2016Google phone = crappy to mid-range hardware + tons of softw... more"Crappy to mid-range"?
                              Please justify.

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                                • 27 Dec 2016

                                Kesav, 26 Dec 2016This mbl facing many problems if u guys are willing to use ... moreMy dearest.Since some don't know what the 60k is,here I have to mention that k is the short form of Koror which means 1000 in Indian rupee !So if you divide 60,000 to 24 = it comes $2500 !!Am I right or it should be devided to 42 which is $1420 !!!?Thanks.Justice Rights.Omid12Omidvar,.

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                                  • 26 Dec 2016

                                  This mbl facing many problems if u guys are willing to use your brand widely make ur mbl price in about 30k to 60k if it's not possible then fuckoff by launching these type of flagship mbls in market even Samsung and Moto is launching with a good specifications in market with a mark of 40k to 50k. U guys are completely worst and Google pixel was absolutely worst mobile that I had seen

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                                    • 23 Dec 2016

                                    My dearest Factwriting supporters.No doubt that Google is a king now,but in a free world theking can be ccriticized for its mistake too!!Though Google as the best lecturer taught me to criticize it constructively !!!Plus the best complete scientific review of GSMArena,I have to add that the one whom buy this smartdevice,is guaranteed for 3 years of updates and upgrades without the need of buying another smartdevice which is praiseworthy!!But the one whom pays $1500 also expects more than 3.9 inches of one user share,complete Bluetooth,a dedicated memory slot for security reasons,and navigation icons be put on bezel rather that the main page!Also here Google must answer the reasons behind the curtain for having 32 and 128 gigabytes versions of overpriced differences of $700 to $1500 prices!!!?Thanks HTC,Google,GSMArena the independent and all of you whom have opportunity to write here bravely on moral guidelines criteria.Justice Rights writes as long as they let its factwriting be published and released!!Omid12Omidvar,....

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                                      • 18 Dec 2016

                                      Price Too High then Features. i purchase iphone 7 32 gb at same price

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                                        • 01 Dec 2016

                                        This has been my daily driver for 3 weeks now (Pixel XL) and quite frankly it is easily the best phone I have owned and that is from someone who has owned them (HTC, Samsung, Xperia [up to Z5 premium], LG and iPhone [gave up after 6Plus], albeit not all at the same time. Yes, I sold my S7 Edge to get this and at first I thought I'd lost my mind but it is so subtle, so smooth and I realised I did not have to live with all those things I found annoying in my S7 Edge (lag/bloat etc.). Yeah, I hear some say Google produced an Android iPhone, well I don't see how that is a bad thing. Yes, price is a bummer but if you can afford it, then I do not see the issue.