iPhone 7 Plus vs. Pixel XL: Heavyweight title fight

28 October 2016
Tenth generation versus the first of its kind - the iPhone 7 versus the Google Pixel, in their Plus-size versions (or XL in Google terms).

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  • Nur

Iphone is the beeeeest....👍

  • kevin

PixelXLALLDAY, 07 Jul 2017I feel the pixel looks way better than the iPhone. iPhone has n... moreiPhone is always go0d

  • Anonymous

Google pixel is nice 👍 But iPhone is Best phone my Book


I feel the pixel looks way better than the iPhone. iPhone has no beauty in the same boring design.

  • AnonD-425519

AnonD-80894, 31 Oct 2016Am I the only one who found Iphone clicked pics betterI had an iPhone 7 and I still have the Pixel.
On the iPhone 7's screen, pics looked good.. until I uploaded them to my PC. They look pretty bad and a little bit dull (though almost accurate). Noise reduction is abysmal. I was pretty shocked that Apple allowed a device like the iPhone 7 to have such bad post processing.

The Pixel's pictures were remarkable, as if they were shot with a 1 inch sensor like my Sony RX100.

  • AnonD-425519

Anonymous, 07 May 2017Your opinion is not well researched, you just compared the ü... moreAfter using amoled for over 5 years, I prefer LCD now. However, it has to be a good IPS LCD, such as the one in the iPhone. I hope they don't go for AMOLED.
OLED should be for TVs and such.
LCD is sharper, especially around the edges of letters/numbers. I still really like amoled :).

Both Pixel and iPhone are great. The only issue I have with iPhone is the camera post processing. It is terrible. All details are obliterated because of that extreme noise reduction and really tiny sensor.
It's the only reason why I may end up keeping the Pixel. (I'm still wondering if I should keep my LG G5 or Pixel, or get another iPhone 7). I had an iPhone 7 but sold it as I felt I paid too much. I'll wait til prices drop.
I bought an iPhone 6s for my wife to replace her Galaxy S5 and she loves it and prefers it over the buggy S5.

However, I definitely agree that Apple supports their phones way more and longer than Google and I love that. I also love the size of the small iPhone 7.
Google phones have hardware issues more than Apple's phones, which worries me (research nexus and pixel bootloop). Customer support from Apple is better. So many details to take into consideration.
Android vs iOS also comes to mind lol. I still prefer Android but I am liking iOS more than before.

  • shuaA

Joshianzz, 20 May 2017pixel cuz androidAndroid is

  • Joshianzz

pixel cuz android

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 18 Feb 2017Compare the stats though. The pixel has a MUCH better resolution... moreYour opinion is not well researched, you just compared the ülain data sheets. Fact is: iPhone has better video capabilities, the fastest chipset on the market by far, a much more secure OS with many more years of updates and the best LCD display in a phone (sadly no OLED, but the one on the Pixel is not the best OLED so it is almost on par with iPhone), with the difference between 1080p and 1440p being negligible

  • Anonymous

samir, 27 Nov 2016used both pixel and iPhone 7 plus , the iPhone is much much bet... moreCompare the stats though. The pixel has a MUCH better resolution, a really nice chipset, unlimited photo storage, and is simply better in every department. This is my well researched opinion, unlike your opinion based only on the finish of the phone.

  • atif jemi

So nice looking in Google pixel

  • James

I need google pixel xl

  • samir

Faisal, 03 Nov 2016HTC made or HTC inspire are both phones. That antenna line desig... moreused both pixel and iPhone 7 plus , the iPhone is much much better than pixel in every department . The finish of iPhone 7plus is just amazing , the camera is superb and the processor is very smooth and very responsive . The battery life is also good . Pixel is no match for iPhone 7 plus

performance and functionality are, no doubt tje most important factor, but, for the ammount of money needed to get a pixel, the look of the device becomes important, I would not expend that much money in a so expensive crappy cheapish looking phone as the pixel, I would rather wait for the S8, even if more expensive than this pixel thing

  • Anonymous

Stadtionalist, 02 Nov 2016Dunno to what "original Windows Mobile" you are reffering but it... moreI was speaking of Win Mobile 2003, 2003CE, and 5. So many bricked phones...it was awful...like a small tech graveyard.

also *cough* https://www.ubuntu.com/phone
Android is Linux based, as well as Tizen, Firefox OS Technically Linux has already been on phones.

  • Trenton

Anonymous, 02 Nov 2016Sony used to have the best camera when it comes to smartphone.. ... moreToo bad you don't know how to use the camera in manual mode..where you can make use of its potential

  • Anonymous

why in portrait mode does not use 56mm lens only?
I want dual lens with interchangeable lens

  • AnonD-513998

"Display winner: Pixel XL. AMOLED punch or sRGB accuracy, it's your call."
You forgot to mention that AMOLED screens are extremely prone to have poor quality, and if you buy one you are bound to have at least some sort of significant problem, like color banding, black crush, tinted screen...
I wonder if reviewers receive hand picked units that have extraordinary good screens so they always end up praising the screen because they don't see what the average consumer sees.
Apple will be dead for me once they switch to AMOLED. But I was never an Apple user anyways so.

  • Anonymous

Faisal, 03 Nov 2016HTC made or HTC inspire are both phones. That antenna line desig... morenever heard such nonsense come from one persons mouth before. congratulations on this feat

I just forgot for pixel xl and 7 plus
save your money and buy better device as huawei mate 9 instead