OnePlus 3T vs. Google Pixel XL: Bargain bin

27 December 2016
Episode 2 of our Bargain bin comparisons pits the Google Pixel XL against the OnePlus 3T. The first Phone by Google versus the Flagship killer, generation 3.5. The droid priced to match the iPhone against a high-end phone that won't break your bank.

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  • Chris
  • MGx
  • 14 Jun 2017

Anonymous, 29 Dec 2016Thanks for that. Would upvoat if I ever bothered to registe... morethe One plus 3t is a fantastic phone. insanely fast ,insanely smooth and gorgeous to use. battery life lasts me an entire day of heavy use, after owning it since release, ive had older, cheaper phones last longer even when showing solid signs of aging after 6 months. (the LG G3 for example) this phone will be supported for 2+ years easily, especially because of the spec bump of the snapdragon 821.

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    • 21 Mar 2017

    Diggie32, 12 Jan 2017"Who keeps a phone beyond 2 years anyway?" iPhone ownersI'm still using my 3 year old HTC One M8. I will change it to a 3T or LG V20, I guess.

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      • Marius
      • LaD
      • 22 Jan 2017

      Regarding the availability, in Romania I can't order Pixel.

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        • Delxx
        • MKm
        • 13 Jan 2017

        I looked at example at the UDS bill

        One+3T is better, so I cannot agree with gsmarena's review that Pixel is better, no way.

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          • Diggie32
          • q9m
          • 12 Jan 2017

          Slayer, 28 Dec 2016Google's minimum support period is stated as 2 years so lik... more"Who keeps a phone beyond 2 years anyway?"

          iPhone owners

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            • Mcx
            • 06 Jan 2017

            "But it is the Pixel XL it's up against and its back is hardly a looker - you'll learn to live with it, and you may understand why Google went bold, but does anyone seriously actually like that?"

            YES!!!!! I love the design! Others I know love this design! Good grief it gets old reading about this. How can there be such a disparity between real users and professional reviewers. Google wanted the design to be different. It is. Do I and most people I know like it? Yes, we do. Stop bashing on the glass back and just accept it for what it is. Do you want all phones to look like iphone with the all metal build? Do you want all phones to look like the Galaxy glass build? Grow up!!!!

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              • CS@
              • 03 Jan 2017

              mike, 02 Jan 2017I really don't understand the fascination with the latest A... more"I really don't understand the fascination with the latest Android."


              Many people, especially on this website, use their mobile device as their primary computing device. Running unpatched is Android is akin to running Windows XP with updates turned off. It's just not a good idea. Linux was never designed with security in mind.

              The attack vector is huge, and while the risk of compromise is low, but there's no reason to chance it with a device that holds so much personal information.

                mike, 02 Jan 2017I really don't understand the fascination with the latest A... moreFascination with the very latest iteration of Android is indeed overhyped. A stable release should go for months before needing an upgrade. But rest of your post is meaningless. iPhone 7 users who have came to purchase a Pixel have never looked back. They said for day to day tasks it blows the iPhone out of the water. Of course gaming not included, then nothing can match A10.

                Unless you have used Pixel then there is no point in guessing. GSMA have been trying to advertise the OnePlus 3 intensely for whatever reasons. Its not that its not a good phone, in face for the price its a brilliant one, but its just no match for Pixel, simple as that.

                No phone is worth their price if truth be told, in the end the simple truth has not changed, you get what you pay for.

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                  • mike
                  • nxF
                  • 02 Jan 2017

                  I really don't understand the fascination with the latest Android. Ofcouse Pixel will have the lastest Android, it's Google.
                  Nothing and i mean nothing justifies 1k€ price tag for a phone. At the end of the day it's just a phone you spend a fortune on. I understand the Iphone fans, at least they got the Apple on the back cover to show it. I get it. But a Google??? Really???
                  If Oneplus for 450€ outmatches it in one single field (and it's got a much better battery) then case closed.
                  And it's not just Oneplus, it's a whole army of excellent phones out there that cost a third of Pixel XL. How 'bout Mi5s Plus (350€), Nubia Z11 (350€), Axon 7 (350€), Meizu pro 6 Plus (399€).....not to mention Huawei/Honor phones which have a great price/value ratio.

                    Slayer, 27 Dec 2016This is simply skimming the surface! I use the Google Pixel... moreagreed

                      ithehappy, 28 Dec 2016Performance benchmarks don't mean a thing for consistency i... moreAgree. For daily tasks, look, feel and build quality, love the Pixel. Friend has one.. just brilliant.
                      I couldn't help but feel just a sense of personal bias in gsm report.

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                        • AnonD-627034
                        • 0U2
                        • 31 Dec 2016

                        Two phones that does not deserve any of them price sale. I've tested on the two, One and Pixel, and LeEco Pro 3 was the only one who has fulfilled the requirements in most of them. The chapter did not even mention AESTHETICS because neither One, neither Pixel, it doesn't look like phones of the year 2016.
                        The price no longer remember, that is not the case, because the champion is LeEco Pro 3.
                        Finally, i wish all fans regardless of sympathies for different brands of phones, and moderators of this site GSMArena, Happy New Year!
                        Best regards.

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                          • AnonD-625786
                          • 0@f
                          • 31 Dec 2016

                          Google Pixel XL takes the OnePlus 3T, but the 3T is way more affordable and worth its price.

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                            • 30 Dec 2016

                            MKL, 27 Dec 2016I don't know what is wrong with GSMARENA nowadays. When the... moreNorth America is very unique in this. Even in North America though it's much cheaper to pay the device upfront and then use any program of your choosing. So that's moot point. It makes sense to compare the bare devices' price(s).

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                              • swf
                              • 30 Dec 2016

                              Anonymous, 29 Dec 2016Thanks for that. Would upvoat if I ever bothered to registe... moreAhaha, so funny. Plenty of community build for all OnePlus phones. CM14.1 even, no need to wait for the company to update when you have the community...

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                                • XHx
                                • 30 Dec 2016

                                In the US there is something called Black Friday. During Black Friday Honor 8 and LeEco Pro3 are $250 while Axon 7 is $270. Even now post holidays they can be had for less than $300. This makes both $440 OP3T and $900 GP XL obsolete. Maybe add Axon 7 in your comparison and see what less than one third of the price tag can achieve.

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                                  • 29 Dec 2016

                                  AnonD-442781, 29 Dec 2016Wrong. Completely wrong. The nexus 6 got nougat, the oneplu... moreThanks for that. Would upvoat if I ever bothered to register. OnePlus is terrible at providing updates and their software out of the box is pretty horrifying. I had the OPO, OP2, and OPX, the last of which only received two updates and got a whopping ELEVEN MONTHS of support before it was dropped. It never worked with stock google apps like Keep and Hangouts and couldn't use the speakerphone on some apps.

                                  There's a reason OnePlus is so cheap. It would be another story if they provided source code to their drivers so that we could stay updated with our own builds, but thats just not something the Chinese do. Expecting more than a year out of the OP3T is naive.

                                    I won't blame Pixel in terms of pricing because it's simply far better than iGarbage which Google intended to replace, but still, 32GB storage for base model is totally unacceptable.. it's way too small..scr*w you
                                    Forcing obnoxious micro-management to people who shell out $650 is nothing but a sin.
                                    As for availability, I had been waiting but there's no way to get Pixel for reasonable (i.e identical to U.S) price in my country :-(
                                    That's how I ended up getting OnePlus 3T.

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                                      • iKw
                                      • 29 Dec 2016

                                      Anonymous, 28 Dec 2016Oppo (the company that is actually behind them) is far from... moreOppo, OnePlus and Vivo all are subsidiary of BBK Electronics

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                                        • AnonD-442781
                                        • H5C
                                        • 29 Dec 2016

                                        Anonymous, 28 Dec 2016I was talking of long term support. What google does is ... moreWrong. Completely wrong. The nexus 6 got nougat, the oneplus one didn't. The nexus 6 will also get nougat 7.1.1, and updates until the next pixel comes out.

                                        On the other hand, the Oneplus one came out 4 months before the nexus 6, and the last update it got on oxygenos was in January, on lollipop, not even marshmallow.

                                        To let you understand what that means, the nexus 6 got 36 months of updates and support, and 2 os updates.
                                        The Oneplus One on the other hand, got 19 months of updates, and 1 outdated software update (one that came out 2 months after it was released).

                                        Oneplus had an AMA on reddit, where many people asked what sort of software support they could expect on Oneplus 2 and those questions were completely ignored, so it is dubious if it will even get nougat.

                                        Oneplus has never given more than a single os update.