CES 2017: Asus Zenfone AR hands-on

06 January 2017
We got our hands on the Zenfone AR and we are eager to share our first impressions. The most important thing you must know is the device is equipped with Tango, the Augmented Reality platform that adds an information layer on top of the physical surroundings in 3D using a set of cameras on the back. Tango is Google’s technology and Asus are only the second manufacturer to make a phone with it – the first one was the Lenovo Phab2 Pro, which we reviewed recently.

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  • Nikiky

I have Asus ZenFone AR and I find it more interesting than Apple phone but my problem is in Nigeria I have no parts and expertise to repair it now. The issue with the phone is battery going flat after 30min, having come in contact once with water the performance decreased and I started having issues with cameras touch light and others. Please proffer solution fast. Do you have agent in Nigeria?

  • Mike

Chike, 19 Jan 2019When will it accessories be available in Nigeria? i have th... moreMy friend, you can always order parts over the Internet, but make sure you get them by DHL, it's the fastest and most sure way. Your screen is bad? I'll give you a piece of advice. When buying a new expensive phone, always purchase a premium protection case, along with glass screen protector. It'll be a small investment to protect the expensive phone.

  • Chike

When will it accessories be available in Nigeria? i have this phone but the screen is bad and i can't get it anywhere in Nigeria. please make the accessories available in Nigeria. thanks

  • Mostafa

Why wireless does not work?

  • wil

hi do you have some videos using the zenfone AR?

  • Choyon

Can you delivery to me Asus zenfone ar

  • mark2in

Hi , is asus zenfone AR has remote control or infrared port? This is Richard

Jangra, 14 Jul 2017No doubt this Gadget is AWESOME.......But there is little b... moreNo.
Higher battery will not make this phone Slim.
High Thickness isn't good for 2017 phones.

  • Jangra

No doubt this Gadget is AWESOME.......But there is little bit cons. in Battery side...,Battery Should Be improve i.e. Large minimum 5000 Mah....Other things are Brilliant.

anon4321, 08 Jan 2017Seriously - "1 µm pixel size" ??Yes,Seriously!
It's Amazing.

Ave, 10 Feb 2017Nope, I think zenfone 3 zoom is better than zenfone AR tooNo.
this phone has 3X optical zoom,but ZF 3 zoom has 2.3X.
but totally ZF AR has 12X but ZF 3 zoom has +20X.

  • AnonD-653519


  • Anonymous

Any word when it will be CDMA so I use with Sprint?

  • Asus

AnonD-151701, 08 Jan 2017Is there any news on the price of this phone?This Beast will cost alot more than you can imagine.

  • Anonymous

unreliable, scratch scratch scratch

  • Ave

Anonymous, 07 Jan 2017Its only me who think Zenfone 3 Zoom its better than Zenfone AR?Nope, I think zenfone 3 zoom is better than zenfone AR too

  • AnonD-642946

Jerin, 11 Jan 2017Hi, What is AR?????AR means Augmented Reality

  • Bobby

I like design, specially camera and features and screen size. It is good phone

  • Casedy

I like the removeable battery!

  • AnonD-425519

And they ruin it with 5.7 in.
Release a ~5 in. alongside it and you'll sell a lot more.

23MP and a tiny sensor 1/2.6"?
My Sony RX100 has a one inch sensor and 20mp and I can tell at 20MP when zoomed in at 100% that it suffers a little bit (still a hundred times nicer than any cell phone and it fits in my pocket).
1/2.6 is like the LG G4/G5 at 16MP. It looks ok but 23MP is too much.
Nokia (and Panasonic with one phone) are the only ones that released phones with large sensors. I hope Nokia does that soon to put shame to those small 1/2.3" sensors. They seem to be stuck at 1/2.3"!!