HTC 10 evo review: The sea dragon

21 February 2017
Good marketing is vital for a successful product. The HTC Bolt had a winning sales pitch - gold medal winning, that is. With Usain Bolt, the world-famous sprinter, advertising this phone for Sprint, it was an ad exec’s dream come true. But what of the HTC 10 evo? It’s the same hardware, but without the star power.

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  • PickyTech

HTC 10 EVO. HTC ditched the boomsound headset so the touting of the adaptive design is useless. The USBC port is also useless due to the fact that there is no headset adapter that can function properly with their proprietary nontechnology. Any USB-C adapter will quickly drain the battery and if you try one with a headphone jack and a charger you can be assured that it will not charge while listening to the headphones. The battery is quickly drained from powering the adapter. Wi-Fi wont work simultaneously with Bluetooth under constant use and again the battery dies. The phone gets so hot the screen is bound to die and go black soon as this seems to be the main complaint that I hear. No OS update after 2 years, those who actually purchased this model must have felt abandoned after this fiasco. HTC duched customer sercixe and showed their true colors in their design of this garbage

  • Android Bot

Anonymous, 15 Dec 2018i bought this mobail but i am facing an issue in this mobai... moreglad u like it

  • Anonymous

i bought this mobail but i am facing an issue in this mobail.that its screen it's not good ..mean its screen shows diffrent colure yotube icon is red but this mobail showing drak red cloure,,pls tell me how change its cloure

  • Anonymous

very naic phonn

  • adan

I bought a phone like that, but by the comments I regret it, I still have not got them in hand, can someone tell me if it really is bad?

  • Omar

In Italy I buy this phone with 127 euros. Very good

  • AnonD-704944

Anonymous, 19 Aug 2017Now only US$250 in Taiwan makes it really attractive!really ? thats good news

  • zlatan ryan

Hope its battery is good because htcs has got nice phones but the problem is their batteries the dont last for long a battery it takes only one hour and it blacks out

  • Anonymous

Now only US$250 in Taiwan makes it really attractive!

  • AnonD-39937

RaghavaZ, 22 Feb 2017They are right on path to achieve that. From being the firs... moreGoogle is the biggest company in the world (in 2016 has surppased Apple), they don't need anymore HTC, they can hire people. Plus they remember the Motorola fiasco.

Windows-Phone-Sucks, 24 Feb 2017Another rubbish camera equipped. HTC is going down for sure....Their camera choices are really odd. This is probably the exact same camera that will feature in the One X10. And then they just launched the Desire 10 Pro with the One M9's camera module.

I think HTC is around maybe 2-3 years while they clear off old stocks of chips and then they might just fold. That's how it's looking right now.

  • golde

What are you doing HTC you must see what Huawei do mate 9 pro is fire compere with your
10 evo what a disappointment :X

  • Faith

I am still madly in love with the HTC 10. You can get yours online at Best Mobile Stores, order and they will deliver top your door step.
HTC 10 is amazing! I also got a full manufacturer's warranty

  • Anonymous

Device needs feedback to be calibrated...
So how this tech doing that? With lasers measuring shape? or what?

Recording echo seems a nice idea, but that requires a microphone to be placed in tiny earbud which is already occupied by speaker.

So How?

I more tend to think, it's just another bla-bla technology and and dumb excuse from HTC for removing jack.

And about personalized audio output.
You mean better audio output?
And then bundle phone with earbuds, yeah ?
Earbuds are cancer for ears, only thing they do best is deafening you. I had all three of them: earbuds, earphones and headphones... and earbuds are the worst.

GSMArena , please test this "feature" , if it's possible...

  • AnonD-81600

I think this phone is modular. Attaching a stick turns it into a shovel which is for digging hTc's grave. Too bad for them.

Another rubbish camera equipped. HTC is going down for sure....

  • MrGrumpy

So a rubbish battery and no 3.5mm headset. You'd have to be absolutely mad to even consider this nonsense mobile.

Anonymous, 23 Feb 2017Hopefully this is better then the HTC 10 because I have the... moreIs it worth switching from the 10 even if the improvements you mentioned were done?

  • Anonymous

Hopefully this is better then the HTC 10 because I have the HTC 10 and the speakers aren't as good as the past HTCs they've created and the speakers blew out after having it for only a week with all of that I sent it to the company to repair it and they have the worst customer service. Just was disappointed hopefully they improved the speakers dramatically and fixed errors that the HTC 10 displayed

  • joy

HTC is dead company practically, they are pretty much trolling the consumers with this new handset. I dont keep it even if its given free, i pass it to the poor people who suffer in cold areas to keep them warm.