Huawei P10 vs LG G6 dual camera shootout: Sightseeing in Barcelona

06 March 2017
We're saying goodbye to yet another Mobile World Congress, but we have a few days left to hang around the beautiful city of Barcelona. Filled with Gaudi's masterpieces and amazing architecture in general, it would serve as an excellent arena for camera shootouts and we just couldn't miss this opportunity. We left the MWC with two great flagship devices each with a dual camera setup of its own - the LG G6 and the Huawei P10 - and we've decided to put them to a real-life test in the streets of Barcelona.

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  • Sagar

Yeah!...all we're know that,lg g6 is better for all of us, but g6 can't go above the huawai p10...,,,heeeem.he!he!he!

  • AnonD-707381

AnonD-701366, 18 Sep 2017Why would you need a seperate monochrome camera? I can't wr... moreThe secondary monochrome camera lacks bayer filter, so it absorbs much more light than a regular one, meaning it produces deeper blacks and better contrast as opposed to what filters can do. Also, low light photography in B&W would result in a lot more detail with less noise, due to aformentioned ability to absorb more light.

But as the article says, this camera feature requires a really good scene to be appreciated, and I'd take LG's wide angle camera capabilites over a dramatic B&W scene if I were to choose.

  • AnonD-701366

Why would you need a seperate monochrome camera? I can't wrap my mind around it. The pictures are not better quality wise as fas as I can see. You can just put a filter over them. Meanwhile a wide angle camera is an amazing adition. I have a LG G4 and while the UI absolutely pisses me off I would not want another phone because of the camera. Getting a LG G6 next. Thanks LG (fix the settings)

AnonD-425519, 15 Sep 2017LG is not good at videos. I've had the G4 and G5 and both h... moreI know the G6 is not good, colors are not natural at all. The V series are better.

  • AnonD-425519

Mobilemaster, 11 Mar 2017The G6 takes better photos than the P10, and it is not even... moreLG is not good at videos. I've had the G4 and G5 and both had really bad oversharpened post processing. I prefer Apple's and Samsung's.

  • ClausG76

Did you use both cameras in combination for the Huawei p10 colour shots? Also when the Huawei uses both cameras in combination, the apartures light intake is comparable to aparture 1.6 lenses, according to Leica.

  • tarsh

AnonD-625786, 10 Mar 2017The P10 definitely wins, as far as I can see :)im not sure but im with you for low light shooting. P10 and samy cameras seems have similar captures.

  • tarsh

LG and sony cameras shoots kinda similar. Gets more light.

  • subhamoy roy

lg g6 is amazing

  • Rex2000

LG g6 rocks with the wide screen and g6's image quality is amazing.

Christian, 10 Mar 2017Lets put aside all the technicalities for a moment... shall... moreThe G6 takes better photos than the P10, and it is not even the final software. LG is also really good when it comes to video. Let those folks to talk, LG simply rocks! LG and Samsung are making good camera phones, so does Apple.

  • consumersmartphone

AnonD-314089, 08 Mar 2017Huawei P10 have very big besels.In smartphones launcheds to... moreSame with iPhone, Pixel, Xperia and other lol Bezel sin!

  • AnonD-625786

The P10 definitely wins, as far as I can see :)

  • AnonD-625786

AnonD-651588, 10 Mar 2017i know better that p10 having worst image quality.Then you probably know nothing. LOL

  • AnonD-651588

i know better that p10 having worst image quality.

  • Jake

Ok do we still live under the rock? Smh. Theres no such thing as the more pixels the cam has the better the quality it has. Lg6 all the way. Overkill indeed.

  • Christian

Simon, 08 Mar 2017This is completely untrue. If there's one most important co... moreCompletely untrue?!? What are you talking about?
Btw,can't believe that someone is arquing for milimeter or so for a sensor!?!

  • Christian

Panino Manino, 08 Mar 2017Still, it's a downgrade, sad to see. Low light must suffer... moreLets put aside all the technicalities for a moment... shall we?
What are you seeing? I for example see some wonderfull photos(even the Huawei's one)...
So ask yourself,why are you regresing so much about LG tech so much? Obviously I can't see problems with these photos and probably this isn't even the final firmware.
Its the same "spec sheet" fenomena which (for me) is so similar with food stereotype's,just other way around.If you know precisely what goes into saucage or pate,or how its made... you'll probably never eat them again.So this is similar just other way around.... the pate is delicious as well as LG's photos.... that what's important,no how they are made or from what.

Cheers Christian

  • AnonD-621510

Anonymous, 09 Mar 2017Why doesn't gsmarena include DSLR samples in its shot-outs?... moreThat is overkill. Beside, i dont think the website can display high quality DSLR images here without downscaling it. It wont work.

  • Anonymous

Why doesn't gsmarena include DSLR samples in its shot-outs?

It woule be so much helpful having comparison shots made with say, canon EOS or nikon D series in every review...