Huawei P10 review: The Mini-Mate

10 March 2017
The newly announced P10 builds on everything the P9 introduced last year - the design is even more striking, the already top-notch screen is even better, what used be a balanced performance is now flagship grade, and finally, the Dual Camera system, produced in collaboration with Leica, is now better and allows for lossless zoom like on the Mate9.

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  • Emmanuel

Maame Raggae, 05 Dec 2018EMUI is awesome, has great power saving options and a lot o... moreHelp me with my phone plz

  • Emmanuel

Maame Raggae, 05 Dec 2018EMUI is awesome, has great power saving options and a lot o... moreI have problem of EMUl I don't how to remove it from my phone is doesn't go through it bring EMUl on top of my phone so what should I do

  • StevieW

Can anyone advise on how to set this phone, HuaweiP10 to record video at 4K@30fps ??? TQ

  • Mikez

Been using it for 3 years now, I only had the battery replaced and it works like new.
No dents or cracks since I'm not a clutz and do have good rubber phone case to keep it safe.
I could say specswise, it still can compete with the mid range phones on other brands today

Essen, 28 Sep 2018Does anyone have any inputs on how it's been to use a year ... moreEMUI is awesome, has great power saving options and a lot of themes you can download

  • Essen

Does anyone have any inputs on how it's been to use a year on? How is EMUI with regards to security updates? It seems like the last of fairly compact phones without a notch and with a fingerprint reader in the front with a very useful navigation function built into it. Any issues with the fingerprint/home/navigation button/hardware?

  • Anonymous

not durable , nice phone though

  • Anonymous

My experience is not good with p10,i think battery timing is not good compari to and huawei phone

  • Harry

It is true that have mirrorlink?

  • Dan

Selfie has wide mode. Put 3 faces on the screen, it will automatically activates wide angle selfie.

  • Joey

It's about 400 USD in the Philippines... So far its a great phone perfect size for those prefer to smaller grip.

  • Anonymous

iPhone 7's gpu is just two times So practically 16 Mali g71 units running at 1033 MHz should give the same performance as six power vr units.

  • Empireofmido

Which the best p9 plus or p10
Plz advice me because I want to buy one this month

  • Lee

Hi, how much memory being used up for the standard apps? Planning to get 64GB and wondering if to buy micro SD...


I am glad P10 in Philippines is cheaper when you do it via carrier plan. I thought price would go up, as it normally what happens here, but different story on P10. Planning to get one!

  • MrGrumpy

Great phone but stupidly overpriced. Anyone paying north of GBP £500 for this needs their head examining. Should be no more than 300 quid tops.

  • Anonymous

Owners, what do you think about rear camera?
I've shoot some photos of the text a bit further from the phone and it looked blurred and softened too much.
I'm starting to regret i didnt go for the iphone plus

  • mullo

am loving this..

  • AnonD-667960

Hi. I just recently convert myself from Asus to Huawei P10. All in all. It is a great phone. Especially the front finger print sensor. I really do not know why people are complaining. It is really convenient using it in the front. It also can replace the home, back and open apps button at the bottom. I used the thumb for the sensor. Just place the thumb at sensor and wallop, it open up. So convenient. As for heat issue, what heat issue? Lol. It's so freaking smooth and cool.
As for now, this is probably the coolest phone i have ever owned.
The rear camera is good. The gripe i probably has is the front camera. It seems there is no autofocus for it. So the lighting tends to be too bright away from subject. The photo is good though. I may have to practise a bit with this.
EMUI? It's good. I wish it allows more customisation though. However, more customisation also means the software will be more bloaty. So all in all, it's good.
My choices were either s8, iphone 7 and mate 9. I chose this over mate 9 because it's newer and more updated, and boy, glad i did.

  • AnonD-667895

pinoy ako, 21 Apr 2017Huawei phones are awesome, great specs, especially the cam.... moreYeah, it s better on the back , the same like P10 Lite