Huawei P10 review: The Mini-Mate

10 March 2017
The newly announced P10 builds on everything the P9 introduced last year - the design is even more striking, the already top-notch screen is even better, what used be a balanced performance is now flagship grade, and finally, the Dual Camera system, produced in collaboration with Leica, is now better and allows for lossless zoom like on the Mate9.

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  • Expert

Camera 21MP and still makes 16:9 images with only 9.1 MP¡¿

  • Nope

Huawei cheated customers with eMMc storage instead of ufs 2.1 and LPDDR3 vs LPDDR4. They did the same thing with Mate 9. Those specs are for a mid-range phone no more than 300 $. Somebody should sue them. Never Huawei again.

  • Jomo

Wow nice one

  • pinoy ako

Huawei phones are awesome, great specs, especially the cam.
One thing with p10 that I hate is the placement of finger print scanner.

  • bncb dgvasc

Senior VP of Huawei on usage of UFS and EMMC:

"Recently reported that Huawei P10 mobile phone shortage of oil problems, a large number of friends hype us. In order to solve the problem of broken glass screen damage to the computer, Huawei P10 series in the world's first to use the most leading Corning fifth generation of glass, drop the probability of damage reduced by 80%, but this glass coated with oil layer, the phone screen on the strong friction , The most leading incell technology screen display will be static pattern (after a while will automatically disappear), the industry did not find a solution. We have considered returning to Corning's older generation of glass, but this is clearly a damage to the interests of consumers, after all, the surface of the cell phone glass oil layer will be used for some time will be worn off, and the value of the glass is very high In the smear layer. We are in the mobile phone factory protective film to do the oil layer covered, and later we found a new anti-static oil layer technology, delivery of the P10 mobile phone has been added to the new technology of the oil layer. For a small amount has been sold early with no oil layer of the P10 mobile phone, Huawei experience shop to provide a smear layer of oil solutions, consumers can apply. Recently on the P10 series of mobile flash memory at the same time using UFS and EMMC two programs, the core reason is the supply chain flash memory is out of stock, so far our Flash storage is still out of stock. We have been in the hardware and software of the joint optimization design, has been to ensure that even if the use of EMMC storage, and still maintain a good practical performance experience, P10 series of mobile phones around the world two months, consumers rave reviews, known as mobile phone Leica portrait Photographer, recently won the photography industry "Oscar" TIPA Award, is the world's only smart phone to get this award, is not easy! With high performance and long service known to bring long-term use is not cardton, revolutionary Andrews experience Mate9 series of mobile phones, all use UFS storage. Individual friends to see the global sales of Huawei P10 mobile phone is very jealous, big smear us, misleading consumers. As the world's largest and most powerful communications company, the world's third largest smartphone company, Huawei has been in the global high-tech field to maintain high quality and technological innovation leading reputation! We will not go to dry and cut the poor Things, always put the interests of consumers and value creation in the first place, adhere to customer-centric, to struggle-oriented, Huawei is established for nearly three decades has always adhere to the basic concept of survival and development. History of the wheel rolling forward, by crooked business, can not survive long. And only really focus on customers to create value of the enterprise, to be able to long-term survival and development. I would like to share this with my peers! Yu Chengdong 2017"

  • Sindroid

Omid46, 01 Apr 2017Dearest hardest earning money.This is an absolute fact!? $9... moreKeep the P9.. This phone is not very much moving forward. Fingerprint was the deal breaker for me. All in all offers little in upgrades for me.

Very elegant handset very powerful in my opinion
I like the design as well very awesome

  • AnonD-659823

Currently have the P9 after defecting from LG and I love it. Would I jump to the P10/plus? I'm not sure there is enough to make me want to jump?
I bought mine because I didn't want to carry two devices: camera and phone. The Leica lens is still a learning curve for me however my photographs are good enough to post as corporate photos on my site.

Huawei software is good and has quite a few good apps but then I get bored and upload Apex for variety but that's what Android is about. Open Source.

I want rear finger print recognition. I loved this on my LG G3 and prefer this to front facing types.

Stereo speakers would be a nicety but in all honesty, if you are really into music would you use a smartphone anyway?

I love the fact it has Gorilla Glass 5 and not 3 and screen protection as - for the very first time of having a smartphone - I scratched mine! One of those portable torches has rough casing. Left in my handbag and..... NOT a happy Bunny!

Is being faster than the P9 going to make me jump? I don't think so. Mine is super fast without lag and tbh, the figures represented in the tests are for the geeks. As a basic end user, I'm happy with what I've got.

Colours of the phone? Mine is grey/pink but covered in a Spigen case as I drop my mobiles quite often. Who doesn't cover theirs in case that is more personable?

So would I change mine to either P10/plus? I don't think so. Even though I'm STILL on Marshmallow 6.0 an upgrade would not make my P9 more any better in terms of what I need.

  • Anonymous

How long will it take before the price reduces? its 750€ here in the Netherlands, and it comes out on April 14

  • Hoffmann

Omid46, 01 Apr 2017Dearest hardest earning money.This is an absolute fact!? $9... moreKeep your cheap Xiaomi crap to yourself. Huawei produces very good quality devices totally in par with the rest of the competition. The price of the device is reasonable comparing to other flagships. Only OnePlus keeps it more real with 500€ flagships.

  • Omid46

Dearest hardest earning money.This is an absolute fact!? $900+ money is too much for this upper midrange smartdevice with reference to the GSMArena review,its disclaimer,and the strong rivals such as Xiaomi and Samsung with much more better less expensive products!!! In a simple language,a person can buy 4 Mi Max for the whole family rather than buying this Mini Mate or at least if person is able buying P10 plus!!Sorry to say than buying an expensive doesn't always mean buying better!!Sometime ago absolute majority could have one Huawei products but not anymore even by a giveaway,....Justice Rights.Omid12Omidvar.Just supports facts and hopefully GSMArena too.

  • AnonD-637954

This is a true flagship killer. Great specs for the price.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-643755, 13 Mar 2017I was seriously considering this phone to replace my s7, ho... moreAll those colours oh wow I love them!

  • Thomasliu

Awesome specs for a mini

  • Anonymous

Best phone of his generation

So Im obliged to go with a larger device if I want a better camera I guess I'm gonna keep my p9 till p11

  • Hoffmann

Great phone overall

  • Swati

Which phone is good among Samsung a series or vivo v5 plz help

Christian, 12 Mar 2017Removing the fingerprint sensor from the back and introduci... moreTo make it look more like a Samsung :D

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery as they say.

  • anonymous

looks like a pretty good phone. keep it up huawei