Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 (S625) review: Take Note!

27 March 2017
After getting to know Xiaomi's Redmi Note 4 with Helio X20, it's time to meet the Snapdragon 625 edition. It promises better battery efficiency and thermal control thanks to the more advanced manufacturing process. But these improvements may have cost the Note 4 some of its performance punch, and we will duly explore this possibility.

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  • Harddeep
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  • 31 Oct 2018

There's something confusing here for me in this review.
Can someone explain, how does it come the Snapdragon to be more energy efficient, when it sports 8 cores all of 2GHz, while the 10-core Helio has only two performance cores (which will be usually off, right?) while the rest are four average at 1.83 GHz and four powersaving cores at only 1.4 GHz? I thought it's those low-frequency cores that spare the battery? And when I see those octacores all at 2GHz for mobiles, I thought what a crazy thing, why those manufacturers don't care about battery, but now I learn it's actually more efficient?! How come?

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    • sk
    • uum
    • 04 Oct 2018

    very daridram perfomance .heavy powerful battery

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      • AJIT
      • mRk
      • 19 Jun 2018

      Redme note 4 doesn't seem to be a good choice while you get reasonably good other phone on same cost. I had a bad experience with it since it gets hanged and finally it got locked. It's too difficult to find service for that as well. Myself and my brother purchased phone on same day, he chose to buy samsung and myself chose this because some others in my office told me its good. But ultimately i find my brother had a good choice since his phone is still good

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        • adeel
        • uWC
        • 27 May 2018

        AnonD-516958, 05 May 2018Hello everyone, bought this set from daraz.pk in 15,999 PK... moredear, install Antutu and check the brand of your chip-set, daraz is providing Mediatech version whereas the real version is Snapdragon, if yours is snapdragon then it is really a good deal, secondly please check your notification light is properly working after acquiring updates?

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          • nomad
          • vxr
          • 16 May 2018

          Ajinath, 09 May 2018Mic issue & poor networking problem wirhon 3months afte... moreis it brand new and where did you bought that?

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            • Ajinath
            • fCE
            • 09 May 2018

            Mic issue & poor networking problem wirhon 3months after purchase. Very bad experience with redmi note4.

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              • AnonD-516958
              • sR4
              • 05 May 2018

              Hello everyone,
              bought this set from daraz.pk in 15,999 PKR and its really a good set with this price range.
              Out of the box its android 7.0 with MIUI 8.5 ! After connecting it to wifi we get update of MIUI 9.5 which is a good update !

              Battery performance is very good,
              no heat up issue in my set.
              camera is good ( it came out with decent pictures from both cameras)
              Speakers are average
              microphone could've been much better
              screen is good

              Overall for this price range i say its really a top phone !!

                I am asking about Indian unit

                  I purchased redmi note 4 yesterday and is color accurate in standard screen mode as mentioned in reviews. Is the color accuracy maintained if i upgrade to nougat and miui9 and are there any issues after upgrading. Kindly reply, Thanks in advance.

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                    • AnonD-753077
                    • CIU
                    • 18 Apr 2018

                    AnonD-736843, 15 Feb 2018This phone supports fast charging, but on miui. I flashed c... moredo the charger you get upon buying the phone support quick charging ? or you need to buy a quick charger ?

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                      • Philip
                      • uv5
                      • 12 Mar 2018

                      Y U giving less Frequency for Indians , But Global Version having More Frequency,

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                        • AnonD-736843
                        • JGp
                        • 15 Feb 2018

                        This phone supports fast charging, but on miui. I flashed custom rom and finally compatible with my qualcomm fast charger. The performance of the parts/modules are software related, so tests like this are simply pointless.

                          • K
                          • Kris
                          • g3t
                          • 29 Jan 2018

                          elton, 12 Dec 2017missing nfc, way behind other brand.how many transactions do you do daily with NFC ?

                            • M
                            • Mario
                            • vV5
                            • 23 Jan 2018

                            Deepu, 23 Nov 2017Very poor quality camera. Battery doesn't provide much back... moreGo get life..

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                              • AnonD-66273
                              • puk
                              • 14 Jan 2018

                              for 130€ good option no?

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                                • AnonD-728080
                                • CDE
                                • 03 Jan 2018

                                Does not support LTE band 28(700). Not supporting some 4g sim cards in my country that use 28(700).

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                                  • Tanashirie
                                  • FMY
                                  • 02 Jan 2018

                                  Is this good for Lineage 2 revolution game?

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                                    • aa
                                    • y$6
                                    • 20 Dec 2017

                                    At its price-tag, it's the best phone you can get.
                                    Xiao-Mi has the best value for your money.
                                    No Contest.

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                                      • Viktor
                                      • SaA
                                      • 19 Dec 2017

                                      Hi there,
                                      I want to ask some things abor RN4.
                                      Most people are disappointed from the camera. I have Huawei P8 lite and am v satisfied with pictures and videos. Im asking, coz Im thinking of changing to the Xiaomi RN4 3/32 snapdragon - lots of sensors (I insist on the gyro, fingerprint, IR), good price, and positive feedbacks.
                                      Can someone tell me what to expect as minus compared to my P8 lite ? Or some other suggestions in same price range?
                                      Thanks in advance..

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                                        • elton
                                        • yAL
                                        • 12 Dec 2017

                                        missing nfc, way behind other brand.