Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 (S625) review: Take Note!

27 March 2017
After getting to know Xiaomi's Redmi Note 4 with Helio X20, it's time to meet the Snapdragon 625 edition. It promises better battery efficiency and thermal control thanks to the more advanced manufacturing process. But these improvements may have cost the Note 4 some of its performance punch, and we will duly explore this possibility.

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  • Viktor
  • SaA
  • 19 Dec 2017

Hi there,
I want to ask some things abor RN4.
Most people are disappointed from the camera. I have Huawei P8 lite and am v satisfied with pictures and videos. Im asking, coz Im thinking of changing to the Xiaomi RN4 3/32 snapdragon - lots of sensors (I insist on the gyro, fingerprint, IR), good price, and positive feedbacks.
Can someone tell me what to expect as minus compared to my P8 lite ? Or some other suggestions in same price range?
Thanks in advance..

    • e
    • elton
    • yAL
    • 12 Dec 2017

    missing nfc, way behind other brand.

      • D
      • Deepu
      • yp1
      • 24 Nov 2017

      Very poor quality camera. Battery doesn't provide much back up as proclaimed. Not user friendly. I don't think this is value for money

        • D
        • Deepu
        • uuT
        • 23 Nov 2017

        Very poor quality camera. Battery doesn't provide much back up as proclaimed. Not user friendly. I don't think this is value for money

          • D
          • AnonD-713275
          • gN$
          • 05 Nov 2017

          AnonD-629390, 11 Jun 2017A short review of battery life & performance by me (Own... moreHey...i also have redmi note 4 and i only get around 6-7 hours of SOT and i too only play coc....can you tell me how much u play coc as u get 10+ hours of SOT....i really wanna know if only my handset is draining battery fast or not..!!

            • ?
            • Anonymous
            • uvH
            • 11 Sep 2017

            Mobile is not charging

              • k
              • kashi
              • KI3
              • 26 Aug 2017

              AnonD-629390, 11 Jun 2017A short review of battery life & performance by me (Own... morehmm i was looking for some good battery life phone to play COC smoothly, so how was ur experience with it. how much battery backup on average it gives u.

                • x
                • xamxy
                • IW@
                • 23 Aug 2017

                hello! i just want to know which is better in terms of performance/gaming when its compared to xiaomi note 4x 3g/32 snapdragon model? i ordered the 4x model but they sent me this note 4. should i return it?

                  • h
                  • heyyybabyy
                  • p@3
                  • 19 Aug 2017

                  Heyy ! I have a xiaomi redmi note 4 global edition 3GB-32GB and I'm gonna write a honnest review of it :
                  PROS :
                  - SUPERB metal design ! I have the black one which looks AMAZIIING
                  - Does heat ! It's increadible ! Before this phone, I've had a xiaomi mi4c and a meizu m1 note that had a tendency to heat. But with my RN4 global edition : no heat while gaming, multitasking, installing apps etc
                  - The FULL HD screen is amazing : great viewing angles, great colors, great color balance and great touch of the screen which is really smooth !
                  - The fingerprint sensor is accurate and fast
                  - 3GB of ram permits great multitasking experience
                  - 32 GB of rom + a SD card slot is more than enough
                  - the battery life is INCREADIBLE !!!:! I achieve 10 hours of screen on time while gaming, browsing on internet, installing apps etc
                  - Everything is smooth ! No lags at all ! Snapdragon 625 permits a great experience
                  - Some great things in MIUI
                  - Front facing camera delievers good picture, but a little grany
                  - Call and LTE quality are good
                  - Finally 800mhz ( for the global edition) is present !!!
                  - There's android 7.0 nougat
                  - Global rom ! ( ota updates and multilanguage rom)
                  - INCREADIBLE quality for the price !

                  CONS :
                  - The metal back is a fingerprint magnet
                  - The WI-FI reception is average ( because of the lack of the technology ac) -> My xiaomi mi4c does better !
                  - Principal camera is a little disappointing :
                  * First, for my model, it's a samsung sensor and not the sony promissed by xiaomi
                  * Colors are great and the angle is wide. But pictures are noisy and there's a lack of details ( compared to my xiaomi mi4c). But the flash is good : it does the job.
                  - Sound isn't as good as on my mi4c : the audio output delievers a good sound, but not loud enough for me.
                  - A little issue but it is not possibe to have gestures on the fingerprint sensor ( as EMIUI)
                  Averall marks :
                  * Design : 9/10
                  * Screen : 9/10
                  * Software : 7,5/10
                  * Cameras : 7/10
                  * Battery life : 9,5/10
                  * Performance : 8/10
                  * Value for the price : 9,5/10
                  * Global note : 8,5/10
                  -> A really great phone which is a must buy if you wanna buy a cheap phone !

                    • m
                    • mally
                    • XNt
                    • 19 Jul 2017

                    im using a 3s prime , compared to othr phones , its quite gud , bt im also lukng forward to the note 4 , wat sort of diffrnces r thr , nd shud i go for it or no??????? nd to get it on emi , is only a credit card requird???

                      • D
                      • AnonD-263072
                      • 9JE
                      • 18 Jul 2017

                      AnonD-684339, 13 Jul 2017Does redmi note 4 (snapdragon) is the same phone with redmi... more4x is for chinese market, but i dont sure because 4x have global roms to.
                      the only different is frequecy band and no compas sensor.

                      this link for rom option

                        • D
                        • AnonD-263072
                        • 9JE
                        • 18 Jul 2017

                        i think redmi note 4 snapdaragon better for experience, when you using this phone, you can take 4K 30fps using google camera apps or another 3rd party apps.
                        generaly user dont know different performance between RN4 mediatek and RN4 Snapdragon. they know only benchmark score.
                        iam prefer got this phone because more feature i get than RN4 mediatek (specialy 4K Camera).

                          • D
                          • AnonD-684339
                          • tDQ
                          • 13 Jul 2017

                          Does redmi note 4 (snapdragon) is the same phone with redmi note 4x ??

                            • D
                            • AnonD-684225
                            • TSL
                            • 13 Jul 2017

                            Not at bought, planning any suggestions

                              • D
                              • AnonD-683150
                              • yp1
                              • 08 Jul 2017

                              Ishu, 08 Jul 2017Is the camera of this phone is good?Definitely. Super camera.

                                • D
                                • AnonD-683150
                                • yp1
                                • 08 Jul 2017

                                Hai friends Redmi note4 an excellent mobile phone from xioami. Good camera , battery and processer.

                                  • I
                                  • Ishu
                                  • U{s
                                  • 08 Jul 2017

                                  Anonymous , 06 Apr 2017Rdn4 has a worst camera are you Crazy!!!! Hahahahahahahahahah Is the camera of this phone is good?

                                    • ?
                                    • Anonymous
                                    • uwT
                                    • 29 Jun 2017

                                    The phone is getting heated while charging

                                      • g
                                      • ganeshnayak
                                      • 9xM
                                      • 17 Jun 2017

                                      i cannot change theme it ask MI account..? How to create MI account ....?

                                        • D
                                        • AnonD-629390
                                        • gMx
                                        • 11 Jun 2017

                                        A short review of battery life & performance by me (Owner of RN4 SD Black 64gb)

                                        Phone lasts a whole day for me with SOT always crossing 10 hours mark.
                                        Performance is good enough for what the sd625 has.
                                        If u r a heavy user like me, u can't go wrong with this.
                                        Multitasking is buttery smooth thanks to 4gb ram.(2.5gb free on boot)
                                        As i don't play any other game than Clash of clans,(COC players need battery life to keep them raiding all day) I can't tell about performance in heavy games(it wouldn't be mediocre)
                                        Charging speed increased with 8.2.5 update.(now it tops up under 150mins)