Sony Xperia XA1 review: Square one

06 May 2017
The Sony Xperia XA was our unlikely favorite of the last season's Xperia X-series. A year later, some things have changed. The XA1 comes with upgraded internals and the once flagship-only 23MP camera...

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  • Nick
  • w6L
  • 05 Aug 2017

The phone certainly has touch/display issues.
But, while said that honestly the phone is awesome. I suggest you to wait for 2 months before you buy this phone. Sony has understandably replaced display panels of the new production.
Don't buy the phone online. Buy it from a trusted who would sell you the new production. Or change the display from Sony Center.

    • n
    • nick
    • w6L
    • 05 Aug 2017

    good phone

      • B
      • Boro
      • KZ8
      • 03 Aug 2017

      What do u hope for this phone..mediatek was not good.. I will buy it if sony still using snapdragon like xperia Z family

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        • Anonymous
        • gNU
        • 02 Aug 2017

        for touch issue, lets write the review on the global review page

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          • Anonymous
          • vaS
          • 30 Jul 2017

          Anonymous, 06 Jun 2017I have a moto x play and want to upgrade my phone. Which ph... moreXa1 but still try to test it more too satisfy your need. Then be sure to return it in time and in good condition if theirs a defective issues for warranty^^,

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            • AnonD-231608
            • uuW
            • 29 Jul 2017

            Anonymous, 16 Jun 2017Only 294 ppi in this era???But it is really crispy and vibrant display. My wife has iphone 7. So i can say for sure, this is pretty good for money.

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              • AnonD-231608
              • uuW
              • 29 Jul 2017

              This is very good phone. But Q C is poor, so chances of getting defective piece is high. Anyone who is buying this phone, this phone is replaceable for 7 days only. Thoroughly check for touch issue. If possible try to check in the shop only. Sony do provide in built draw application. You do check every point of screen, at least at every 2-3 mm. repeatedly. It has issues. esp upper corner, where clock is seen. you can't drag screen from that side. And around 2 cm below it, sometimes screen suddenly become non responsive. I liked this phone. but even service center person was telling that there are issues.

                • D
                • AnonD-231608
                • uuW
                • 29 Jul 2017

                dd, 09 Jul 2017 There could be defective units . You must test the devic... moreWarranty is only for 7 days now, initially, it was for 15 days.

                  • O
                  • Omid
                  • a3@
                  • 28 Jul 2017

                  The Expeia xA1 is one of best phone these dyas you can buy with less price , when you compare with same model XZ which price is higher than XA1 but you can see all of details are close coming.
                  I think some of phone shortages are fingerprint and it dosen't waterproof , the other part and details are aproximatly near to xz

                    Anonymous, 06 Jun 2017I have a moto x play and want to upgrade my phone. Which ph... moreXperia XA1 is the best choice for ergonomics and the software is very minimal, camera is better than P10 and A3, and battery life should be even better.

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                      • Anonymous
                      • IbE
                      • 17 Jul 2017

                      Sweet Sony!!

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                        • dd
                        • f}I
                        • 09 Jul 2017

                        Loki, 28 Jun 2017Please do not buy this phone. It has very serious touch pro... more There could be defective units .
                        You must test the device properly before buying.
                        i have the most problematic sony device ever m4 aqua to most users .but my device has o problems at all . battery life is great. Camera is normal .
                        You have bought a defective device.
                        sony is not to blame.
                        all devices are not like this.
                        Claim warranty and get a new Xperia XA.

                          • ?
                          • Anonymous
                          • IbE
                          • 02 Jul 2017

                          Jhon, 28 Jun 2017Go for it guys... Sony XA1 dual is the best mobile in the m... moreNow thus is a True Sony user experience!!! Haja

                            • J
                            • Jhon
                            • YMw
                            • 28 Jun 2017

                            Go for it guys... Sony XA1 dual is the best mobile in the market right now... I m using it for more than 2 weeks and its working smoothly without any lag. A big thumbsup for this smartphone... 10\10 ...

                              • L
                              • Loki
                              • YQZ
                              • 28 Jun 2017

                              Please do not buy this phone. It has very serious touch problems and the display is dotted after 10th day of my purchase. The right part of the screen stopped completely working. I think the design team and the testing team of Sony were dozing when the came up with this phone. 20000 rupees out of pocket straight to the drain. To add to all this, the customer service, (I doubt it is not even a service) is a joke; fairly got renamed to support center. They don't even bother to send a darn SMS about the status of your phone's repair or replacement. Guess what? It might take a month or more ( a month if you are tooooo lucky) to get your replacement. God knows how that new replacement will work. The most annoying thing about this Sony support is they lie (lots and lots). They will tell those stupid lies (not clever ones , anyway) through their teeth to your face, like you have the words " fool me " written on your forehead. Now, having the fight with the phone and the so called support center in hold. You will think you can take up the issue to social media and be greeted a with straight forward reply that they have escalated the issue and an representative will call you within 48 hours (remember the " fool me" part, this is also the same in a polished way). I paid 20000 rupees a month and a half ago. Had the phone around 10 days in hand and that's all. It is my hard earned money (not about the money, but about the quality they deliver) . I can't even be sure that the replacement will be a good product. It is just out of that frustration, I'm penning this down. 20 k for such a poor phone, is daylight robbery. So, after all this, if you want to buy this phone. What else will you learn from other's mistakes.

                                • D
                                • AnonD-680237
                                • K8%
                                • 27 Jun 2017

                                actualy I really like to use experia xa1 because fit with my hand .but I really dissapoint with the front camera .. Bad camera for video call ..

                                  • A
                                  • Ajit
                                  • 7jW
                                  • 26 Jun 2017

                                  I want to buy sony xperia xa1. I just want ask can I take right decision or not.
                                  Bcoz many people says there are some touch problem with xa1.

                                    • D
                                    • AnonD-679889
                                    • t7X
                                    • 26 Jun 2017

                                    XA1 or xa ultra?

                                      • H
                                      • Hii
                                      • uQ5
                                      • 25 Jun 2017

                                      Anonymous, 06 Jun 2017I have a moto x play and want to upgrade my phone. Which ph... moreP10 lite for sure don't go for sony, touch issues and don't go for samsuck, the famous lagdroid

                                        • S
                                        • Sanjay
                                        • gMA
                                        • 20 Jun 2017

                                        Touch not working. Totally waste of money. Don't buy it.