HTC U11 review: Squeeze U

09 June 2017
For the past four iterations, HTC had been touting an all metal unibody design in its flagships. This year, HTC's arrives with a fresh, new, and more fragile look. Tuned with the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 CPU, top-notch audio experience , and a water resistant glass sandwich design, will the new HTC U11 be able to swoon loyal Samsung or Apple customers to HTC?

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  • AnonD-664474

Anonymous, 10 Jun 2017Exactly peace.... I am not triggered. I don't have any hat... moreOkay, but that's weird, that you suddenly just approached me and assumed that I'm being a fanboy.
Yes I am a Sony fanboy, but I just mess up with people who want to mess up with me.

If I was a bit salty to you, then I offer my apology to you.
And I'm also sorry for expressing myself and sound too much of a fanboy. I guess it's not a good idea to comment something a little different to the main subject, and next time, I'll try as much as I can to avoid mentioning different brands.

  • AnonD-669570

AnonD-510975, 10 Jun 2017I'm very confused about the battery life because phonearena... moreBattery Life is excellent on this device despite the larger and QHD screen. My best SOT of this device is 7hours with light to semi heavy usage. I always got a consistent 5-6hours SOT on heavy usage (Gamings, Social medias,Youtube etc.) Note that I am using a test Unit and not on a final software, So expect a better battery performance on the Final Unit.

  • Vic

Yet another dongle phone. Xperia XZ Premium is much better with 3.5 mm jack, super slow motion and no so shamefully shiny (at least in black variant). Overall design is also more suitable for serious people. Even HTC 10 looks much better for wide audience.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-664474, 10 Jun 2017Are you just triggered or something? 'Cause it's really poi... moreExactly peace....
I am not triggered. I don't have any hatred or anything towards any brand. Including Samsung (I won't buy their phones though but I understand why people buy them) My first true smartphone was Sony. BTW by that speech you'll probably trigger a legion of fanboys of other companies
And TBH I do bring other companies discussion sometimes when I have to compare. Like what other companies have done wrong and where they messed up compared to Apple (not counted coz it has a legion of followers) and Samsung (sell the most). I want there to be more competition in mobile space to force true innovation rather than renovation of old stuff in new body. HTC has done good job. Sony too. Why can't they keep up their work to topple the duopoly.

  • AnonD-510975

I'm very confused about the battery life because phonearena said in htc u11 great battery life and better than Galaxy s8 plus and some reviews said great battery life and other reviews say not good. Here in gsmarena said it's not bad but not great. Who is correct? We want real opinion about battery life because it's very important for any one looking to buy new smartphone

  • AnonD-664474

Anonymous, 10 Jun 2017Why bring Sony here?... Seriously with these paper thin ar... moreAre you just triggered or something? 'Cause it's really pointless to waste my time typing here.

Why did I bring Sony to this comment? 'Cause why not? Don't you bring other phones to other reviews, too? I doubt you don't.

Wake up and act your age - a person having his/her own preference is nothing to be mad about at.
You may be older than me, 'cause I'm just 14, but you act like my younger brother, especially with that attitude you have towards me.
Like I've said, don't take my opinion into consideration because that's just me, but you certainly have taken it too far, and I'm so disappointed with you.

Peace :-)

  • AnonD-601940

The XZ Premium is far better than this toy, htc's unibody design with glass panels ?? Nah thats the worst thing ever on this phone..Glass panels are very beautiful for sony's omnibalance... still love m7's metal body

  • ADI

The best and quietly brilliant smartphone of 2017.... I just want U11 in Solar red so bad.. Damn its so gorgeous :)

  • Force Majeure

J o m s, 10 Jun 2017That mediocre battery though. Waiting for phone with SD836/... moreExactly, it's an odd very expensive flagship, it should have 4000 or at least 3600 mAh battery.

  • cyber

even my old sony ericsson can do charging and output music at once,very pity for the smartfone,and icrap 7 cant do i it both too....thats funny

  • Anonymous

AnonD-664474, 10 Jun 2017The smartphone that is worth comparing against the XZ Premi... moreWhy bring Sony here?...
Seriously with these paper thin arguments
Btw u11 has cg5 on both sides
I trust gsma review more than Sony fans speech on camera and speakers. Tripod photography? I guess you are high on sony aid. Gotta keep that tripod in my pocket. Said no one ever
It is a stereo speaker. What part you don't when they say get the speaker hole is in bottom instead of front. Really? It's louder than anything out here
They've done audio test on both. Results are there to see. Stop marketing and open your eyes. Both are good phones and can co-exist

very good review gsmarena - pro work!

my s8 score 2008 / 6724 on bench do not overheat phone before bench

  • AnonD-676069

Levy, 10 Jun 2017The phone is too large and too boring; those huge bezels ma... moreThe front is all black so the screen stands out more. My gold S6edge plus looked nice buy was slightly distracting. The bezzels are bigger to accomidate the acoustic chambers for the speakers ( which is ome of the reasons i bought the phone)

  • AnonD-664474

The smartphone that is worth comparing against the XZ Premium in terms of innovative features and functions.

I'd still take the XZ Premium in the end because
1 - 960fps Slow Motion video is just an absolutely stunning and insane thing to be done by a smartphone even if not for a very long time.

2 - Headphone jack still exists, and audio quality out of it is one of the most impressive. U 11 doesn't do bad, but I wish they didn't remove it straight away 'cause I still have my 3.5mm headphones.

3 - Supports BT 5.0, which is more future proof. Surprisingly the U 11 lacks this.

4 - HDR display (not gonna bring 4K to the topic) which means great shadows and highlights with the most natural colors.

5 - Faster speed, at least at opening, and thus proven to be more consistent in performance. Even software updates are more up-to-date and faster.
XZ Premium already has 7.1.1 and June Security Update, while U 11 is still at 7.1 with May Security Update.

6 - Dual Front Stereo Speakers. U 11 is louder, but it just can't replace the quality of a true stereo speaker.

7 - Greater quality images, that is if you know how to handle it in low light. GSMArena themselves already admit that the XZ Premium is unmatchable in low light tripod, but I don't take low light photos that often. For that, I always have my DSLR on my side, but daylight shots matter more, and nothing could rival the XZ Premium for that.

8 - Greater build, IP67 vs IP68. Numbers don't mean everything, so we'll see. And to mention as well that the XZ Premium has Gorilla Glass 5 on both front and rear glass. U 11 only has Gorilla Glass 5 on the front but 3 at the back.

But please, don't take my opinion into consideration.
I would take the XZ Premium for those reasons above, but doesn't mean I don't like the U 11. I still do, and I believe it's one of the best flagships of 2017, just that it doesn't have many features that suits me the most like what the XZ Premium can. But I won't be mad at using it, 'cause I still prefer the U 11 over the S8 twins, G6, P10 twins, iPhone 7 twins, Pixel twins, and the upcoming OP5

  • Levy

The phone is too large and too boring; those huge bezels makes it look like a 2015 model. While the back is all shiny and glossy, the front -which you're obviously be looks at the most- is so plain it's not even funny. The squeeze stuff is a silly gimmick.

  • AnonD-676069

Yes i can confirm this does raw photos in PRO mode. I have had this phone for 9 days now and agree with the review. But I must say that the battery life is excellent. My S6 plus after 18 months needed topping up 3 times a day snd i eould take a charger to work. U11 lasts me 24 hours with a bit left over!!!

  • Jake Pole ;)

AnonD-540150, 10 Jun 2017Fair review, not everyone mentions about audio in their reviews.Agreed! Only gsmarena and pocketnow gives detailed info about headphone audio quality , keep it up guys !

1 Best camera with ultraspeed auto focus & best low light image captures second to none.

2 brilliant audio w/ 360° sound recording, powerful top and bottom boomsound

3 Edge sense that taking your pictures underwater easy

4 Beautiful Liquid glass surface with optical spectrum hybrid Deposition.

5 3D glass screen with no distorted colors at the edge that are the results you can expect from a curved S8 screen

6 USonic earphones with hires audio and active noise cancellation, delivers cinematic sound compared to any others OEM 3.5mm earphones provided in the box

7 Qualcomm latest SD835, unlike G6 old 821 chipset, and Rapid charging 3.0 compared to s8 only QC 2.0

For me there's not even a contest... U11 beats g6 or s8 on many levels and innovations. HTC is just brilliant this year.

  • LLL

Good review, great device, but no low-light camera sample in this dedicated review article?? Why??