HTC U11 review: Squeeze U

09 June 2017
For the past four iterations, HTC had been touting an all metal unibody design in its flagships. This year, HTC's arrives with a fresh, new, and more fragile look. Tuned with the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 CPU, top-notch audio experience , and a water resistant glass sandwich design, will the new HTC U11 be able to swoon loyal Samsung or Apple customers to HTC?

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  • AnonD-632466

Wow I kinda surprised for this device, better than my expectations, it has great design, clean software, decent battery life and ofcourse, the loud and impressive audio quality. Audio quality and its loudness is pretty important to me when buying a smartphone. Though no headphone jack is still hard to swallow (there's a USB c-3.5 jack atleast) and no 60fps in 1080p is bit disappointing. Overall, HTC u11 is a solid flagship.

  • Duke1

Great job 2 years in a row HTC, well done.

  • Bobski

Hmmmm so they have different audio results than Juan from PocketNow? Who said audio was worse than HTC 10, S8, iPhone 7 etc? Hmmmmmm

  • venkat

great review

  • AnonD-676031

Really great smartphone.

  • Anonymous

awesome. I'm getting this one when it is released here in PH.

At the conclusion section where they say about other phones, they talked about the S8 "Unfortunately, Samsung's UI still slows down on a small number of power-users a few weeks in" this sentence I absolutely agree with it. Too heavy UI man

That mediocre battery though. Waiting for phone with SD836/845 (2.8-3Ghz) and battery of at least 4100 so I can replace my Le Pro3. =D

  • Dodge_Viper

Was considering buying another HTC 10 after my last one got stolen... Think I'll be squeezing that extra $$ for the Ull! ;P Great device!

  • AnonD-632397

I wish i had waited for this one but.... Htc 10 is great as well. No complaints.

  • AnonD-510975

Thanks gsmarena for good review i think htc comeback with this device wonderful phone i hope company can sell good this year because htc deserve to be number one in android. Htc u11 very good phone with all wonderful specs camera and boomsound and speakers battery life better than htc 10. I think this year htc u11 can beat samsung galaxy s8 because really htc make wonderful device

  • AnonD-540150

Fair review, not everyone mentions about audio in their reviews.

  • Anonymous

"The HTC U11 was given a DxO score of 90, the highest of any smartphone. Though, we know that this may not mean much since not all smartphones are actually rated by DxO."
Bad argument. The main reason is that the dxomark is useless. Dxo cooperates with several smartphone companies and sells camera products, they also got the U11 from HTC before it was released. Therefore there is a conflict of interest. Moreover the Dxomark has a very bad reputation as the HTC 10 or Xperia Z5 were rated as the best smartphone camera. Furthermore the Dxomark is scientifically unfounded as it does not make sense to combine ratings for autofocus, image quality, video quality, etc which are totally different things. There is even neither a detailed scientific explanation how they calculate the smartphone ratings nor a detailed data set of their measurements.
Also read this, HTC pays for getting good comments:

  • AnonD-404672


  • Anonymous

This is best HTC phone ever . PERIOD.

  • W10I

Nice review from GSMarena

  • Anonymous

best phone ever