HTC U11 review: Squeeze U

09 June 2017
For the past four iterations, HTC had been touting an all metal unibody design in its flagships. This year, HTC's arrives with a fresh, new, and more fragile look. Tuned with the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 CPU, top-notch audio experience , and a water resistant glass sandwich design, will the new HTC U11 be able to swoon loyal Samsung or Apple customers to HTC?

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Anonymous, 18 Jun 2017HTC U11 only have Bluetooth v4.2, it doesn't have Bluetooth... moreBluetooth 5.0 is coming!
the hardware is there, just need to be unlock

WOW! Amazing device indeed u11!

CM3, 12 Jul 2017If only this had FHD @60FPS I'd have no regrets while buyin... moreyour wishes come true.
the software update is coming!

  • w.anjana with gaalla

super and faster phon my fevorit phon i like this

  • MJ

CM3, 12 Jul 2017If only this had FHD @60FPS I'd have no regrets while buyin... moreThey will very soon as per recent news article posted on XDA.

If only this had FHD @60FPS I'd have no regrets while buying this.................Meh...I'm getting one anyway. Hopefully they add the mode via a software update.

  • ADI

That's the kind of phone i was looking for... The best smartphone in 2017, Thank you HTC, You got me since the M7 ;) ...

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 19 Jun 2017htc phones of coz are fragile, u ultra and u11 can be easil... moreIf you watch the HTC U11 bend test on YouTube Jerryrigeverthing, the screen is detach from the frame, just like the iPhone 7 bend tests, that means the 3M tape between the screen and frame is lower lower-grade. But when you watch the Xperia Z5 Premium the screen and frame is still stick together even the hardest bend. That's why the HTC U11's IP67 waterproof is mediocre.

  • ADI

acemang, 21 Jun 2017still amazed with the phone (htc u11). it's all instantane... moreWow... Thats really good that you love what u bought. Im very excited to get my on hands on my U11 Solar Red... Can't wait already :)

acemang, 21 Jun 2017still amazed with the phone (htc u11). it's all instantane... moreforgot to mention the battery life is very impressive. charged from 7am. used all day checking and reading 2 email accounts, making calls, going to the web, wifi allways on. got home at 21.30 still with 71%. if it was the htc 10 i would have about 30 to 40%. btw, i optimized the phone removing backgrounds apps or disable them the most i could that i didnt used.

still amazed with the phone (htc u11).
it's all instantaneous, no lag no stuttering. my htc 10 was already good but this one is from another league. the screen is fantastic. the phones takes fantastic photos. focus is 10x betten than htc 10. installing apps are so fast and smooth that it hurts to use other phones. unlock device with touch is about 99% correct of the times. the only fault i could get with the phone is the software. i still could not unlock the phone with my voice with ok google even if i told him to, with option selected to unlock with known voice. the bezels are not that bad as people say. on photos look worst than in real live. the front glass starts to bend (3D glass as htc says) just after the usefull area of the screen, that makes the grip fantastic and no distortions in screen like samsung s8. ah, i almost forgot, the earphones are not bad (better than any smartphone i tested) but not great, comparing to my 4 driver earphones are sad to listen...

Just received my htc u11 (amazing silver) and is awesome. the best photo of the device out there doesn't justify its beauty. it's much beautiful than my old htc 10 on real life and a eye catcher to any on the room that passes and sees it. It's lighter on hand, better grip, even if it a bit larger. The screen quality blows away the htc 10 which I thought was already very good. Everything I run on it, it was butter smooth. Didn't test the sound, the camera, and the sense. Stay tuned for more info, but till now I'm pretty happy with it and i'm coming from last year flagship to this..should not be a huge upgrade. but it was. the case that comes with the device is not bad and doesn't remove the good looks of the device...i will try to find a better one, but for now it will do the job.

  • elie

omg this phone is the best ever phone that I ever own used from 4 days till now all features of the phone are amazing
great battery , camera , display , sound quality and loudness thank you htc for such a great device

acemang, 19 Jun 2017sure i will give my input about the device. i already have ... morebtw, i don't use any front protection, because gorilla glass 3 is more than enought from dailly scratches..0 till now...almost one year now with the htc 10. i really dont get why people put glass protection on front....why makers spend more money on gorilla glass protection when users will ruin that propose with their own glass or worst plastic protection.

ADI, 19 Jun 2017Wow.. you r lucky, i am still waiting for Htc U11 to reveal... moresure i will give my input about the device. i already have the htc 10, but i can't wait for the htc u11 :)
i'm a app programmer so every day i work with different devices from different brands.
i'm already happy with my htc10, it is build like a will be wierd to go with a "fragile" phone, i'm already checking cases that don't compromise the looks. clear gel cases are good but with time they get "yellowish" color that ruins any looks, hope the case that comes with the device will do for a few days. i'm still waiting for the phone, and today i sent an email to htc to send me the track number of the order...they never did. the htc store is pretty crappy in terms of following your order. i could do a much better job in 1 month work. how a company with htc "value" have that lame old backoffice, beats me. in the positive side, they always responde to my questions by email in less than 24hours.

  • yeah...

Anonymous, 19 Jun 2017htc phones of coz are fragile, u ultra and u11 can be easil... moreThis is my 5th consecutive HTC phone going back to the Incredible. I have never had a hardware or software problem on any of them, not one. I will say the battery life has been so so until this phone. The U11 has been getting 24 hours on battery(I only need about 16 for my life) and is lightning fast with everything that is important to me. The s8 was just not my thing and the U11>>>than the G6 after using both. I wasn't thrilled they went with glass, but they need to sell phones I guess. Agree to disagree, go back to your Sony forum, no need for you to be here trolling people who enjoy HTC.

  • Anonymous

lol, 18 Jun 2017htc phones are always fragile? you are just talking crap no... morehtc phones of coz are fragile, u ultra and u11 can be easily bended, plenty of YouTube videos prove this. not to mention lots of hardware issues of HTC phone (Bluetooth connection, drop signal, pink or red tint display due to use if cheap screen and of coz the infamous ultra *cough* purple *cough* crap pixel camera in one m7). up to now I don't know whu HTC fans think m7 is the best, its purple tint is hardware issue which cannot be fixed and marked the history in xda forum as the most tweeted problem thread. it marked the fall of HTC.

people in Asia here will not buy HTC and there are lots of quality issues on u11. there is lots of HTC employee in this comment section to convince ppl to buy the phone.

but only stupid ppl will buy HTC phone. :)

  • ADI

acemang, 18 Jun 2017amazing silver. i wish there was red on stock, but i cant w... moreWow.. you r lucky, i am still waiting for Htc U11 to reveal their Solar Red colour.. So i can preorder it, haha I love that colour... Im glad u r getting ur's tomorrow.. But do let us know your first impression with the phone and ur experience as well ;)

Anonymous, 18 Jun 2017HTC U11 only have Bluetooth v4.2, it doesn't have Bluetooth... moreyou know that android 7 doesn't support bluetooth 5.0 right? and htc have same processor 835, that support bluetooth 5.0 right? not this year any will have a device that will support it right? some companies like to brag about some things..others likes to be realistic. htc 10 already had stereo sound, The HTC 10 uses a new speaker configuration where a full range speaker is placed at the top of the phone (where the earpiece is positioned) and a bottom firing speaker for lower frequency sounds. they never pointed as stereo speakers, because even if technically they were, they didn't mention it on paper because it was not a true stereo configuration. other companies that uses the exact same approach, guess how they marketing their devices....stereo phones...

bluetooth 5.0 is a great feature on paper..on real life....only usefull on 2 or 3 headphones right now are bluetooth 4.0 not even 4.2 they are. not to mention other devices that are way behind that protocol. there are some people that only look for paper specs..they don't have a clue how real world works..because they don't have real world experience. for example, i saw a guy that have samsung s8, lg g6 and htc u11. he said, samsung s8 is fast, lg g6 is smooth. htc u11 is fast and smooth. on paper samsung s8 should give you better experience than lg g6 but because of is UI it doesn't provide it. only real people that uses phones in real life can tell you that. your opinion is based on paper/specs review. it's sad and it denotates some imaturety in your part. i can't explain to people that have different vision that i do...and frankly i don't care....keep your great smartphone that i will keep mine.

  • lol

Anonymous, 18 Jun 2017this prove you know nothong about tech and just liar. the m... morehtc phones are always fragile? you are just talking crap now. The last 3 flagships have been tanks....go away sonyboy