Samsung Galaxy J7 (2017) review: Major Junior League

19 July 2017
The Galaxy J7 (2017) is the latest annual edition of an already popular phone. The J series has already shaped as a home to some solid midrange propositions and the Galaxy J7 (2017) is meant to spice things up even further. The newcomer is blurring the lines between the J series and the A series just as we thought we had Samsung’s portfolio segmentation all figured out.

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  • Z
  • Zafeer
  • Fvd
  • 14 Oct 2020

J7User, 25 Jul 2020Amazing build quality. bought in 2017, using daily for 3 ye... moreSame opinion
great phone
many features ,looks premium , No issues
well built
Storage 16 GB is a downside
but with SD card things get better

    Amazing build quality. bought in 2017, using daily for 3 years now. The phone is working like the 1st day I bought it. Buttons, USB, head phone jack, no tiring of the materials whatsoever. The battery lasts forever, about a week with power savings on.

    Haven't had any issue with it. I wish it had adoptable storage, its 16GB storage is not enough for me.

      • T
      • Tea
      • sEG
      • 12 Nov 2019

      I've bought j7 around June 2017. It's still OK nowday.

        • Z
        • Zafeer
        • Fvc
        • 26 Aug 2019

        Frederick , 13 Aug 2019My j7 2017 cannot connect with any wifi network what could ... moreTry to get in Settings/Reset/ reset network Settings
        it could help
        Good Luck

          • F
          • Frederick
          • fmg
          • 13 Aug 2019

          My j7 2017 cannot connect with any wifi network what could be the problem

            • T
            • TICA
            • 80F
            • 06 Jun 2019

            great phone! fast and very response apps3


              • A
              • Anonymous
              • k0s
              • 31 Jan 2019

              This phone is horrible. I bought it December 2017 and it was my very first actual modern-day "smart phone". Because I don't have a SIM card or whatever in it that gives it more memory, my photos and documents fill it up fast. Then when I try to view, it throws up some stupid message box telling me and "logs out of" the photo or document that I am trying to view.

              Then there's the camera. Pixels are okay I guess but the zoom on it stinks. Everything comes out blurry and pixilated.

              The voice message ability sometimes doesn't want to work and it seems to use Google maps and local law enforcement data. If I tell it "How do I get to XX" it will try to put me on the interstate system first (*supposed fastest?*) when I don't want to go that route. If I try to choose an alternate of only THREE it lists, it has, at least twice, sneakily put me on the first. Then "You are using walking navigation, which..." HOW DOES IT PUT THAT BY DEFAULT when it is clearly selecting the driving option when I start?

              I am fed up with this POS and upgrading this year. When I do, I am going to "Office Space" this phone with a hammer.

                • S
                • SMGS920V
                • 8Ym
                • 25 Nov 2018

                I have a 2017 j7v and it is a terrible phone. I went through 5 pairs of headphones because the headphone jack keeps killing the sound in them or makes it play through the poorly mounted side speaker. It runs android 7.0 or 8.0 really slowly which makes me angry. The keyboard wants to type other letters that you don't want. The bluetooth doesn't work and makes the phone eat up more of my 8gb data plan. I already ran out of storage on the phone and it barely supports my mirco sd card. The 5.5 inch screen dims out alot and barely runs at 360p. My friend has the 2018 j3 orbit and it keeps randomly shrinking apps. This phone has the same problem but, you have to restart the phone to make it go away. It takes 5 minutes to startup which is very time consuming. The phone drops calls and sometimes refuses to answer them. The only good thing is the decent battery life and it can handle drops. If you want a new phone, go get something else.

                  • ?
                  • Anonymous
                  • kZh
                  • 19 Nov 2018

                  ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE. camera quality is horrible, its soooooo slow. It's just a horrible phone

                    • D
                    • Draco
                    • 4YM
                    • 14 Sep 2018

                    This phone is GARBAGE!!! I got it through Verizon I have to reset it at least 5 times a day. And it just rebooted itself to factory settings WTF?! I hope Samsung get wind of this and fixes their phones cause due to this I am getting back on the iPhone train.

                      • I
                      • Isuru
                      • v{u
                      • 19 May 2018

                      I bougt j7 2016 phone last week. Its good phone. I wonder why samsung foget to add very basic feature front notification light to j7 phone. Really dissapointed to buy that phone. You foget very important feature samsung. Why you upgrade your phone redusing very basic feature. That feature very important to me. Samsung you know we cant live with whole day with our phone.notification light help to us remind miss calls and unread sms without touch phone. I hate samsung your cheated me

                        • A
                        • Aunt B
                        • 4{y
                        • 29 Apr 2018

                        Terrible phone. Cannot hear it ringing. Phone hangs up when talking or freezes and can’t hear the other person. Oh well not long for this . I want a better return for my money

                          • L
                          • Leah T.
                          • 4{n
                          • 15 Feb 2018

                          This phone sucks. 4 months after buying thru T-Mobile, it began to freeze up, have memory issues, 9 times out of 10 when I wake it up it goes to my call screen, when the last screen I was on was my home screen. It shuts down periodically and I could go on. This does not compare to any other Galaxy I've owned. I do not recommend this phone.

                            • A
                            • AJvEeden
                            • IbI
                            • 07 Dec 2017

                            This is one of the 2 worse phones I have ever had. The first was Blackberry Storm in 2011 and now this Samsung J7. It freezes, it switches off, it stop-start-stop-start charging all the time, the camera flash goes on amd won't go off again, the camera is pathetic - my note 3 which is 2 years older takes better pictures and apparently this phone was supposed to be better. It is slow and retarded and screams to be removed from the planet. An absolute waste for a name like Samsung.

                              • D
                              • Dush
                              • teX
                              • 19 Nov 2017

                              Dont by this ...i bought this, now i am worry about. every time compatible issues and bluetooth problems.not supporting other samsung devices also stupid 🙁🙁 samsung gear watch also not support .

                                • A
                                • Alok Kumar meher
                                • gML
                                • 30 Oct 2017

                                Please who is new samsung galaxy j7 (2017) give india must soon. Please

                                  • ?
                                  • Anonymous
                                  • ri0
                                  • 27 Oct 2017

                                  I buy the j7 and in two day the scream started to dance ,and the phone start freezing, I think us a factory problem ,.am very disappointed

                                    • N
                                    • Nazir
                                    • 7ke
                                    • 26 Oct 2017

                                    Don't ever buy Samsung product. I bought J7 max n within 3 months my screen went blank. Even it came under warranty they charged hefty amount to replace screen. I complained but never got proper reply from their customer service department. Very bad experience at their service centre.

                                      • D
                                      • AnonD-709504
                                      • ELU
                                      • 21 Oct 2017

                                      Ed, 20 Sep 2017These phones are overrated. On messenger half the sickets d... moreI don't have that problem at all. Messenger works great, the phone is fast, and a lot of times I'm charging while using with no difference in how it works. And, this phone charges full in an hour or less.

                                        • D
                                        • AnonD-709504
                                        • ELU
                                        • 21 Oct 2017

                                        AnonD-707595, 12 Oct 2017I've had this piece of trash for only TWO months and it's a... moreTurn on the wifi