LG V30 hands-on review: First impressions

31 August 2017
LGs brief flirtation with OLED gave us the Flex phones, but now its a long-term commitment. Yet surprisingly its not the screen, which covers 82% of the front of the LG V30, that is the star attraction. Instead, the much-improved dual camera is the main focus of this generation.

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  • AnonD-669542

Seems like a solid phone. Nothing ground breaking though. Nothing about it makes me want to go out and get one, but I already have a 2017 flagship. Maybe those looking to upgrade see this as the best one...

At least it doesn't have a silly screen cut-in.

  • AnonD-468436

and again worst selfie camera in the world
small sensor + f2.2

  • AnonD-468436

it's f1.69 . much closer to f1.7 than f1.6 !
1 micron pixels? when other companies are using 1.55 and 1.44 micron with about same aperture?
glass lens is a good thing! but it's much better with large sensor and wide aperture.

  • Patagon

Love it! It's much better than Note 8. I had Lumia 950 XL and bought Galaxy S8 - photos from Galaxy sucks when you compare to Lumia. I see LG photos are on acceptable level. Great design and wide camera. Really great phone. I'm hope GPS will be good too.

  • AnonD-496291

GustavoBR, 31 Aug 20175 Mp front camera ?!?! WTF LG !!! Are you guys crazy or what ??... moreIt doesn't matter how many megapixels you have!What does matter it's the size of the pixel...there are smartphones on the market which have cameras with 16 megapixels or 8 MP but when you study the photo which was taken with those phones you'll see that the 16 MP are more likely 12 or 8 MP....or the 8MP are real 5MP

[deleted post]Check the EXIF data from each photo.. it matches exactly to what text is written under each one.

  • Anonymous

Wow, camera is more than disappointing, I mean really.
With such numbers and statistics, I thought it would be closer to a professional camera.

  • Enigmatic

Camera with f/1.6 aperture is great but nothing special if they used a 16 mp 1/3 sensor...

  • Karen

Does it have slimport /hdmi support like the v20?

I'm not bothered by the front camera, as I have never used one. This phone is one of the best upgrades over its predecessors that I have seen. A 16MP main camera with f/1.6 aperture and a 13MP wide-angled camera with f/1.9 aperture is amazing. For the first time in several years, I am actually excited about a new device.

  • AnonD-402029

Anonymous, 31 Aug 2017They should make the wide angle camera default on such a set up.... morewide-angle camera as default is not really practical in daily usage and it is easier to get image distortion on wide angle lens. Quality wise usually wider lens is less sharp than normal lens.

  • Rey

Front 5mp with f2.2 ?? Looks like a suicide to me...

  • LG hate

Anonymous, 31 Aug 2017OMG this rage! This is totally false! I have an LG V10 since l... moreI'm afraid the latter comment is accurate. I had a V10 bootlooped in 9 months taking some data with it. My first and last LG. Got my warranty refurb unit and sold it for a Huawei. That, for me has more bang for the buck. And the P9 has waaaay better camera then the v10 yet is much cheaper.

My mom had a G4. bootlooped in 11 months also taking all her pictures. Swore never to buy LG again. She has a Samsung now.

My wife had a G4. bootlooped in 14 months. Again taking all her data with it. Bought a samsung never to buy an LG again.

A while back, my sister had a G2. bootlooped in god knows how many months (less than 24). Never bought an LG ever again.

My officemate had a G5 this year. With not too much effort, cracked the screen (known issue), and swore never to buy an LG ever again.

I can go on... but you get the picture.

I loved my v10. I really did. But this bootloop fraud has got to stop. Its a QC thing... And do google the class action lawsuit for G4 and v10 users, to learn more.

  • AnonD-187518

Wow V30 specs seem good! Waiting for India launch and prices too. Maybe in Dec 2017 like the V20 launched last winter. That will give me reason to trade in my V20 for this newest beast from LG. Hope this one does well commercially unlike previous LG flagships. On the flip side hoping that it doesn't so that I can pick it up at very reasonable rates within a few months of launch unlike the S series or Iphones which manage to hold on to its pricing for longer periods!!!

Only bummer seems to be low battery capacity for such a big screen since even my V20 was grossly under powered on that front and needed to be charged at least twice a day considering my heavy usage.

  • Anonymous

ZloiYuri, 31 Aug 2017For those who never owned lg g2, g3, g4, g5, g6, v10, v20 - don'... moreOMG this rage!
This is totally false!
I have an LG V10 since last summer and didn't have any issues with it.
Plus it didn't cost me my skin to buy it, as it would cost you if you buy a Samsung or an Iphone.
And on top of all, they don't even bother to deliver the best user experience, even though the price tag means that they should, and even more...
It is better to have an exclusive phone like LG, than to have a Samsung or an Apple.
Trust me, you don't know what you are talking about!

  • AnonD-660652

Rafe Firmani, 31 Aug 2017LG V30 may have f/1.6 but..... Camera sensor only 1/3" vs 1/2.5... moreWhy do you think they used a 16 mp 1/3 sensor? They used to upply 1/2.6 on the LG V20. And I hope they keep useing sensor that large on the V30 as well

  • Anonymous

Rafe Firmani, 31 Aug 2017LG V30 may have f/1.6 but..... Camera sensor only 1/3" vs 1/2.5... moreFYI : LG V30 use SONY IMX 398 (Upgrade of SONY IMX 298) with extra Dual Pixel PDAF. Same as OPPO F3 Plus (The first) and OnePlus 5.

Not sure about image quality of V30...

ZloiYuri, 31 Aug 2017For those who never owned lg g2, g3, g4, g5, g6, v10, v20 - don'... moreWow. You're actually telling the truth (to me atleast). Your points are spot on. Owned the LG G4. Never returning to LG ever again.


The price will drop drastically in the first couple months. You will thank me later :)

  • Raky

Certainty , it does look very nice.
Waiting for full reviews.