Xiaomi Mi 5X review: Popularity contest

19 September 2017
The Xiaomi Mi 5X was unveiled as the first smartphone to carry the new MIUI 9 out of the box. But its key feature lies elsewhere - the Mi 5X has a similar dual-camera setup to the flagship Mi 6 model. Add Redmi Note 4's chipset and pricing, plus the premium design of the Mi Max 2 - and you get the Mi 5X.

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Well that's all nice but the real competition that beats it to the bone is last year's original (Mi 5) especially for the price that it can be found now.

  • AnonD-368020

As per many other reviewers it does not have the same camera as Mi6. It has one of the the best camera for still capturing but it's very poor for videos as there is none kind of stabilization (as per Indian mi models) it's still probably the best phone in it's budget but camera performance is little immature. May be software update will be able to improve some of its shortcomings. Also this model has one of the best audio output for earphones.

No quickcharge? Hmm, GG/WP Mi5x.

  • AnonD-237389

Wow it has great screen

  • Anonymous

Please review the Meizu M6 Note. Almost all chinese reviews say that it's a better phone.