Moto Z2 Play review

10 October 2017
Moto Z2 Play is at the helm of a new marketing strategy free of any Lenovo branding that may burden the series with unnecessary heritage. Navigating through the lucrative but overcrowded upper-midrange territory sure isn't easy, but a useful innovation as the Mods expansion, a Super AMOLED screen and class-leading camera may help the Z2 Play to cast an anchor.

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in the review it says the z2 play has wifi ac (5GHz) Wave 2, but it does not. it only has wifi N 5ghz

  • Anonymous

No audio with GPS

  • Anonymous

Average phone with higher price, with a odd camera bump.

  • Akash

Guys i got oreo update today.

  • Gaurab Bhandari

Everything perfect. Just Updates are really slow.

  • hmmm

In 360 camera review, why do I see the same people around you in all the images?

  • AnonD-713072

Moto now a lenovo company ...... The quality is big problem ... One will not use it properly for more than 3months

  • Anonymous

good one

  • AnonD-698329

AnonD-632062, 11 Oct 2017A textbook case of why you should never compromise the batt... moreSO true. I have the z play and the batterry its amazing. I will buy another one before motorola stops selling it.

  • Anonymous

£379 for a 626? Too expensive!

AnonD-276592, 12 Oct 2017I'm pretty sure I already read the review before. That's wh... moreToo expensive for the price range. They should not mention Splash & Dust Resistant since it is almost the same as not waterproof, the fact that when people see Splash & Water Resistant they will still say it is not fully waterproof or not waterproof at all. Battery is rather disappointing, a 3000mAh battery got 76hr endurance rating when XPERIA XA1 with ONLY 2300mAh battery got 72hr endurance rating, aye

  • AnonD-276592

xXENDER FREAKXx, 11 Oct 2017This is a review, previously they made it as a preview only... moreI'm pretty sure I already read the review before. That's why I know I should not buy Z2 Play haha

  • AnonD-632062

A textbook case of why you should never compromise the battery capacity of a phone.

Moto Z2 Play with 3000 mAh: Endurance 76 hours
Moto Z Play with 3510 mAh: Endurance 100 hours

  • AnonD-234961

Anonymous, 11 Oct 2017Lenovo already owned motorola , when the original Z Play go... moreIt did, but imposing the Chinese ideas to the Motorola employees takes a bit of they still had time to release some good phones at the beginning, probably the ones which were already in the pipeline.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-234961, 11 Oct 2017From 100h battery life (Moto Z1 Play) to 76h (Moto Z2 Play)... moreLenovo already owned motorola , when the original Z Play got released.

  • AnonD-234961

From 100h battery life (Moto Z1 Play) to 76h (Moto Z2 Play). You can now see how much damage is done when a Chinese maker buys a reputable company. Only the name is Motorola, the rest in Chinese crap.

  • Anonymous

Far too expensive at £379 RRP. Drop £100 and I will consider.

  • Anonymous

With the change of generations battery endurance reduced by 25%.

"But it's 1mm thinner."

  • Anonymous

Superb innovation and quality (to hi-tech lovers)

  • AnonD-25

AnonD-305089, 11 Oct 2017Yeah I know the specs are crap, they should use volcano gla... moreHaha... Really enjoyed this post.
And to those wondering why this is reviewed only now - it's because it's launching this month on many European markets. Motorola/Lenovo has been slow to launch this phone internationally.