Moto Z2 Play review

10 October 2017
Moto Z2 Play is at the helm of a new marketing strategy free of any Lenovo branding that may burden the series with unnecessary heritage. Navigating through the lucrative but overcrowded upper-midrange territory sure isn't easy, but a useful innovation as the Mods expansion, a Super AMOLED screen and class-leading camera may help the Z2 Play to cast an anchor.

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  • AnonD-25

AnonD-305089, 11 Oct 2017Yeah I know the specs are crap, they should use volcano gla... moreHaha... Really enjoyed this post.
And to those wondering why this is reviewed only now - it's because it's launching this month on many European markets. Motorola/Lenovo has been slow to launch this phone internationally.

  • AnonD-305089

AnonD-665939, 10 Oct 2017Big bezels, Ugly design, High price, Average Chipset ... moreYeah I know the specs are crap, they should use volcano glass protection, 16K resolution, AmoleKateUptonDD panel, 900 Terabyte storage, 10 SD card slots, 60 MP Quad Camera setup, first camera regular, second, infrared, third night vision, fourth wide angle. Also an additional 5th camera with telescopic zoom. On the front, there should be a dual camera. Both cameras must have a lightning rod to use actual lightning as a Flash. Inside the phone, I would like a 12,000 core snapvalkyrie processor and 64 GB of ram. The sides of the phone should be crafted by metal forged in the fires of hell with the signature of satan. While the back of the phone should be crafted by immaculate glass serenaded with enchanting harps by angels of heaven. Throw in 8 sd card slots and 4 Heaphone jacks with 4 usb c ports. And load the phone with every version of Android, Windows Phone from 5-10, Sailfish and Ubuntu.

Price it at $174 only then I will buy it.

  • AnonD-660652

I was just about to buy it. And now there is a review... Yei! I heard the answers to all the questions I hesitated about. Good battery life, camera, swiftness of the UI and it still has those modules. And metal body would be much appreciated by my sister since she prone to drop phones. They also should have made a module with better camera. Let's say 1' chip or at least 1/2 sensor size and f/2.0 optics with OIS. This would be a real deal to buy

AnonD-276592, 11 Oct 2017Why reviewed again?This is a review, previously they made it as a preview only. Now this is the real review, while previous one is just a preview

  • Noel

What happened to Motorola/Lenovo...they used to be the battery champ. Seriously it is a seems that not many were looking forward to the Motorola top devices like they used to a few years ago.

  • AnonD-276592

Why reviewed again?

  • Gogu

Somebody went to Bucharest...

I think people are expecting too much from this phone. It's only significant flaw is that it is overpriced but it ticks every box. Some of the camera stuff can be fixed with a software update. I've saw speed tests on youtube where this device punches above its weight class. With a price revision or two, this is a no brainer.

  • Anonymous

So... It is worse than previous version..

  • Anonymous

Its not a bad phone but asking more than 400€ way! honestly people dont give a s.... about least in 2017.....who knows in distant future.

if moto drops the price down.....maybe it would stand a chance....

  • Anonymous

and still no OIS...why manufacturers are so blind

  • AnonD-665939

Big bezels, Ugly design, High price, Average Chipset

Come on Motorola, learn from One plus 5 (A new company) , its 2017 ...
Plz make it bezel less with normal price

  • AnonD-646111

I have used both moto Z play and Moto Z2 play here are differences
My first choice on a phone is battery life, i am heavy usge i need battery life
Moto z play
-Best battey life i have ever used 10/10
-but gear glass was not corning gorilla glass easily scarthes glass

Moto z2 play
I thought 3000mah battery would be not enough to me but i was wrong
-with just 300ah battery moto has done very good optimzations with stock android 7.1.1 and display
But both yhe phones has different super amoled panels i like orginal z play display it was virbrant and colour full

  • Sathish

Why its been reviewed now!?! It is quite old to be in review section.. :XD