Sony Xperia XA1 Plus review

07 October 2017
So, what if one Xperia isn't big enough but the other is a tad too much? Well, you come up with something in the middle. Enter the 5.5" Xperia XA1 Plus, which is perfectly bridging the gap between the 5-inch XA1 and the 6-inch XA1 Ultra

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  • Anonymous

Jaffafa, 07 Aug 2019The Sony Xperia Xa1 Plus is the worst phone you could buy f... moreNot kids using it with pleasure sony brand for a good price

  • Unknown

viky, 05 May 2019Need some help here, I'm facing issue with Sim 1 slot its n... moreUpdate or flash with official oreo xa 1 plus.. Unless you know to root can edit build.prop after reinstalling original kernel (professional only)

Another major bad thing about the Xperia XA1 Plus is the screen. Even on full brightness outside in the sun you can't see anything. Not only the screen in general but if you are taking pictures or videos it is rubbish because you can't see what you are taking pictures or videos about.

The battery isn't good either it will only last a few hours if you play games and watch videos on it.

The Sony Xperia Xa1 Plus is the worst phone you could buy for a mid-range phone. The only thing good about it, is the nice square design otherwise it is rubbish in all aspects. Even with 4gb of RAM the phone is slow. It lags, sluggish and even crawls.

One of the worse features of this phone is the camera. It is very slow to save the images onto the phones internal storage. Before you can take another photo you have to wait a long time. The buttons are all the in the wrong place on the right side. The camera button, power button, sound button. If you even just hold the phone it automatically opens up several apps like the camera or other apps even if you dont open them. The side is very sensitive on the buttons side. The phone signals are always weak.

In general, apart from using the phone for making calls, you can't really use it for apps as the phone gets very slow and drags.

I regret spending £330 on the phone. Absolutely rubbish. I will never buy a Sony phone ever again. They might have some new high-end models but that is all hype, marketing and advertising to steal your money for some crap.

I beg of you, please do not waste your hard earned precious money to buy Sony's crap. They are better suited to making what they were once good at in the ancient times - tv's, VCR's and radios.

Need some help here, I'm facing issue with Sim 1 slot its not detecting any sim cards in sim slot 1 its showing SIM 1 SLOT EMPTY even when sim is inserted when the same sim card is inserted in sim 2 slot its detecting
I have tried
factory resetting the phone,
switch on and of the phone,
software repair through pc,

  • St

magna gloria, 27 Dec 2018bad camera esp in dim light error message operation system... moreTry updating the software. These error msgs ll go away. Else re install software.
Also free up. Memory space.
Camera is excellent in low light

  • magna gloria

bad camera esp in dim light
error message operation system not responding
hangs up
wont answer calls answer button disappears
rear camera position s terrible fingers usually hide it
dont buy it
i dun thinks its 23 mgapxls i thinks its 2 mgpxle cam
low screen brightness and resolution

  • J.P.

Dear All,
I want to buy this phone for camera Purpose.. can anybody tell me about camera clarity of this phone..???

  • Joan

Sadly I thought it was going to be a better team than the one I had (p8 Huawei) but it is not, I have to stay with this team until it comes out worthwhile, I do not know whether to get a Sony, I'm doubting it, it's very slow in everything, load, take photos, to open contacts, etc ... Bad decision

  • Anonymous

Farid, 29 Mar 2018Worst mobile which I used upto now. Battery charging takes ... moreWhat problems u seen,
Then data connection problem is creat for u

  • Gurdeep

not good phone Every time hanging , please solve this problem

  • Marque

I have Xperia 3+ and its so heat when I play any game, its XA1 plus too? I want buy it but I stilk doubt with overheat issues on Xperia, thanks

  • Anonymous

Farid, 29 Mar 2018Worst mobile which I used upto now. Battery charging takes ... moreLast year I bought the Xperia XA1 Plus as an upgrade from the Xperia C3. But the phone was really slow, the processor was made for budget phones but it's a mid range model. Navigating the home screen was a horrible experience, it was slow, laggy, and unresponsive. Whenever I connected to my bluetooth headsets, sometimes audio will not play through the headset, so I had to restart the phone everytime used my headset. Also, occasionally the phone will hang for a minute or 2 then showing that ”system” UI has stopped working”. On more serious occasions, it will go black and reboot after 5 or more minutes. I don't know if it's only my unit but the phone is quite heavy and pop sockets won't work with it the adhesive isn't strong enough. All together it sucks, don't buy it.

  • elmoh

Hi Sony,
I just wanna ask, if the sony (taiwan ) usb charger sucket is okay to use in philippine?
Thanks For your response!

  • XA1 total sh@t

I have purchased an Xperia XA1 Plus two weeks ago. This phone is utter rubish, and Sony won't take it back.

What they didn't tell you in the highlights is that they have totally cheapened out on the reception module of this phone. I NEVER get reception better than 3G if I am further than 50m away from a tower. Let alone while you are commuting....

My Xperia Z3 Compact, that I had to replace because of a failing battery had LTE reception everywhere this thing only have 3G

It's a totally useless piece of glorified photo taker and paper weight.

Sony should pull this from the market, and refund the customers who have bought these phones.

Stay away, you have been warned.

  • Farid

Worst mobile which I used upto now. Battery charging takes minimum 4hrs,too much of hanging problem, camera quality poor, lot of software issue.
Too slow processing I am confused whether my mobile having 1gb ram or 4gb ram.
I am not providing fake comments if you need to prove my comments I am ready

  • Anonymous

hari, 01 Mar 2018Xperia xa1plus battery charging time more than 4 hours.wh... moreWith supplied charger it charges the battery in 2 hrs. Just connect the plug and let the phone in idle,, if u use it while charging it takes more than 2 or 3 hrs.

  • hari

Xperia xa1plus battery charging time more than
4 hours.who can accept this.but company saying like fast charging battery. This is cheating

  • Madhan

The worst mobile I use till worst service from Sony service center, don't take this worst mobile I taken from October 2017 we got four times software problem, Sony center people simply saying software problem last 10 I'm use so many mobile I never face this type problem, please don't take this mobile..

  • Dev

is xperia xa1 plus waterproof and dustproof??