Sony Xperia XA1 Plus review

07 October 2017
So, what if one Xperia isn't big enough but the other is a tad too much? Well, you come up with something in the middle. Enter the 5.5" Xperia XA1 Plus, which is perfectly bridging the gap between the 5-inch XA1 and the 6-inch XA1 Ultra

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  • AnonD-720515

Third-class quality level mobile phone manufactured by Sony India, recently I buy the Sony xperia xa1 mobile phone but there are lot of issues in mobile phone... Sometimes sound will not come while receiving the phone or sometimes it automatically shut down and u can not do anything? SONY manufactured the third class quality phone so plz plz don't buy Sony mobile and specially Sony xperia Xa1 plus?

  • Abp

AnonD-690051, 23 Dec 2017omg. your comment is so st*p|d. you compare low end old j2 ... moreOmg your comment is even St#p]dier than my comment. I didnt say that Samsung Phone is lagging..I say j2 is a great Phone..but I have tried all those global equalizer they still sound like garbage.. Even I use the same Sony xb70ap earbuds..Sony Phone allow to select what type of earbud u using like sth-30 mh1c mh410 mh750 mh ex300ap they gave me variety of sound listening experience.. I dont want to spend money to buy mp3 player better the mp3 play inside the Phone while im surffing..

  • AnonD-690051

Abp, 21 Dec 2017Samsung May have beautiful amoled faster exynos processor n... moreomg. your comment is so st*p|d. you compare low end old j2 with flagship z.
yes in the past all samsung phones are lag alot. but all changes since 2016. most people hate touchwiz long long time ago, now they love it.
meanwhile sony never change their ugly ui since kitkat. ugly ui is one of the reason why sony always fail to sell their phones every year.

And about mp3.. yes samsung's flagships used dedicated chip for audio processing. it has audio upscaling feature called uhq upscaler. it has various sound processing effect like surround, global equalizer, and you can adapt all sound frequencies to your earphone sensitifity too (this feature is called "adapt sound").

thus is one of the reason i swith to samsung. it offers so many features out of the box, without needing ti install separate apps from playstore

  • Abp

Samsung May have beautiful amoled faster exynos processor nice to be hold body great battery life and other stuff you can imagine..but...

Can Samsung deliver mp3 sound quality like Sony???

I tried my wife Samsung j2 it is a great Phone..but after 1 month using it I rather use my 2013 xperia z..even though the battery is mediocre and heating problem..

Only one reason I Come back to the old PLAYS MUSIC like no other Phone can..why gsmarena didnt highlight the mediocre MUSIC play from other Phone brand? there is a reason why People buy Sony..I can listen MUSIC long hours with my xperia..with J2 I almost want to throw the Phone to the garbage coz it sound garbage!

Im looking xa1 plus as my next Phone..finally Sony has overcome the mediocre battery problem..

  • AnonD-690051

3D Memorys, 19 Dec 2017Not a bezelless design, according Gsmarena it is just a COM... morenope. it will be bezelless. apple and samsung did it. xiaomi also did it. and maybe nokia will follow soon. so there will be no other way for sony, because they need huge amount of profit to innovate further. otherwise they will die.
y know.. with their current tiny profit they wont be able to compete with chinese like xiaomi oppo etc. so they need to get a lot more customers by following aple samsung and the others

AnonD-690051, 19 Dec 2017hi :-) see? next year xperia will follow bezelless design ... moreNot a bezelless design, according Gsmarena it is just a COMPACT version. You know what is compact? Just reduce the bezel and it is compact. Such nice calculation only found on Gsmarena.

  • AnonD-690051

UltimateZeroSeconds, 26 Nov 2017But if a bezel-less flagship fallen on the road it must hav... morehi :-)
see? next year xperia will follow bezelless design too. so it will become trash if falls to the ground

  • Sharma

Nicky, 04 Dec 2017Hi to all,I am planning to buy a new mob in sony brand.Coul... moreDefinitely xz1 dude there is no comparison between xa1 plus and xz1

  • Nicky

Hi to all,I am planning to buy a new mob in sony brand.Could you please suggest me the better option, Xperia XA1 plus or XZ1.

  • Waiyan win

Kath, 10 Oct 2017Hi there, I am so sorry if my comment is not suitable here ... moreNice.Now I use Samsung galaxy note 4. I have a problem while playing games. My under thumb touch to the recent keys of the phones and go into recent apps page. When I go back quickly but my hero is dead in game. When I play game with Sony C5 Ultra Dual, there is no problem.

  • AnonD-718836

I don kw y, but the audio on XA1 PLUS is cracking
It feels like a devil is singing. But it doesn't happen evrytym. Can any one tell Wat can I do fr dis?

AnonD-690051, 08 Oct 2017left n right bezels are Ok. Top and bottom look like trashBut if a bezel-less flagship fallen on the road it must have become trash compare to this little mid-range lol

  • Red

Raj, 14 Oct 2017Xa1 plus doesn't have slow motion feature?? It does. Just walk very slowly while filming.

Awesome results.

  • Selva

XA1Plus phone is very excellent.

Camera, Display, design very good.

Drawback internal memory 32GB only and XA1Plus no third-party accessories (online ) for this phone.

Xperia XA1Plus my rating 4.5/5.

  • Anonymous

Sony is a beaSt of c3ll!!

Coming from an A9 Pro, except for performance, this Sony phone is better in every damn way....I'm no Sony fanboy but I'm happy Sony has a competitor in the midrange now.

And YES both cameras on this phone are better than any Samsung A-series phone released till date, and of course beats most other competitors (except maybe Asus ZF3 Zoom, OnePlus 3).

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 08 Oct 2017I don't see much improvement from my bad xperia m4 aquaDude m4 is ancient in smartphone years

  • Raj

Xa1 plus doesn't have slow motion feature??

  • Anonymous

A lad from Ireland, 12 Oct 2017But then again, you have to take into consideration that th... moreJ7 Pro is better.

  • A lad from Ireland

Anonymous, 09 Oct 2017Pfff haha. The A series has way better color accuracy compa... moreBut then again, you have to take into consideration that the A7 is more than €180 more expensive than the XA1 plus. There have to be improvements with a higher price like that.