Sony Xperia XA1 Plus review

07 October 2017
So, what if one Xperia isn't big enough but the other is a tad too much? Well, you come up with something in the middle. Enter the 5.5" Xperia XA1 Plus, which is perfectly bridging the gap between the 5-inch XA1 and the 6-inch XA1 Ultra

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  • MrJulli

I've been waiting for Xperia X to drop it's price here in PH, then I'll get it. After seeing this, I think I can wait a little longer. :D

I'm sure next year is your SONY... Well done job... Everything become wow

  • AnonD-538833

This is not a bad looking phone and overall better than overpriced Samsung A series phones.
The battery life is absolute killer. As expected of Sony - truely the most efficient android UI maker.

Sony phones for the last 2 years was in their shadow. They made some really weird decision like putting smaller battery but finally their sense are back. At least one feature of Sony is better than other phone maker now is - better battery life.

Next thing to do -
1. Reduce the top and bottom bazel.
2. Improve your camera processing.

Even HTC now make better camera than Sony which is very embrassing for Sony. Time to get ride of the humiliation and make a image processing that can rival Samsung, HTC and google.

Good luck.

  • AnonD-632062

Good (former flagship) Cameras, both front and back. Excellent Sony Multimedia package. Bright screen. Those bezels make the phone look older than it's 72% STB ratio would have us believe.

And finally, 102 hour endurance rating! This is the third Sony phone in a row with great battery life (after the XZ and the XZ Compact). I think I can safely say that Sony is BACK! Now can't wait to see the stunning bezel-less 2018 Sony flagship.