Google Pixel 2 review

06 November 2017
The true Pixel experience in a (slightly) smaller package and minus the display issues - this is the Google Pixel 2 in size Medium and not Extra Large.

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  • 31 Oct 2021

Phazenine, 12 Aug 2020The pixel 2 isn't that bad. Well that's consideri... moreI dont know what you are smoking but pass that to me as well :)

    The pixel 2 isn't that bad. Well that's considering I get a Pixel 2 reburb. For $100. I paid $900 when it first came out but returned it because I couldn't justify the cost for a flagship with a6 month lifespan. But for$100 I'll love it. Even though the 4a was just announced. I'm completely happy with the camera, display is amazing, even the launcher had me stop in my Tracks after looking to install Nova Prime on it like I do every Android device.
    For what I paid it was a great buy. The launch price, not even close. Since the 4a is $349 I'm tempted but have an iPhone 11 as my daily driver. I'm just content with Google's ecosystem even though you have to buy a tier 1 flagship every 6 months so your device maintains relevance. The camera is to notch even after 2 years. $100 in mint condition. I couldn't let that go by

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      • 26 Oct 2019

      S8 User, 04 Feb 2018Only advantage being screen? What if I want to wirelessly ... moreThe only thing I found awkward were the bezels. Everything else was great... IP68 is sometimes a good amount better, but I think IP67 is good enough. I overprotect my phone so much sometimes I forget it is water resistant. I feel like only a weak spray can kill it…

      Once I dropped my phone in the town pool while I was taking selfies. I did not even bother picking it out; I thought I broke it. Many hours later, I found it had worked all that time, before dying out about 30 minutes later. At the lost-and-found station, I thought it stopped working immediately. The phone really did lose functionality, so I was half right.

      Let that be a cautionary tale to appreciate water resistance.

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        • 03 Oct 2019

        This phone makes me want to swear. The lack of a headphone jack isn’t too bad but the built-in quality is so poor that I’d rather listen to dial up on earrape for 24 hours. The camera is not even mediocre, and yet it’s the best part on this 2001 quality bleeding haemorrhage monstrosity. The autofocus is nonexistent and the lack of 4k 60FPS video is enough to give TWO middle fingers to Sundar Pichai.
        The display has fading colours, and after 4 months of use the top of the panel burned out. The resolution and 441 Ppi screen is unacceptable. I was expecting a notched, 6 inch 500 Ppi display. The bezel size is enough to make me lose my lunch. A Snapdragon 835 is not good enough. The 128GB of internal storage is not even close to what I want. The processor is weak as hell, and I’d rather use a flip phone because I was expecting 256 GB storage and 6GB Ram.
        There is “fast charging” but I think it shod be called Turtle Charging. It takes 300 centuries for device to reach 1‰ Battery. The size is awful, at a low 2700 mAh. I need around 3200 to be satisfied. Overpriced as hell. This piece of garbage is so damn bad I hate Google in general. I switched my search engine to Yahoo Search too. Dont buy unless you want to die.

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          • 16 Aug 2019

          Really regretting for choosing the Pixel 2 device.. One of the worst mobile I have ever used. Not worth the money at all.. One can get this kind of performance in a MI device which is worth just 10K ₹. Only for the camera quality we cannot give away this much money for a worthless mobile device. The camera App is also not worth it. If the storage runs out while taking a long video, the phone's software is not capable of auto saving the content recorded before closing the app or giving System failure alert.. Rather is gives a unplayable video file...

          I personally will never ever turn my head to another Pixel device... I was a big fan of Google products over Apple's.. But everything is changed now after being a frustrated customer...

          Thanks Google for this wonderful experience... 🙏🙏🙏

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            • 23 Jun 2019

            what is the SOT of this phone?

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              • 18 Mar 2018

              VERY DISPPOINTED. Dropped less then 3 feet. With a OtterBox. Screen cracked an split. Was told by Verizon that they could not do anything. DO NOT BUY. Can not even see the screen. Do not spend the money

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                • 25 Feb 2018

                Just got it and am kind of disappointed with this phone. The camera is great and I love the feel of this phone in my hand (without a case at least) but I thought the blue hue when off center was only on the XL and I'm definitely getting it on the regular pixel 2. Plus the battery life has been sub par.

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                  • 15 Feb 2018

                  Display qulaty is not better.but camera quality better

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                    • 11 Feb 2018

                    Apart from camera from what I have seen, there is nothing to get excited about in this phone apart from I wouldn't get it simply because its overpriced and my sister has one and is on her second due to a defective microphone.

                      AlexG, 04 Feb 2018you really need wireless charging?? It slower 3 times than ... moreLook, either bluetooth headphones really don't have good sound quality, USB-C headphones are also ruining sound quality, and I won't even mention the quality with dongle. You have nice, expensive headphones which are useless because you have bad equipment - or in other words, you don't have needed equipment.
                      Bluetooth headphones - you need to charge them, easier to lose... on and on...
                      Dongle - really inconvenient, ruins both, quality and the experience.
                      No matter what kind of cloud storage you have - you still need your internet to get it and to use it. And in forgein country, that's not really an option, unless you like to run around catching wi-fi.
                      Then again, features, S8 has more features, like heart rate detector... even Iris Scanner! And I won't even mention the screen, build quality and design.

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                        • 04 Feb 2018

                        S8 User, 04 Feb 2018Only advantage being screen? What if I want to wirelessly ... moreyou really need wireless charging?? It slower 3 times than with cable... and if you want to charge and listen to music there are couple options, buy a dongle or use wireless/BT headphones. Who use MicroSD today?? I have at home cloud and I upload everything to there... not to mention nowadays you can buy 128gig option...

                        Lastly, you really think that there is a big difference between IP67 to IP68?? Do you know even the difference??

                          AnonD-568602, 09 Nov 2017You should never buy a phone today based on the promise of ... moreTrue. You can't fix faulty hardware with software update.

                            AlexG, 04 Feb 2018What are you talking about??? The only thing Samsung has ad... moreOnly advantage being screen?
                            What if I want to wirelessly charge?
                            Or plug my headphones into it without a dongle?
                            Or charge while listening to music? What if I need a headphone jack to plug into my car?
                            Or if I want to put the SD card inside? If you want to say about infinite storage Google has on the internet - don't, since not everyone has unlimited data traffic on their phone and it can cost.
                            I'll visit forgein country and be like: "I'd show you some pics of my country, but it'd cost me a lot here, so I won't..."
                            IP67 isn't much when compared to IP68. Then design, the Pixel 2 is just ugly, it's always in beta, S8 has more features (you can make GIF or use text extraction...) and S8 is actually worth it's price!

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                              • 04 Feb 2018

                              TheLostWanderer, 26 Dec 2017I agree. They removed SD slot and headphone jack "to get mo... moreWhat are you talking about??? The only thing Samsung has advantage is display... I had Galaxy s8, Essential ph-1,iPhone 8 (which I returned after two weeks use) and now I have Pixel 2... and I tell you this is the best phone I ever had. Front facing stereo speakers, IP67, normal 16:9 aspect ratio, 3 years SW updates, best camera, amazing fingerprint scanner and the best part, amazing software experience! No lags, no crushes... everything is fluent, even the vibration feels natural like in iPhone 8!

                                Pixel 2 is a nice phone. It took me about a week or two adjusting to a smaller screen, having been using larger screens for a while. Now it feels natural. I tried the Pixel XL2 and did not like the P-OLED, that's an awful screen, maybe you'd get lucky and receive a good one, it's like playing the lottery. The Pixel 2 is not the prettiest, and these bezels are lame, but everything else is perfect.

                                  Om, 31 Dec 2017Most horribly phone ever never ever buy this phone . Bought... moreThe most shameful thing is that Google is creator of Android...

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                                    • 31 Dec 2017

                                    Most horribly phone ever never ever buy this phone . Bought one pixel phone had to change mother board twice bad customer services bad call center. U rather hang Ur self then buying Google pixel phone .. incoming calls issues restart issues ... U name the.problem its their in Google pixel phones.. don't be a loser by buy pixel phones... Most disgusting phone

                                      AnonD-711468, 09 Nov 2017But very bad at anything else (regarding hardware).I agree. They removed SD slot and headphone jack "to get more space" and yet, the Galaxy S8 which was produced even before Pixel 2, has all those features + wireless charging, iris scanner and more, and has no bezels. Galaxy Note 8 even has S PEN, a WHOLE PEN inside! To make it even worse for Google, S8 has much better screen and overall design, and demolishes it in some speed tests too.

                                      Google really has only good camera and frequent updates. But considering the price, that's not what I would be willing to pay for such crappy features, just to get maybe an update more, which will also be beta version full of bugs...

                                        AnonD-431150, 22 Nov 2017After studying the GSMArena'd reviews of Pixel 2 and Oneplu... moreBad choice if you ask me.