Nokia 2 hands-on review

10 November 2017
It's been less than a year since Nokia made its big comeback with Android and the company has already launched six phones since then. The latest one to be announced is the Nokia 2, which made its global debut at an event in India yesterday.

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  • AnonD-640615

Who decides specs at Nokia
Are they still in 2014
If hmd is thinking that they can sell this feature phone as smartphone just because Nokia brand value then they are totally wrong

  • Anonymous

Lightning McQueen, 11 Nov 2017Even if you say Xiaomi phones are better than Nokia, very few pe... moreFor information, Nokia comes with snapdragon 430 which is like underpower processer and it heats up while xiaomi has two phone comes with superior snapdragon 625 very power efficient and good performer than Nokia

  • Anonymous

FinnishInquisition, 11 Nov 2017What are you even talking about? The Nokia 2 has microSD card su... moreMany apps will not save to SD card, Whatsapp for example...

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 11 Nov 2017India is not the whole world you know, a lot of people seem to f... moreAgreed, too many of them making meaningless noises here.

Anonymous, 13 Nov 2017LOL you think Android is the same as iOS? Apple only abolish 32-... moreAmusing. You think this will get any firmware updates beyond oero? Good luck with that.

And goodness no, I wasn't drawing a comparison between iOS and Android, I know how that's sets the fanboys off!
I was just using it to suggest that 32-bit development is dead, and Android will shortly move on with the times leaving the Nokia 2 and your Xperia Ray behind.

You may not be getting any problems as such running that Ray, but I'd bet the performance is woefully lacking. And of course, the 808 was dreadful from a smartphone perspective right out of the gate, it was little more than a camera will limited smartphone functionality bolted on.

The fact remains that the Nokia 2 is not really a good purchase option, it's obsolete on arrival and better devices can be had at similar prices.

  • Anonymous

Lex79, 11 Nov 2017Can’t speculate on whether it will be a success or not, but I’... moreLOL you think Android is the same as iOS? Apple only abolish 32-bit to make obsolete all their previous products and force users to buy their new products.. This Nokia 2 will be relevant for many years to come especially when it is promised to get OREO!! FYI I am still using my Xperia Ray with 1Ghz single core and 512MB Ram today with no problems.. It manages my social media while I use my 808 as my main/cameraphone

  • Anonymous

Except for battery, IPhone 5s is better at that price.

  • mobile_freak

perfect use of left-over materials.....

  • Anonymous

I think it should be more like USD $50 rather than $130 no doubt it will price drop next year anyhow.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 11 Nov 2017What about Moto C Plus? Nobody talks about Moto C Plus. It's bet... moreCheaper coz it has a MediaCrap SoC and I doubt it'll have a better battery backup though the removable battery is a plus and has 2GB ram and bigger storage to boot.

Also being a MediaTek SoC it's future is grim from getting Oreo/Custom Rom support.

  • Anonymous

What about Moto C Plus? Nobody talks about Moto C Plus. It's better and cheaper that Nokia 2.

Force Majeure, 11 Nov 20175" with pisspoor SoC, I'd rather buy a Wileyfox Swift with 410 a... moreAgreed, and for just a little more you could get the Swift 2 which has the Snapdragon 430, 2gb ram, 16gb rom, 13mp rear camera with phase detection auto focus, and 8mp front facing camera.

Ok so you loose a lot of battery when compared to the Nokia 2, but the Swift 2 is no slouch in that department, I know which I’d go for.

  • Force Majeure

5" with pisspoor SoC, I'd rather buy a Wileyfox Swift with 410 and removable battery for about the same.

  • sss

good phone...but...
1.insufficient ram
2.poor processor finger sensor and front flash

  • Matt99

Drip protection?

Levy, 11 Nov 2017This phone checks all the boxes for a modern phone and I expect ... moreCan’t speculate on whether it will be a success or not, but I’d argue that it actually ticks very few boxes for a ‘modern phone’, even a budget one.

For starters it’s rocking A7 processor cores, they are running the old 32-bit armv7 code. We are at the very end of 32-bit support now, Apple have completely dropped it and don’t be surprised when Google shortly follow suit. So this device is not going to enjoy much in the way of future software support.

It might have made some sense in terms of performance as an Android one device, but as the hands on review suggests, it’s just not up to providing a fluid full Android experience.

There are simply better spec’d devices available and this price point (or just slightly above it), this is just a one trick pony that offers good battery potential. As I have already stated though, the Moto E4 Plus offers an even bigger battery and much better overall specs (including fingerprint scanner) for just slightly more money.

Even the standard Moto E4, which matches this for price is an arguably better option.

  • KMB877

Anonymous, 11 Nov 2017Nokia should try to take market share by giving good specificati... moreThis is not possible.
Just think about how many salaries they must pay between Foxconn and Nokia Technologies. Not to mention additional royalties for using Nokia's name. A huge overhead reflected in end user price.

  • Anonymous

at first I thought they were two evil companies, applle and sammy, turn out nokia become more greedy than both.

  • Anonymous

Even for a first time smartphone user, using this phone will result in nothing short of a disappointment. The alternatives are just way superior.

  • Okami

With Xiaomi options and other brands in the market with more powerful phones and better cameras at the same price... release this crap and pretend that people is as blind to buy this is almost an insult. Hope they flop hard and reconsider what to design in the future with better consideration for its potential customers.