Nokia 8 long-term review

02 February 2018
Past the initial hype and a few months after our initial review full of benchmarks and tests, we’re ready to tell you what the Nokia 8 feels like when used as a daily driver for a longer period of time. Hopefully, this would give you a fuller picture of the device is capable of.

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  • Rahul
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  • 17 Oct 2022

It's been 4 years and still phone is super fast...It has been fallen. From hand n number of times still no issues ... So much satisfied .... Wish nokia to continue with their same series phones

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    • Anonymous
    • 0Uk
    • 27 Aug 2022

    Bought this phone in amazon for less than 300€ in amazon in summer 2018, still using it and very happy with it, after 4 years usage my only problem so far its that recently the usb charging port has some issues and i need to plugit several times before it actually starts the chargeup.
    Looking for a replacement this year, hope it last at least the same amount of time

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      • Anonymous
      • Dk0
      • 15 Jul 2021

      OLD BRAA, 18 Jun 2021My phone's camera is experiencing shaking when I want ... moreShake your phone it will we ok but Shake tightly

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        • nokiafan
        • CSU
        • 10 Jul 2021

        OLD BRAA, 18 Jun 2021My phone's camera is experiencing shaking when I want ... moreShake or hit phone on its sidet, its the shutter getting stuck. Common issue

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          • OLD BRAA
          • XIa
          • 18 Jun 2021

          My phone's camera is experiencing shaking when I want to take pictures or videos. What can I do?

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            • Minu
            • w9K
            • 17 Feb 2021

            Mobi-1, 15 Jan 2021I've had my Nokia 8 for two-and-a-half years now. I t... moreAbsolutely! I've never seen any other phone that has a 16:9 display and aluminium body since the giraffe display days! Simply a no-gimmick, practical phone!

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              • Xxxxxx
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              • 06 Feb 2021

              I've been using nokia 8 straight for 3 years and now there is problem with sound and also it's starts restarting itself !!!I understand that a phone over 3 years use is too much but there there are brands which work for more than 3 years too!!!

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                • Dobata
                • SHp
                • 04 Feb 2021

                I bought Nokia 8 I Jan 2019. It's still working perfectly and I will never change it for other brand.

                  I've had my Nokia 8 for two-and-a-half years now.
                  I think this phone was a particularly brilliant no-nonsense effort especially for a first series from HMD/Nokia. It still works extremely well, the performance is fine with no stutters, and I've got loads of apps loaded on it. It's a well-built slim phone without the huge screen that most of the new options seem to have. For the price it was a superb no nonsense phone. It fits in your pocket without sticking out, is fast and serves everyday needs extremely well
                  Many new phones on the market have huge screens mostly, and if I need a top end camera setup, then I will either buy a decent camera or a top end premium phone phone that will cost a lot lot more money (especially Apple), some of us don't think it's worth it.
                  It's going to be very hard to replace this phone to get something similarly good and practical.

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                    • Minu
                    • tew
                    • 05 Dec 2020

                    AnonD-740398, 04 Apr 2018Cheers mate your comment gave me so much relief...i was rea... moreWell, there's noise in the Oreo and Pie camera, but the noise normally goes off after taking a photo.

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                      • Minu
                      • tew
                      • 05 Dec 2020

                      Anonymous, 27 Mar 2019I've been using it for three months so far, and I have to s... moreThe post-processing is good tbh

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                        • Phil
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                        • 27 Nov 2020

                        Mircede, 14 Jun 2019Why nobody talking about nokia 8 screen burn (retention) i ... moreI owned my Nokia 6 for 2 years now and no problems at all being as this was one of the first models to hit the market it is so well made . Everything still functions very well ..I have bought a second one as a spare ...( see Jeremey rig on you tube ..he took one of theese apart . The build quality is really good and what Nokia used to be )

                          Colliric, 01 Jan 2020I have been a Nokia fan for years having previously used Lu... moreAlso I have never experienced screen burn in.

                          My only issue is that Dust gets in the USB-C charging port and sometimes causes the connectors to need a blast of compressed air or a toothpick clean. Can cause the Fast-Charge to fail to work sometimes. So you have clean the port regular.

                            I have been a Nokia fan for years having previously used Lumia devices and their older mobiles before. I have also used other Android phones and a few iPhones.

                            I have to say the Nokia 8 is the most durable phone I have ever used. I keep it save in a good cover (which is a wallet cover, so it's also my wallet and we'll cushioned). It had not got one scratch in 2 years(bought when first came out). It is well priced.

                            I am still impressed with this phone. It has state of the art Audio and Video recording(especially for 2017). Has a very good screen for anyone upgrading to this affordable 2017 flagship handset. Battery life is FULL DAY ON HEAVY USAGE.

                            Even with my habit of plugging in and charging overnight, it's battery has never needed replacement or had any faults and so overcharging is noting to be worried about. Rapid charging is enough of a convenience for me, I don't need wireless charging yet.

                            Although the Phone doesn't come with Dolby Atmos decoders and has a single speaker, it records in crystal clear Binaural Surround Audio(OZO Audio) and high quality 4K video. That is AMAZING for such a tiny device, and I'm shocked this review doesn't praise that.

                            This is one of my favourite phones and I intend to keep getting Nokia in the future. They're still a great phone company.

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                              • Fbalika1996
                              • J1T
                              • 21 Nov 2019

                              I own a Nokia 8 for just over one and a half years now and I'm very disappointed of it's building quality.

                              1) The jack port was lose ever since I got the phone, it simply does not click into place. I checked other Nokia 8 phones and all had that issue.
                              This results in stopping the music time to time or automatically activating Google Assistant, because the phone suddenly thinks I have a microphone on my earphones, but I do not. Just today, the music started to be full of white noises, when I walk and the phone is in my pocket, this the jack slightly moves in it. And it's not the earphones that are bad, because it doesn't happen when I try out the earphones on other devices.

                              2) The screen is an IPS screen. But it burns in. This is just... I can't even. An IPS screen. That burns in. It's just ridiculous. To be clear, it's not the same as OLED burn in and it's not permanent, but come on.

                              3) USB port. This is the biggest part of my disappointment. It just... Worn out. After one and a half years. Phone often doesn't charge and I have to plug in and out the USB cable, so it starts charging after countless tries.

                              TLDR, it's still a fast phone and in my opinion it's still gorgeous. It's also very sturdy and feels strong. But the build quality is just simply poor. Basically everything that you use to control the phone is "broken". Screen, USB and jack port. I highly doubt, that my next phone will be a Nokia.

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                                • Anonymous
                                • 3CR
                                • 28 Aug 2019

                                I remember reading the first revieuw of the nokia 8 on this website before buying the phone. The author praised the fluency of the phone and thos article talks a lot about lag

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                                  • Anonymous
                                  • SmF
                                  • 21 Aug 2019

                                  Yes. I started noticing screen burn marks ( or long term marks ) on the location of the applications I use frequently. I haven't sent it to any repair shop. Since the but. Marks are temporarily.
                                  But need to consider different screen type on my new mobile
                                  This phone is just about 2 years old.

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                                    • smaaz
                                    • uZa
                                    • 12 Jul 2019

                                    Mircede, 14 Jun 2019Why nobody talking about nokia 8 screen burn (retention) i ... moreInstall sfilter app from play store and set settings to 10, 50 and black. Image retention issue will be gone.

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                                      • Smaaz
                                      • uZa
                                      • 12 Jul 2019

                                      Mircede, 14 Jun 2019Why nobody talking about nokia 8 screen burn (retention) i ... moreAbsolutely problem is with LG display Nokia should have tested it properly before choosing LG, however I love this device for its simplicity and for image retention install S filter app from playstore with these settings Opacity:10, brightness:50 and color black retention issue resolved.

                                        Why nobody talking about nokia 8 screen burn (retention) i have this phone for 2 years now serviced 6 times still same issues...i would not recommend it at all, customer service allways finds a way to blame you not them self's, display is a cheap display from lg not nokia standards... Nokia is not what it used to be! If anyone wants real comments about nokia 8 join xda developers and search for it!