Sony Ericsson W960 review: Walkman extreme

09 October 2007
Sony Ericsson W960 is aptly the big gun in the Sony Ericsson portfolio of music-centered handsets. Gifted with the scorching 8GB of storage space and a large touchscreen TFT display, a 3-megapixel camera, Wi-Fi and 3G capabilities, the W960 easily stands...

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  • Mike

anybody can help with my w960 wifi because i really dont know the right setting for the wifi... i enable the wlan connection but no network found, i have pc and i have a wireless router but when i using my laptop and enable the wifi it can access internet,,, but my cel no network found i really dont know what are the the right setting of my w960,, anybody here can help me to figure this.... thanks,,, here my email

  • roxas

hey everone im feel as a same thing u knw what i guess iphone is better but how about se w960i? i guess 50 50 in my head,so if i have a money which one im gonna buy?i dont knw what's going on i just smile,

  • Andi

Hey I use this cell phone. after the old nokia, SE G502i, Nokia E63, Nokia E66, SE W980, Aino U10i, LG BL40, Fujitsu F905i, Nokia X3 and before the mobile phone prototype with 3d holographic display. at some time, until that moment arrives, W960i will be a supportive tool. one more thing, if only I choose the W960 from the beginning, I no longer have to buy seven mobile phones are disappointing. W960 is a great mobile phone. Trust me.

  • nst

SE user, 31 Dec 2008K850 or W960?why??w960 because the have symbian uiq3

  • smokie

hey people...i think the fone is the best in the world for now.
got almost everything you'ld ever want in a phone...

  • Bimz

I got this overpriced phone almost a year ago and i had already had replaced LCD rigght now it got broken again, even you just in your pocket the body easily twists damaging the LCD. Also the service center for a rating of 1 - 10 i give them 0, for they replaced the LCD, which took a long time no warranty! and despite that doesnt even manage to clean the insides of your phone. The camera has a delayed response in capturing images, the only positive thing about this phone is the Walkman music player good sound which Sony is known for.. Overall rating for this phone 1 - 10 : 3***

  • koay

halo, my question is same as others.Can i use the from camera to snap picture?

  • arrrow man

Please can somebody tell me whether the secondary VGA (front) camera of w960i can be used for snapshot. if not, how can somebody snap his/herself with the phone snice there is no mirror at the back to use the main camera for personal snapshot. thanks.

  • Nibiru

Which one is the best?K850i or W960i?..
why? can u give me one good reason??

  • dianita

Yes, GSM Arena people, you are quite right. The W960 is very much all right, but... I miss a bit the D-pad of my W580. I shouldn't, but I do. Oh, well, it just goes to prove there is nothing perfect in this world. That is why Sony Ericsson keeps the propietary port of its phones, I suppose. A brand I am beginning to love.

  • SE user

K850 or W960?why??

  • fird89

w980 got crystal clear stereo speaker and FM transmitter plus with wth accelerometer but w960 got touchscreen, wi fi, n flash. which one huh?!

  • fird89

which one is the best, w980 or w960? i can't decide. what is accelerometer?

  • nth

take photo can take a clear photo? may i want to know about this?
n this phone can put dictionary like NOKIA phone?

  • Anonymous

nice one

  • kenzi

may i know any more disadvantages of w960?(like it may black out easily and etc) decided to buy tomorrow so i need honest reply from you guys...thx so much

  • michael

you can enable the voip function by installing the semcVoIPAudio

  • Kim

I love this phone. Cant wait to get my hands on it. I love SE and uiq3. No phone compares to w960i

  • keymaker

which is bette this o de g900....confused...

  • mushab

CAPIK, 05 Apr 2008im just wondering bout dis phone. Can i know which one is m... morei am 100% sure that w960 is the best phone .......