Sony Ericsson W960 review: Walkman extreme

09 October 2007
Sony Ericsson W960 is aptly the big gun in the Sony Ericsson portfolio of music-centered handsets. Gifted with the scorching 8GB of storage space and a large touchscreen TFT display, a 3-megapixel camera, Wi-Fi and 3G capabilities, the W960 easily stands...

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  • shailesh

I don't know why you all are comparing this phone with others. This phone have touch screen so in no way it can be compared and it is better than any other handset. Touch screen matters!

  • xXx

Which is better and faster SE W960i or Samsung G810? and why?

  • Anonymous

is it a girls phone


im just wondering bout dis phone. Can i know which one is more better?
either se w960 or nokia n81(not the 8gb one). Sumone plz help me to find out which one is better.....

  • Anonymous

compare nokia n82 and sony w960i try once you will get a good idea.

  • Anonymous

I just want to reply to the comment posted below which says "this is no good for this price".
I guess you are just foloowing the world saying "I love music".
See the sound quality on full pitch, it never bursts, like in most other hansets and with earphones, it is so refined and soothing that no other set can provide.
If you are so much specific about music and camera, buy an iPod and go for a digi cam.

  • Anonymous

I am simply in love with this phone, trendy to carry, light weight and powerful. iPhone stands far behind.

  • Hooker

I have this phone and I am serious about music listening.

The sound quality is no different from my w800.

Phone is too quite, it quiter than my w800 playing the exact same sound file.

There is NO USER EQ anymore!!!!!!

The megabass is just one option and can't be used with the other presets.

The walkman is shite to sum up... a waste.

The camera and video recorder are really bad for the money...def no better than any of the w basic series.

also Sony still can't write driver and software to save there lives.

Good points...The hand writing recon works almost perfectly.

Transfer speeds are stupidly fast in tranfer mode.

The screen and icons are much sexier than Nokia's...think apple vs pc lol. But I'm guessing most of us don't go on looks right.

This could be a great phone if the the walkman was worth the money...but is no better than than the old w800, infact it is worse because it has no user eq and is far too quite for serioyus listening :(

I am going to send mine back and maybe go for a n95 8gb and buy a sony dedicated walkman, my girlfriend has a 8gb which is load has two user eq's and kills the ipod on sound quality, but guess what sony cock it up again because it's transfer speeds are a joke.

Sony you make great sounding useless stuff.

  • gasant coetzee

when will the W960 be available in cape time and how much will
it be pre-paid and on which contracts

  • Hiren

when will the sony ericsson w960i released on t-mobile uk????

my upgrade was due in oct. and im waiting for it on t mob, its out on voda and 02 but not t mobile..... any know ?????????/

  • Anonymous

how much this phone costs as of now?

  • thegoodjudge

a music phone needs the ff which a w960i perfectly has:very loud speaker,perfect music player with search n visualisation capabilities,room 4 storage of music 8gbs fast internet wlan,3g,bluetooth,3.2 mp camcorder,seting moods,slim body etc then wat else do u need from such a lovely phone from se.weldone se weldone,after all its a sizy phone unlike nokia n95....
a good judge!!!

  • Richard


Would you be able to use the W960 or any other phone with WIFI and 3G as an access point to connect a PS3 to the internet?

  • Tiger

Hi guys! Just bought my W960 and screw the slow nokia N95! I have few points that I would like to see if I can improve it on this W960!

1) Any chance able to see the clock while speaking on the phone!

2) Any chance to able to open my calender in order to check the events planned for the next few days?!

Feedback appreciated! Thanks!

  • NyoX

Is there Anyone who could help me out and gimme a Very Nice Comparaison btween the W960i and the N958Gb and the N81 plz?
Can't seem to find one...(im new to GSMArena)
i just gotta Get Rid of my Buggy %^$#$%#$%^@@!*(&^ K750 Joystick :'( (Although its one of the Best SE Phones)
Thank You (^_^)

W960 Rocks!!

  • mac

Does this phone has a external gps reciever? please somebody anser me......

  • jassi

this phone sound is veery veery goood i like this phone
this phone screen is very bigger and internet is very fast

iiiiiiiiiiiiii love sony ericsson

  • Darren

I know it has an 8gb internal memory but can i put a m2 memory card in it as i have one from my K800i

  • $k

To next_level,
Hey man !!
Here it says tat a stereo bluetooth headset is included for music. Is it so ? or the pack includes only the usual SE headset onle..?

  • Anonymous

what? 208MHz processor? lol = = Even my N73 also faster then this = ="