Sony Ericsson W960 review: Walkman extreme

09 October 2007
Sony Ericsson W960 is aptly the big gun in the Sony Ericsson portfolio of music-centered handsets. Gifted with the scorching 8GB of storage space and a large touchscreen TFT display, a 3-megapixel camera, Wi-Fi and 3G capabilities, the W960 easily stands...

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  • Anonymous

"most of the buttons just too small for fingers...therefore you need the stylus in most cases?"
- Yes.

  • Gaurav Kale

SE better release it this year or else I ain't buying it, I've waited too long and my patience is coming got an end now.

I fell in love with this phone and I still want to be so SE please don't disappoint me.

Release it soon, I was so happy to read the Review Excellent work Guys !!!!!

SE Rules Nokia Sucks

  • DaMan

I have a reliable source that says that the phone is out in Sweden by the end of november.

  • Seyed Ali Shahidi

^^^***~~~ {Absolutely Excellent & Extra-ordinary , Definitely Awesome and Too Much Outstanding!!!} ~~~***^^^

  • ali

thts really a nice hp.thts alittle the bluetooth headphone is included the phone package or we have to buy it saparetely?

  • Simon B

Whats with not being able to use the file names for MP3's, it only uses ID3 tags, that means a lot of work for me to do on my MP3 collection to make it useable.

  • Charles

can you make sms using the keypads?

  • DaMan

It's better than the iPhone for additional reasons:
-It actually has a better music player, get over it!
-MMS ability
-It's Sony Ericsson, just that. It's Sony Ericsson. (fanboy)
-It's got a keypad which gives better feedback than a screen and opens up more possibilities when it comes to games.
-You can install 3rd party aps which is impossible on the iPhone
-You can change the battery yourself!
-Better purchasing deals.
-The HDD works as a portable memory unit which the iPhone cannot.
-IMO: It looks better.
-Bluetooth A2DP

Any Apple fanboys who'd like to counter this post?

  • I own a k850 =)

Better than iphone?

-Is unlocked.
-Has personalized ringtones.
-Video recording capabilities and 3.2mp camera.
-U can play good games in it.
-Has themes and skins.
-U can send files over BT. comes with a BT audio jack. perfect.
-It fits in our small pockets.

Why not?
-Stylus is a need for such a small screen. (compared to iphone's) U can handle iphone easily with fingers.
-iPhone has better intenet navigation.
-Better music player. Is like an ipod...
-iPhone can view ur pictures and videos more naturally, cuz of its big screen and nice UI.
-Is apple... only that. it is apple.
-Faster typing, QWERTY keybrd.

  • MusicKing

On some of the video reviews I see out there, some people navigate the touch screen with their fingers? Is this not possible at all, or are most of the buttons just too small for fingers...therefore you need the stylus in most cases?

  • Anonymous

how much, where can i get it, and when can i get it??

  • Anonymous

So only downside seems to be that you have to use the stylus for everything. I wanted it to blend in more as a regular phone. But it seems very nice and probably will buy it. Thanx for a long awaited review!

  • Anonymous

Looking forward for the launch

  • DaMan

"I'm this phone a touchscreen phone or not?"

Ummm, did you read the review? Sarcasm?
Yes, it is a touchscreen phone. That's why there's an on-screen keyboard, no d-pad, a stylus, a jog-wheel, UIQ 3.0, hand recognition writing, and walkman touch with invisible media buttons.

Here's the second line from the review:
"Gifted with the scorching 8GB of storage space and a large touchscreen TFT display,"

  • Anonymous

very interesting phone

  • archboy

I'm this phone a touchscreen phone or not?

  • Anonymous

wohooooooo!!! love you gsmarena,finally!

  • kern

i am getting it,great phone despite shortcomings cant wait for its release early dec

  • DaMan

Great review! I'm buying it even though it isn't the perfect phone. But WHEN will it be released?
Anyway, judging by your review I really like it despite some shortcomings. The design issues will be depending on preference but things that really disappoint me is the bad video recording, the weak screen and that it doesn't look as good as on the pics.
But still, it's the only Walkman Smartphone out there and the 8GB HDD will sure make it worth its money.
I was thinking of the N95 8GB but the dreadful design just puts me off.
Again, thanks for a great review!

  • Steve

Not as good as we all thought it would be then....