HTC U12+ hands-on review

23 May 2018
The HTC U12+ has a tall 18:9 display, no headphone jack and a dual camera with 2x zoom, but skips one trend - the notch. We go hands-on.

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  • ZloiYuri

Too girly look and too expensive. HTC keep burying themselves.

  • Anonymous

DxO gave 103 already

  • Anonymous

Why not just call u12?

  • sukmyNOTCH

Wow that liquid finish is really nice!! I really applaud HTC for releasing a phone without a notch glad to see some are resisting the trend and at least offering us options that don't have gimped displays. I hope they do release a smaller version of this so HTC U12 (no +) as this model hits most of my buttons except the size, wireless charging.

  • TB1

hey gsmarena. How about display? ++ ? -- ? :/ there is no impressions ;/.

  • Meh

Meh, that holes next to the camera and in the bottom kill the design, they can put in on top or in the bottom of the phone but no....they put it on the back. Meeeh, wtf is htc thinking??!

  • AnonD-347233

all over i liked the design its similar to other flagships this phone should be capable of 720p @480fps video recording like one plus 6 i wonder y its not mentioned or htc skipped it,i hope in final model htc will provide it with some updates.

  • Berry

Such a Boring Boring phone........ This phone is DOA

I hope the brightness of the display has returned to U11 levels.

Asphalt-nation, 23 May 2018The S9+ look is barely noticeable next to that wild HTC At S... moreExactly. I mean, S9+ is not a bad one at all. It looks really beautiful from back. HTC has a good design overall but it come at the expense of some features.

The S9+ look is barely noticeable next to that wild HTC

At Samsung's colors stay kinda monochrome