Nokia 8 Sirocco review

04 June 2018
Sirocco is no wind of change and rushing things is not really the Mediterranean way. It makes perfect sense then that the Nokia 8 Sirocco comes out with last year's chipset and what's now considered an old-school 16:9 aspect display. That's everything old about it though - well, that and, obviously, the name lifted off of one of the special editions Nokia 8800s from the mid-noughties.

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  • 17 Feb 2021

Lightning Mcqueen, 17 May 2019Now that's 2019, Nokia 8 sirocco is better.And is the most compact smartphone with a large 16:9 display ngl

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    • 17 Feb 2021

    Mukhtar, 18 Jun 2020Pls hw can 5mp selfie in sirocco be compared with 13mp of n... moreThe Nokia 8 sirocco doesn't have 4k video recording in the front camera but the Nokia 8 has it

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      • Mukhtar
      • xtS
      • 18 Jun 2020

      Nokia user, 09 Sep 2019It's the same camera as the Nokia 7 PlusPls hw can 5mp selfie in sirocco be compared with 13mp of nokia 8 selfie

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        • Commegetsome
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        • 14 Dec 2019

        Askey307, 30 Sep 2019Amazing phone in all sense. Never had any problems with it ... moreHaha that's deff the hardest part to do.

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          • Askey307
          • frE
          • 30 Sep 2019

          Amazing phone in all sense. Never had any problems with it except finding a proper case for it haha. Further, the durability and resistance of this phone really surprised me. Yes, I did water test it in my basin. It goes to sites with me throughout Africa to do satellite installations and Nokia will stay my favorite brand. (Not the Microsoft ones shhh).

          Took me a while to get used to the "Pro-Camera" feature. But damn, the photos it takes is simply amazing.

          Battery life is amazing as well as reception which I find better than some of the leading brands in hard to reach areas.

          So happy Nokia made a solid come back.

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            • Nokia user
            • 8pc
            • 09 Sep 2019

            It's the same camera as the Nokia 7 Plus

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              • samet
              • S6N
              • 01 Jul 2019

              Anonymous, 05 Jun 2018because this is not the real nokia. hmd is just "another c... moredefinitely

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                • John
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                • 20 Jun 2019

                Just a follow up to my earlier comment on the phone and a suggestion for future reviews:

                I recently received a pair of JBL Free X True Wireless Earbuds, when paired to my Nokia, the sound will stutter when I move the phone, sometimes it will stutter when I don't even move the phone.

                To make matters worse the bluetooth connection cut out on me when I was walking down a street and I put my phone in my pocket. At first I looked at some of the product reviews of the JBL product and it seemed to have a pretty bad wrap of people in general having bad connectivity issues with it.

                So I tested it on a Huawei Nova 3i, no connectivity issues as experienced with the Nokia. No idea why it is this way but it's seriously disappointing. I have tried clearing the bluetooth cache and resetting the phone, to no avail.

                I would suggest future reviews in GSMArena to compare the bluetooth connection strenth/latency of mobile devices, I don't think just listing the supported codecs gives a clear enough picture.

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                  • Lightning Mcqueen
                  • ucs
                  • 17 May 2019

                  Yann, 06 Jun 20181. Curved screen lead to accidental touch and not so good e... moreNow that's 2019, Nokia 8 sirocco is better.

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                    • Lightning Mcqueen
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                    • 17 May 2019

                    Fearghast, 05 Jun 2018Those are not specs, what you can see in review is measurem... moreNow that's 2019, Nokia 9 DAC amplifier is now mich better.

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                      • Boeing 747-400
                      • ucs
                      • 17 May 2019

                      Nick, 04 Jun 2018Original Sirocco was a class act. This one is just another ... moreNot true. Its has a very good build quality.

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                        • Boeing 747-400
                        • ucs
                        • 05 May 2019

                        1 year and a half already, yet iam still interested to buy this phone after my Nokia 6 spoilt by water damaged. Should i buy this stunning look phone and is it better than Nokia 9?

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                          • Sirocco is so bad!
                          • tZq
                          • 20 Mar 2019

                          I'm in shock. Bitterly disappointed. My Siroocco slipped out of my pocket & 50% of the screen shattered. Numerous repairers have confirmed it's not worth fixing (It would cost A$380!) It is 2 months old & cost over A$600! Only now have I found this is a known problem (see What is Nokia trying to do - kill its brand all over again? I invested in this phone coz I trusted in the Nokia of old. I also checked out GSMArena, and all looked good. Bad news. Not happy!

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                            • SebastienJ
                            • aj$
                            • 27 Feb 2019

                            I got this phone a week ago and I'm amazed by the quality and the speed it has.
                            I paid about 300 Euro for it, so the price was really good. This includes a 5 year warranty (3 year extension).
                            Battery lasts really well, I have Wifi. Mobile Data, Bluetooth all the time on and I do use it quite a lot, however it doesn't require me to charge it under 24 hours of use.

                            I'm super satisfied with it.

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                              • John
                              • fJx
                              • 21 Jan 2019

                              I had a choice of this phone and the latest Xperia Compact around the time this one launched, I think it was XZ3 or ZX3, both were around the same price, but for some reason I decided to go off Sony and went with this one.

                              Pretty disappointed I did. Android One was a selling point till you find out that how long HMD takes to update their phones. The worst thing about this phone, is that literally no one else bought it, so it's pretty hard to track down cases/covers for the phone in Hong Kong.

                              There is seriously no choice when it comes to hunting down screen and back protectors for this phone here.

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                                • Mahroz.
                                • KIE
                                • 21 Dec 2018

                                Mian Saqib Asif, 28 Sep 2018in my Nokia 8 sirocco sim card is not working.... :( as ... moreHye. Dont worry... Just disable the 4G network.. And go ahead... Call and msgs and data will work properly..

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                                  • Karthik shetty
                                  • U@S
                                  • 10 Dec 2018

                                  I have noki 8 sirrocco, which is 5 months older. I am Very disappointed by service of nokia care. I will never be a nokia customer anymore. This is a worst service i have ever had

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                                    • Mian Saqib Asif
                                    • syt
                                    • 28 Sep 2018

                                    in my Nokia 8 sirocco sim card is not working.... :(

                                    as i bought it from UAE and i am using it in Pakistan.

                                    as i changed an other carrier sim did't work that.

                                    my sim is original nano .

                                    also i checked it in safe mode, did't work

                                    now i have last step to reset my nokia 8 sirocco ....
                                    i have done all steps but sim card is still not working
                                    i came to nokia center in pakistan they said we did't treat this case
                                    because the warranty is valid in only UAE
                                    now i am sending back to UAE for warranty claim.

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                                      • Koolj
                                      • 6BN
                                      • 25 Aug 2018

                                      Yann, 10 Jun 2018Hello neighbour! Nice to hear that you're Romanian. I don't... moreNokia 1020 still the best camera phone. Plus I use it like my personal computer when on the road.

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                                        • Happy Sirocco user
                                        • 0rG
                                        • 18 Aug 2018

                                        The Sirocco has a trapeze-shaped display. Why? It gives you super easy scrolling.
                                        just my 2 cents.