Nokia 8 Sirocco review

04 June 2018
Sirocco is no wind of change and rushing things is not really the Mediterranean way. It makes perfect sense then that the Nokia 8 Sirocco comes out with last year's chipset and what's now considered an old-school 16:9 aspect display. That's everything old about it though - well, that and, obviously, the name lifted off of one of the special editions Nokia 8800s from the mid-noughties.

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That display sucks, rather buy a Nokia 7 Plus.

    The 8 Sirocco might be a fail, but I still have great expectations from the Finnish Brand. You have had enough recovery time, so don't disappoint us Nokia, the next flagship better be a killer phone.

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      • 3nu
      • 04 Jun 2018

      This review was a surprise. The phone is shockingly bad for a flagship, especially at that price (which, in the country where I live, is currently 650 EUR!!!). I was hoping for it to be pretty good, if not fantastic. I'm no expert, nor a tech guru, just a regular consumer.

      The screen, being the most important part of a contemporary smartphone, should be close to flawless for that money. I am very disappointed. Shame, the phone looks stunning, and is very compact too. It was refreshing to have more options in the "flagship segment". I had a couple of cool Nokia flagships back in the day, when Nokia was on top of the world. I loved them, even before the whole smartphone craze.

      Shame, I liked it's design and specs, and was mulling whether or not to buy it. I don't buy phones often (...every 4 years on average), and for that reason I always buy flagships. Using this for something like 4 years would be agonizing. Literally nothing on this phone is impressive. 650 EUR !!! One can find better stuff for half the money!!!

        The camera was a big disappointment on this phone and the essential features are lacking too.
        Well, at least Nokia tried than never.