vivo NEX S and NEX A hands-on review

12 June 2018
It's rare to see a concept device go into mass production without losing its coolest feature. The vivo NEX does just that and it even comes in two versions, NEX S and NEX A, so you can have the bleeding edge or the more affordable alternative.

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OnePlus 6 is a much better deal than this.

I only have beef with the earpiece which could've been a normal speaker, and the sliding cam. Surely, 50000 is an impressive number, but did they try it with dust, dirt, and peanut butter on the body?

  • Anonymous

sadh, 12 Jun 2018100% stb ratio hasnt been made possible this year. durabili... moreWhat are you talking about?? Did you even read the article??

  • SZTadir

Since I need a physical keyboard, I will have to look towards BlackBerry. But I am impressed by Vivo here. I hope that it succeeds.

May be I will buy it for my wife when the price comes down (they have priced it well).

İs there hi-fi dac ?

  • TechGuy

f, 12 Jun 2018Why no midrage option?!?!? 625$ for useless ram and rom? P... moreCan people be pleased 100%?
I am sure Apple will put a $2,000 price tag if there was a certain fruit at the back

  • Mate 10 user

bharcooldude, 12 Jun 2018Perfect phone so far this year. No notch, great battery cap... moreExactly!! Especially after mi mix 2s upset with lack of the 3.5 jack...
This vivo phone is a perfect replacement

  • AnonD-152638

Something is strange with the pricing.
They would have been much better off, releasing only one unit, in terms of over all profits.
If the under the screen fingerprint reader would delay the product, then why would they not just make two versions of the same, with the same under the hood specifications, and release the one with the fingerprint reader on the back first.
Developing 2 units makes no sense, when 75 is all the price difference there is.

Perfect phone so far this year. No notch, great battery capacity, bezel-less screen and on top of it all- a headphone jack!

  • f

Why no midrage option?!?!? 625$ for useless ram and rom? Pfff, no thanks

  • Anonymous

Please launch it with 'Stock Android +' (like your sister company - OnePlus). This one can be a big hit everywhere, even with that size and weight.

Woah, pretty impressive Vivo! I think this might finally be the thing to lower flagship prices again. Move over Samsung and Apple, there's a new innovater in town!

100% stb ratio hasnt been made possible this year. durability, manufacturing process and some factors are the reason. But i hope someday, it will happen and getting rid of notch will soon happen.

  • Anonymous

First time im saying this, good job vivo