vivo NEX S and NEX A hands-on review

12 June 2018
It's rare to see a concept device go into mass production without losing its coolest feature. The vivo NEX does just that and it even comes in two versions, NEX S and NEX A, so you can have the bleeding edge or the more affordable alternative.

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  • Jason Melling

Too much emphasis being placed on mobile phone cameras today, it's a phone not a camera. You want a good camera then buy a camera.

  • Anonymous

Finally a new phone with a proper sized screen and top spec features. Unless something else that's innovative and has a 6.6 inch or higher screen comes out, this will most likely be my next phone.

  • AnonD-637767

*cough* Lenovo Z5 *cough* *cough*

  • Anonymous

No 3.5 mm slut, ugly notch, and no Micro Sd....
Iphone X looks like from 2001...

Anonymous, 12 Jun 2018This thing is a game changer. Get it down to the $400-500 r... moreHi there, I specifically asked the Product Manager at vivo after the event on the durability and waterproofing. He did not quote an IP rating, but said the device can withstand daily usage. An advice from me: don't get it deliberately soaked and it'll be alright.

  • Anonymous

Compared to the APEX, the NEX is a tad too big for my taste, but maintains all of the specs and gizmos.. I still hope the APEX is releasing in the near future, like 2019.
Besides, I was wondering if it had wireless charging or quick charge and the likes?
I'm still on the verge of buying a 1+ again, but after seeing all the apex marketing I fell in love..

  • Anonymous

It’s not hard to say “the vivo NEX does not have a notch” “the vivo NEX does not have a bezel”

I'm assuming this comes with a free thumb stretcher so i can reach the top of the screen?
Useless ratio.

i wasn't expecting this , ok the phone is amazing but too big , the first model vivo apex was simply perfect , with more features like dual fingerprint scanner and half display area, less bezels and more compact
i'm very disappointed with the size of this phone

I don't mind bezels or 16:9. But IMO, if they were going to move in this direction, this is how they should move.

Hopefully they make a smaller version in the future, but so far this model looks amazing.

Anonymous, 12 Jun 2018Sounds great on paper, but I've been down this road with Ch... moreCamera is no big of a deal, not everyone really base their purchase on camera, especially when this phone market itself with the stb ratio
And face scanning, i can see it replace fp scanner because face scanning has what make the fp scanner become popular, it more convenient and faster although less secure, much like the days of fp scanner vs regular PIN

r33fd, 12 Jun 2018OnePlus 6 is a much better deal than this. My instinct told me that next year oneplus might adopt this design

  • Anonymous

Sounds great on paper, but I've been down this road with Chinese phones, only to find out that in real life the road is full of potholes.

Let's see how good the rear camera is compared to Apple, Google and Samsung. And let's see how well the fingerprint sensor performs in real use. I would think that Apple's facial recognition will change the market and will make fps obsolete in the next couple of years.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 12 Jun 2018This thing is a game changer. Get it down to the $400-500 r... moreChinese waterproof???? Very slim chances.. And with that pop-up camera?? I'd say no way.. But I also wish I could be wrong :)

  • Duke1

Imagine all the advertising of this at the Football World Cup in Russia in a few days time as official Smartphone sponsor at the event.

Exposure on an international level to 100's of millions of people. This could be huge for Vivo.

Great job Vivo.

  • Anonymous

Its HUGE... im out

  • Jamar

The price in China is one thing, once that phone hit international shelves its price will go higher, so we won't have that amazing price ($700) here in 'Merica, probably will be higher.

  • Anonymous

This thing is a game changer. Get it down to the $400-500 range and they will destroy Apple and Samsung at least until fold-able phones come out. Does anyone know if it is waterproof or shatterproof? I am not a 12 year old girl that takes selfies or Facetimes, so I would gladly trade the pop up camera for being waterproof.

  • Yogafire

Really wish there is a smaller version... 5.5" 18:9 (near bezel-less) version of this will be very perfect. Not everyone like big phones