vivo NEX S and NEX A hands-on review

12 June 2018
It's rare to see a concept device go into mass production without losing its coolest feature. The vivo NEX does just that and it even comes in two versions, NEX S and NEX A, so you can have the bleeding edge or the more affordable alternative.

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Nice design, but its too biggg. No tks.

imRGZ, 13 Jun 2018What’s a great Phone design for you then?Too frigging LARGE!!!! Make a Nex A Mini with 19.3:9 5.7inches, get rid of the chin, and it's perfect! (Or S mini, keeping the goodies of S for 5.7/19.3:9 size)

  • SmartFones Fan

AT LAST revolutionary of smartphones BEGAN !!!

Well done Vivo.
You show those big boys the way.

  • Karriope

That's @#$%ing it. I give up, it's another oversized phone that I wouldn't tolerate owning.

It's not Samsung doing and it's not Apple doing..........but it's all VIVO doing.
Thumbs up VIVO.

imRGZ, 13 Jun 2018So there is a Chinese company that can innovate instead of copyi... moreThey finally used their brains to think and innovate something way better than having a notch on top. Wonder if Apple fans are butthurt by that fact...

  • Anonymous

BiyoBiyo JunJun, 13 Jun 2018lets see if next other android phone will gonna looks like this ... moreYeah they're waiting for apple to copy vivo and say, " hey here's innovative new ultimate edition iPhone, only 2000$ we will sue anyone who copies our copied design anyways so that it seems that we are first" perhaps not ....

  • Anonymous

No comments on the speaker?

I really have some concerns with the speaker coming out in the screen. I rather buy a phone with bezels and chin than to sacrifice the credibility of the sound for a larger screen. But let us see.

Ghostwolf87, 13 Jun 2018Nice tablet design. Lousy phone design.What’s a great Phone design for you then?

BiyoBiyo JunJun, 13 Jun 2018lets see if next other android phone will gonna looks like this ... moreRegarding Apple, you may have to wait longer. Apple doesnt change designs so soon, not in an year. It’s no wonder if Apple sticks to X’s design for more than 3 years.

So there is a Chinese company that can innovate instead of copying whatever the Apple does! Only place where Vivo compromised is in the camera department, other than that everything else is stunning. And bravo to vivo for ditching the STUPID NOTCH.

I am saying well done to Vivo on this Nex Line up with new innovations and Huawei also for putting more advanced AI chips,triple camera etc but still has some trend following styles, however, everything needs to come a long way,right? Even Samsung once tried to be the first in many things in past, but look at where they are now!
As from customer's view, it is great to see, manufacturers are stepping up the game

  • Anonymous

just hoping others copy this

  • Anonymous

at least vivo keeping their promise. (LOOKING AT YOU LENOVO!!)

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 13 Jun 2018No 3.5 mm slut, ugly notch, and no Micro Sd.... Iphone X loo... moreNotch? I don't see any notch here, are you referring to other phone?

  • Dodo

Jason Melling, 13 Jun 2018Too much emphasis being placed on mobile phone cameras today, it... moreThe best camera is the one you have handy when you want to take a shot. Which is why phone cameras are killing the dedicated camera market.

To me, all phones nowadays are similar. The camera and health-related sensors are the only real differentiator for me. And the health-related sensors are better placed on my watch. So it's mostly the camera :)

Stuff like no bezels is less important to me.

lets see if next other android phone will gonna looks like this or still waiting what apple do with their next design ?

Nice tablet design.

Lousy phone design.