Xiaomi Redmi S2 (Y2) review

22 June 2018
Every new Redmi has a seemingly impossible task - be a better bang for your buck than the previous one. And cheaper, or worst-case scenario - same price. If it were any other maker, it would have been a hard no can do. But not Xiaomi. It keeps doing it against the odds and here is the Redmi S2 to prove it.

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A mobile phone, is less of a luxury and more of a necessity (Common Knowledge). Having used 3 Samsung, 1 Microsoft phone, switched on to Redmi Y2 in 2018, have been using it and have been to the workshop only once. This is the best phone so far, value is appropriate, built is good (I am a rough user, the delicate darlings don't survive) it has fallen multiple times, yet works without any flaw. No, complaints as such. Now the battery needs to be recharged multiple times as it has grown weak. A great phone, if I buy a new phone it will be a Redmi only. Thank you to the developer , creator, of Redmi. Great Going !!

    • U
    • Uzair Khan
    • PGh
    • 27 Feb 2021

    ama ni ayra, 08 Nov 2019wow! i like it! good for me.S2

      • A
      • Ashok choksi
      • Dkb
      • 25 Nov 2020

      After Updation, my phone is getting very slow. Pl suggest.

        • S
        • Sree
        • DkP
        • 21 Nov 2020

        Best phone.. Using it for 2 and half years.. latest miui 12 get some problems.. Contact names cant type in regional language.. Others are good.. Music quality is amazing.. only second to my Sony Walkman W995 ,W200, C902..

          • S
          • Sk
          • Py$
          • 27 Oct 2020

          awu, 15 Feb 2020mine has also been acting strange. it cannot support any ap... moreSame issue with mine

            • J
            • Jany
            • MFI
            • 23 Aug 2020

            awu, 15 Feb 2020mine has also been acting strange. it cannot support any ap... moreJust curious, if you ever read this, did you fix it or have already new phone?

              • a
              • awu
              • 04s
              • 15 Feb 2020

              Anonymous, 17 Nov 2019My redmi S2 just started acting strangely. opening and clos... moremine has also been acting strange. it cannot support any apps in the background and can only do one thing at a time. i cannot even use whatsapp while listening to spotify.

                • ?
                • Anonymous
                • Nu6
                • 17 Nov 2019

                My redmi S2 just started acting strangely. opening and closing apps on its own

                  • a
                  • ama ni ayra
                  • 7Xf
                  • 08 Nov 2019

                  wow! i like it! good for me.

                    • S
                    • SRIVIJAY
                    • yp1
                    • 19 Sep 2019

                    GREAT DEVICE IN GREAT PRICE... I have 3 Y2 in my family.. For me mom and Dad... Using it for above 1 year .. Received Latest updates.. 10.3.4.. Superb Camera in day.. Night not Good.. But its just a Smartphone not camera.. and other great feature is Music quality...

                      • J
                      • Jed
                      • XBv
                      • 10 Sep 2019

                      This phone is too good for its price.

                        • L
                        • LYN
                        • Q5i
                        • 06 Jul 2019

                        I bought this phone 2 weeks ago and its good, the only problem I encounter as of the moment was the Wi-Fi connectivity.
                        I think I need to wait like about 3-5 minutes just to connect on Wi-Fi

                          • H
                          • Holy Moly
                          • rw{
                          • 20 May 2019

                          I have one and really love it! I actually want to buy another one, but cant find them anywhere in South Africa

                            just ordered this phone looks really good on paper for its price hopefully i will love it

                              • s
                              • subu
                              • Kg2
                              • 09 Apr 2019

                              whether battery is replaceable or not?

                                • s
                                • sayaiqin
                                • ibq
                                • 20 Jan 2019

                                so.. theres no free earphones right ?

                                  Anya, 12 Oct 2018Has S2 camera better than Note 5 AI?I don't think so

                                    I am unable to update and download apps from play store using mobile data... I have check all the settings and permissions for the same and all looks fine on the WiFi it works but on data error showing 404.. Is the any help i even cannot uninstall play store from my device.

                                      • A
                                      • Anya
                                      • PNc
                                      • 12 Oct 2018

                                      Has S2 camera better than Note 5 AI?

                                        • ?
                                        • Anonymous
                                        • 0jN
                                        • 06 Oct 2018

                                        did it show pwm?