Xiaomi Mi 8 review

27 June 2018
Announced less than a month ago and selling like hotcakes in its homeland, the Mi 8 is Xiaomi's latest top model. What happened to the Mi 7, you ask? Well, it's the company's 8-year anniversary, and it must be celebrated.

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  • Anonymous

Sadly the Asus 5Z looks like a better phone at this point, to me at least.

  • Anonymous

thank u.

pls review Mi8 SE as well. really interested in small size and SD710

Please review mi 8 Explorer Edition. Curious the 3D face recognition and fingerprint on screen.

  • Anonymous

Slow updates ( miui changes but based on same android for months)
Low bitrate videos
Ugly iphone copycat

  • Nix@

Thinking about upgrading my Mi Max 2 for this🤔🤔

Again,Xiaomi show to other rivals what "bang for your buck" actually means...for 450euro (for 128GB version),well it`s hard to complain...

  • Anonymous

Who hurry to see the battery life first?

  • Anonymous

cheapsk8, 27 Jun 2018Xiaomi is a sellout for jumping on the notch bandwagon. By ... moreNo using a cool idea is not selling out. Everything else tried is simply worse at this point in time.

Mechanical cameras fail (anything mechanical really).
Sensors on the botom bezel are far less effective
Underscreen sensors not yet invented in a reliable manner
Bezels is simply useless space, better use the sides for something useful, i.e. indicators.

I would love if Apple was not to be the first to popularize this excellent idea, but as it stands there is no better one.

All those notch haters have yet to recommend a better idea. Hate something because you have something better in mind. If you idea of "better" is havig a bezel, like some regressive companies did just STFU. We had bezels there for one million years. They are as dumb now as they were then...

  • AnonD-594740

Wait, no 3D scanning?

So the notch is for nothing? Hmmmm

Way to go Xiaomi

  • Anonymous

I am surprised by the low scores in benchmarks! How did that happen?

Xiaomi is a sellout for jumping on the notch bandwagon. By next year this phone is going to look very silly.

this is the best budget phone on the market ri8 know ........... @half of the price this phone camera is on par with other flagship and lowlight quality is nearly identical to iphonex .. all over its better than one plus 6 in terms of camera from my point of view

No Gsmarena why why did you retire the aloe plant

  • ZeroFM

no IP = skip