Xiaomi Mi 8 review

27 June 2018
Announced less than a month ago and selling like hotcakes in its homeland, the Mi 8 is Xiaomi's latest top model. What happened to the Mi 7, you ask? Well, it's the company's 8-year anniversary, and it must be celebrated.

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  • Ryr321

Which one do you think is better the Mi 8 or the Samsung A70? Any reasons would be greatly appreciated.

For alternatives, why the Galaxy S8? It's from the year before, and isn't even really a good rival, compared to the S9s and even the S8+. I think the S9+ would've been a better option. Good review otherwise though.

  • TienBac

K-Eikka, 07 Apr 2019My Mi 8 AnTuTu (v7.1.7) result was 298038 :-) How? Why my score is only 230K?

  • Raj

After updating to miui global 10.3, Bluetooth does not working in my mi 8. How can I fix this???

My Mi 8 AnTuTu (v7.1.7) result was 298038 :-)

  • Anonymous

TrumpetNick, 10 Dec 2018I am about to buy one but (I don't buy very often smartphones)..... moreMost smartphone distorted when recording live concert with built in mic. Buy external microphone.

  • Anonymous

If you see this lab screen review mi 8 amoled should be better rather than mix 2s ips. But in reality if you see side by side you will found mix 2s have better colour reproduce. Very strange

  • Jamey

Couldn't process fingerprint, please try again

  • Cull Obsidian

Vegetaholic, 25 Dec 2018Most disappointing Xiaomi flagship ever, shitty termal managment... moreDo you own one? What are you doing when the phone's temperature rises? Are you using a custom ROM?

  • Vikolus

Anonymous, 29 Jun 2018"Well, it's the company's 8-year anniversary, and it must be cel... more8 is a good number in China's culture

Most disappointing Xiaomi flagship ever, shitty termal managment and avatage camera, better avoid it

  • TrumpetNick

I am about to buy one but (I don't buy very often smartphones)....What was bugging me with my old Xiaomi MiNote pro 2 was the white noise when video recording and how easy the sound distorted when recording music live - were these issues resolved in Mi8?

  • DikkertjeDap

Funny thing: my Mi 8 uses the same lens for photo (1x and 2x), only portrait mode will use the second lens.

Simply tested with my finger finger. Keep it for a lens. The top lens is the portrait lens, the bottom one for the Photo, hitting 2x means zoom. That's why it's not really sharp, it's half resolution.

That also explains the small blurred lag in the Photo app going from Portrait to photo mode.

Confirmed by exif info:
Top lens (portrait) has focal length: 5.2mm
Bottom lens (Photo 1x and 2x) has focal length: 4.216

Is Xiaomi selling different models, or is everybody mistaken with the telephoto thing. It's nowhere 2x focal length.

Rennie0907, 15 Oct 2018I love this phone - I just bought mine two weeks ago - having... moreAnd what about the throttling and over heating issue as reported by this review?

  • halp

My Mi 8, which I've had for three months does not have video EIS... I mean the option is there ("stabilization") but turning it on has no effect. How are they doing this??

I love this phone -

I just bought mine two weeks ago - having never owned a Xiaomi before - and I have to say I'm impressed.

I've always only ever used iPhone- and this phones build quality is every bit as good.

Performance is stellar - the Snapdragon with the 6 gigs of RAM - there's nothing I can do to this thing to slow it down it just flies.

The only thing I would suggest is that you pay attention to the size of the phone in the hand it's not a very small phone compared to your standard iPhone or even Galaxy.

So the size has taken the most to get used to -

But otherwise I would highly recommend

  • dothan

Tomas, 08 Aug 2018OMG, really!! Its regrettable! Its go one big step behind his co... moreMy Mi 8 Global ROM is showing 4 m accuracy (max) when in open sky.

  • Anonymous

abhishek, 23 Aug 2018i want to buy a flagship phone under 40000.bt i m so cnfused..nd... moremi 8 explore or oppo r17 pro

  • abhishek

i want to buy a flagship phone under 40000.bt i m so cnfused..nd scared about wht will camra or video quality after buy it..plz plz suggest me a flagship with this range.. .better camra .better battery .notch nd video..help?

  • Skrllz02

Asian, 06 Jul 2018In Eastern, number 8 is symbol of prosperity, weath and luck. Th... moreNice!