Samsung Galaxy Note9 review

20 August 2018
How time has passed - we're at nine now. Seven years after the original, the Samsung Galaxy Note9 stands before us. The numbers don't add up, no, because Samsung chose to skip the 6, and it didn't really quite work out splendidly with the Note7. But that's all in the past and we're looking ahead.

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  • AnonD-632062

The Best All-round phone there is. Period.

  • Anonymous


Another one that copies scene recognition from Sony but adds just 20 scenes. My 3 y.o phones has more.
At least they do not call AI

  • Peewee

Check guys the photo tool.
Samples of Note 9 are not better than XZ2 nor U12+.

Time for Sammy to use better sensors.

  • Anonymous

Before someone starts crying about brightness.
One of the editors of PA was asked why their values don't match DM. Not just theirs. All sites have different numbers from DM

He said DM measures brightness of 1% of screen. Not entire.

I expected it to cross 100 in battery endurance. Happy to see 97 though.

Well done Sammy you made the most feature rich phone made to this day, amazing battery life, great camera, no notch, great display, 3.5mm audio jack, sd card slot and then the almighty stylus.

No other OEM has all these features in 1 device.


Expensive - Agree
Not particularly original design and particularly unattractive back - Still better than half the other phones out there
Heavy - beyond the 200g mark - I dont mind some heft to my device especially if its due to a bigger display and bigger battery its a worthy tradeoff.
You can have too many software features - More options for everyone
Where them Alcantara cases this year, Samsung?! - Just nitpicking

  • Anonymous

I wish Samsung would make a flat screened flagship again,a curved screen isn't practical or of any use, it's just for show. An S7 with a larger flat screen