Samsung Galaxy Note9 review

20 August 2018
How time has passed - we're at nine now. Seven years after the original, the Samsung Galaxy Note9 stands before us. The numbers don't add up, no, because Samsung chose to skip the 6, and it didn't really quite work out splendidly with the Note7. But that's all in the past and we're looking ahead.

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I'm really fed up with the amount of Sony fans on this site. They make up ridiculous s#*ts to bring down other phones. It's annoying to read their comments. Their beloved Sony phones are vastly superior but only in their imaginary world. I haven't seen any fan base as annoying as this one. Just look at all these negative comments here smh.

  • lucifercorin

in indonesia 512GB Preorder bonus is 40" smart tv.. so Note9 is cheap..

  • Anonymous

How Note 9 has higher brghtiness than S9 plus and sunlight legibility worse than S9 plus?!

The only thousand bucks smartphone that is worth buying.

Well team GSMARENA, still no review for XZ2 PREMIUM?

Anonymous, 20 Aug 2018LOL Another one that copies scene recognition from Sony... moreAnd people still say that Sony is behind in technology LOL

There's a difference between being behind and being classic, practical, and unique.

Salah, 20 Aug 2018Is anybody going to talk about it's poor performance compar... moreIt's already so poor that it's not even worth talking about

impinas, 20 Aug 2018Excuse me, are you mad? The phone's daylight shots are comp... moreAnd in the photo compare tool, low light shots are messed up! Even the Note 8 takes better photos.
Blurry edges, while details in the center is actually inferior, as if Samsung used a lower quality lens with this year's flagships.

Anonymous, 20 Aug 2018I wish Samsung would make a flat screened flagship again,a ... moreThat's the problem with the curved screen. I have never had a curve screen before and I anticipated buying an S9+ but after holding my friend's S9+ I hated the curve and found no practical use for it. The curve seems to have no purpose except for show. It was slightly more difficult to hold the phone because of the curves. So I decided against purchasing the S9+ and am holding off for a little while.

  • Rhadoo

I had a look over photo and video comparison.
Note 9 has worse quality in both, compared with Note8 ans S9+.
More noise, less details, worse contrast. By far!
Are Note9 samples correct?
Please confirm!

  • Anonymous

Which chipset is for this Note 9 used for the battery test? Thanks.

  • Anonymous

The back design could have been better. Prefer to old note 8 look.

  • Anonymous

Best phone so far.

The Note 9 maybe a great device. It might even be the best out there. But I never understood why Samsung makes something awesome then refuse to take the last step.

I wouldn't count all, but as an example: the manual mode shutter limited to 10 seconds while some midrangers offer up to 32...

  • Anonymous

The live focus seems to work well with objects. I guess they use the dual pixels for depth detection as well.

  • s-pen pusher

Was compelled to buy a Razer Phone yesterday to replace my trusty old Note 4 that suddenly died on me 2 days ago. I have decided to still skip Note 9 (after skipping also 7 and 8 because I don't see any sense in the curved screens) and wait it out with the Razer Phone until Note 10. I am still weaning off my 8 years with Samsung and I admit I find the almost vanilla Android experience rather lacking alot than the feature-packed Samsung UX.

I just wanted your recommendations on equivalent apps of features that most Samsung smartphones have (no flashing options, please):

-SMS app with message scheduling and frequent phrases
-keyboard with access to clipboard and shortcuts to phrases
-something to prevent the screen from dimming while I am still looking at it even when there is no activity after the set time for screen off
-a way or an app to display stepcount on the lockscreen
-a way to display weather on the lockscreen

Thanks for any information you can provide.

AlienOverlord, 20 Aug 2018As an S9 Plus owner, no desire or need to change models. I ... moreWhat's the trusted app to remap the button?

  • Anonymous

akala, 21 Aug 2018When can we compare the 60fps modes with each other? I wond... moreIt does not have worse quality.
Compare the bitrate of videos.
Higher is better.

  • Anonymous

LilSweetLin, 21 Aug 2018Thanks for the replay. I guess my choices to upgrade will b... moreDo not buy the exynos. It has weak gpu

akala, 21 Aug 2018This is a review of the Exynos model, its written on the Pe... moreThanks for the replay. I guess my choices to upgrade will be between the Exynos Note 9 and the Mate 20.

LilSweetLin, 21 Aug 2018Is the 97H battery endurance rating for the Exynos Note 9, ... moreThis is a review of the Exynos model, its written on the Performance page.