Pocophone F1 by Xiaomi review

22 August 2018
Xiaomi's announcements have been relatively predictable so far, but the introduction of a new Poco sub-brand was a surprising move. It sounds like a marketing experiment - deliver flagship specs at cutthroat prices. Sound familiar? Well, it does remind of how OnePlus came to be, but we're not sure the new Pocophone F1 is headed in the same direction. Poco is still just a brand, and not a separate company and they stand on the shoulders of Xiaomi's logistics and after sales support network.

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The only hope I have is.... Jerryrig everything pls don't review this phone. (Bad memories of great Mi 5)

How GSMarena get that it has Sony IMX386 sensor. It is nowhere mentioned on official site. Looking on camera comparison tool, it seems Pocofone has same sensor has Redmi Note 5 AI Dual Camera.

Abhi D, 22 Aug 2018$300 price that provides S845, 6gb ram, 64gb storage, expan... moreAbout the plastic bag. Haha. I'll just get the kevlar edition. Honestly. 430$ is still immensely cheap!

I am truly impressed, sure. I can't expect the balancing unit and water proofing on a 300$ flagship but honestly! That's a massive kudos on the excellent work!
The notch is still an eye sore for me. But for those who don't mind I recommend on this babe! Even though it has a rather silly yet catchy name!

Rambhat, 22 Aug 2018The only flagship phone with a plastic back?????$300 price that provides S845, 6gb ram, 64gb storage, expandable storage, liquid cooling, stereo speakers, a good camera setup, 4000 mAh battery, infrared face unlock, fast charging, fm radio, latest 5.0 Bluetooth and lots of stuff.
I don't get it, what are you crying about?

Superb phone.

The only flagship phone with a plastic back?????

Well... that was quick.
Anyway thank you for the review!