Pocophone F1 by Xiaomi review

22 August 2018
Xiaomi's announcements have been relatively predictable so far, but the introduction of a new Poco sub-brand was a surprising move. It sounds like a marketing experiment - deliver flagship specs at cutthroat prices. Sound familiar? Well, it does remind of how OnePlus came to be, but we're not sure the new Pocophone F1 is headed in the same direction. Poco is still just a brand, and not a separate company and they stand on the shoulders of Xiaomi's logistics and after sales support network.

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for this price range , it's completely unbeatable by all means , super !
great review GSMarena as usual .

For $300 price bracket,

Mi A2 beats Huawei Nova 3i.
Honor Play beats Mi A2.
Pocophone beats Honor Play.

People must be questioning, 'come on man, where is samsung and sony midrange?'. Please, those two big companies doesnt even come close to device that i listed above.

I'm not even a Xiaomi fan neither owns 1. Stop being a blind fanboy and accept the facts that this Pocophone is one d@mn good specs good all rounder phone for the price, excellent device.

This is good as other big companies will be afraid as many of their customers will go to this phone. Time to do something.

  • Anonymous

perfect... take my money!

  • Anonymous

The design - sub mediocre/ugly, chin, top bezel and notch?! But the pricing - sweet. I wont buy it, but Im sure it will hit the market quite well. I can't recommend it for its 6"+ display. Nobody wants such big screen - no one I know personally.

That Was one hell of a quick review, It got released a few hours back.
One hell of a phone... now only if it didn't have the NOTCH. Man I hate that notch.
Still: Great Phone Xiomi, Well done... Now that's what you call a FLAGSHIP KILLER.

  • Raky

Well, no one can deny that this is great offer, best buy for that money...but, I won't be minding spending double as much to buy 1+ phone, just because this one comes with MIUI.
Even Samsung's skin is better, and in case of problems, you can expect that you will get some help from their customer support, unlike with Xiaomi.

  • Anonymous

IAmLigma, 22 Aug 2018The displayJust pay 1234$ and get away from poco f1

  • Ron7x

Yes, that is why I'm thinking again to go back to Xiaomi with this Poco F1. Very beautiful indeed! I got an honor phone right now (and satisfied) after disappointment of the Delay of the successor of redmi note 4x. Well, honor play or poco for my next phone? Let's see.

It just got unvieled and Gsmarena reviewd it

  • Anonymous

Hahaha, no NFC again! Xiaomi cares about your money, they save you about $1.

  • Adam

This was supposed to be my next phone but I'm not buying any phone without NFC in 2018.

Now truely this is a flagship killer, if we look at price vis-a-vis hardware on offer.

3 things are pillars of a good phone, if we keep aside the external looks - capable SoC, Software and good battery. In case of Poco F1:
- SoC is 845, the most capable and latest SoC from qualcomm Snapdragon and widely used in all flagships of 2018.
- MIUI is a known OS with proved capabilities running across all Xiaomi phones ( except Android One phones)
- a battery of 4000 mAh capacity. A good power source, which will keep the gadgets going for longer coupled with efficient SoC

Now comes other essential things -
- the cameras. With Sony sensors, it may not be the best but will not be bad ones at least ( for those who complain about cameras, they should bear in mind that it's a phone for communication and not a pro camera, with communication capabilities. If good results are expected than they should either buy a pro camera or be ready to payup)
- screen is not OLED, but even IPS LCD is doing really good job. Rather than replying on theoretical arguments, it's real time results are to be taken into account.
- minor ones but still deal breakers like 3.5mm jack, FM tuner are available ( these are not available to most of 2018 flagships).

Last comes the outer body. It's made up of plastic. How a material is used mater's rather than what material is used. I have seen OPPO VIVO looking pathetic with metal bodies and Plastic made Nokia Lumia ones looking classy. In the end how well a material is used matters. Poco F1 is decent looking. Most of Xiaomi phones are sturdy built ( I have used Redmi 1s for 4 years without any problem and without IP ratings), hence I have no doubt about this One.

I think it is one of the best offer for the price tag and true flagship killer. One+ just used it as gimmick to set itself up in market, but Xiaomi has done it in true sense. And it won't play game of raising it's tag with coming iterations, coz it already has other premium offerings ( while One+ has only 2 products a year to rely on,which are actually recycled designs from crappy siblings OPPO VIVO)

  • Anonymous

Good job xiaomi

  • Anonymous

What's the price difference between regular one and kevlar version?

Abhi D, 22 Aug 2018$300 price that provides S845, 6gb ram, 64gb storage, expan... moreThe display

MG7, 22 Aug 2018How GSMarena get that it has Sony IMX386 sensor. It is nowh... moreIt was mentioned in the launch that the camera sensor is IMX386

  • AnonD-632062

Aside from the notch and the lame name, that's some killer pricing for the specs! A truly revolutionary phone. Move aside OnePlus, there's a new flagship-killer!

3.5mm jack, IR blaster, a USB-C port, microSD slot, Excellent stereo speakers, good cameras, Astounding battery life from the 4000 mAh battery, better UI that looks more stock & clean than MIUI.

All for $260 only.

The Cons should also include;
Plastic frame, let's see what Zack of JerryRigEverything thinks of that.
QuickCharge 3.0 which overcharges and overheats the battery, when the option of QuickCharge 4.0 which corrects all that is available, better yet is QuickCharge 4+ which supports USB-PD.

Also using a substandard DAC for the 3.5mm Jack doesn't help, even when you have better earphones the DAC still lets you down.

Does anyone know the quality of RAM used? Is it LPDDR 3, LPDDR 4, or LPDDR 4X.

  • darko

"Honor Play is now the king of budget flagship with Kirin 970!" Xiaomi be like "Kirin 970? Hold my beer.."

  • NFCer

Godd*mmit Xiaomi, start putting NFC on your phones! It's the only reason I don't get a MA2 or for example the Pocophone. Where I live you can get all your metro and bus tickets on your phone and validate with NFC. I'll stick with my BQ Aquaris X for longer then, battery still lasts me two days easily