vivo V11 review

05 September 2018
The company that was the first to introduce the under-display fingerprint scanner is now also the first to try and trickle it down to the mid-range...

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  • Ovi-

Radz, 09 Sep 2018Hai i am planning to buy vivo v11 pro.i want to know is this sup... moreNo

  • Rony

Heyy.... i am going to make a plan to buy it but unfortunately i watched some reviews on youtube that says the network condition of vivo v11 is not good.... like some problems are there like call drop, not rechable, movie download, internet speed this kind of problem regarding they are saying.... is it correct or not?

  • mira

The notch can be made smaller. It will be bigger only during selfie...

  • jean

why vivo cant bring usb type c on v11 and x23

Hai i am planning to buy vivo v11 pro.i want to know is this support Widevine L1 certificate for stream Hd content in Netflix and prime video

What is the LTE speed category of this Vivo V11?

Vivo is on fire with all these wonderful innovative smartphones! The vivo Nex then and v11 now! Very well done Vivo kudos!!!!

Anonymous, 07 Sep 2018FPS is convenient over face scan (3d, 2d whatever )Depends on person to person. I greatly prefer face scan vs fps. Reaching for the fps scanner is a bit cumbersome. With ir face unlock you just need to hold the phone to your face

  • Dan

Nice phone from vivo, but it's only a bit cheaper than Mi8 and Meizu 16th, two Snapdragon 845 flagships with AMOLED screens.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 05 Sep 2018Face I'd Vs inscreen finger print which would you prefer?FPS is convenient over face scan (3d, 2d whatever )

  • Anonymous

Actually, Sharp Aquos S2 came out before the Essential phone...
Just like how the Sharp Aquos Crystal series came out 'years' before XiaoMi Mix...

But apparently, people just forget the Japanese existed, just like Sony faces now in the smartphone arena... There's still the arsenal of Fujitsu handsets that sits in the dark...

Wow great phone, fingerprint is awesome, camera too. how can i order from Cameroon?

  • Spectator

The photos are nice especially Angie's photos. Hehehe :-D

  • Mumbai-Indians

Not too good nither bad phone. Just came here to see beautiful Angie pics..

  • Anonymous

The Indian reviews say the body is polycarbonate. Is that a different version. The moment I heard it's polycarbonate, I thought of not considering this phone for my likely purchase next month.

Can any one clarify whether the body is glass polycarbonate or glass on the Indian version?

  • Anon1234

Basically the prototype for Oneplus 6t

  • Wan,

And then back to the essential phone by andy rubin

  • Anonymous

For 19990 Php price in the Philippines it can be pricy as F when basically its other SD660 peers is much more affordable, is it the AMOLED display that made this pricy? but nevertheless would still buy

Anonymous, 06 Sep 2018Exactly we have been tired from those stupid mid-range cpuSd 710 is almost equal to Sd 820 in performance with better effeicency

  • Anonymous

Random, 05 Sep 2018Remove that under display finger print and give a regular one.Sa... moreOk and then reintroduce the horse and carriage.. go buy a NOKIA 3310