OnePlus 6 long-term review

18 Sept 2018
The OnePlus 6: still a top notch deal? If so, is that despite or maybe even thanks to its top notch? On the surface, it definitely seems like this is a worthy contender in the flagship realm even today, with its glass back, minimal bezels, and top of the line internals for 2018.

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  • Anonymous

No omissions? No ip certification, no expandable storage, no wireless charging, all missing features that flagships have. The oneplus 6 is a good phone, but not a flagship. More like a midranger with a top end chip. There are better choices out there in the form of the nokia 7 plus, honor 10 and view 10, xiaomis, ...

  • AnonD-632062

OnePlus prices are increasing by the year.

The removal of the 3.5 mm jack (in addition to the microSD card slot) in the next OnePlus will be the final nail on it's coffin.

And with the threatening rise of Pocophone F1, OnePlus better have a good plan.
Else it's demise will be due to a true "flagship killer."

  • bob

touch latency still a problem on oneplus 6, this problem exists from op1, most of the adroid phones are suffering from it....

  • Anonymous

Great phone ! I still have my OP 5T and is working great also!

  • led

Anonymous, 19 Sep 2018I've been wondering for some time. What makes the Pixel the smoo... moreWhen you make the hardware and software you will have the best phone.

  • Anonymous

I've been wondering for some time. What makes the Pixel the smoothest Android phone? Why are phones of the same processor perform differently in smoothness? Is it the coding in the software? Anyone care to explain?

  • Anonymous

8bit SDR screen
No slot SD
No IP rating
No stereo speakers
Ugly notch
Useless 2nd cam
Full HD screen
No 4K HDR10 video ( even G7 has)

OP got caught cheating benchmarks, also sending data to China

One+ is overrated. The thing I hate about them is - they do not acknowledge that OPPO VIVO are it's siblings, instead it claims and projects itself as a premium brand. But it's a fact that most of their design is nothing but a replica of OPPO VIVO.

Regarding speed and smooth operation of phone, I still have my Moto G turbo from 2015, which works as smooth as new even today. Only problem is Motorola has stopped it's updates, else I can still use it from another few years. In short I mean, all reputed brands ensure that their gadgets work smooth and problem free.
I had 3 One+ in my family and all had same problems. All 3 were changed within few months.

  • Anonymous

acemang, 18 Sep 2018Buggy software that is corrected half a year later at best. "ave... moreWhats an HTC ????

  • Kress

Nope, I have had OP3T and it was the last phone from Pei&Co. Last rumors about cancelling audio jack in 6T moved me towards LG V30. Hypocrites.

  • Gourav

acemang, 18 Sep 2018Buggy software that is corrected half a year later at best. "ave... moreReally? I have a OP2 since 3 long years now and I haven't faced any single issue so far, that is what I am typing this on.... Enough to disprove your hypothesis?

  • Xhxhyy

acemang, 18 Sep 2018Buggy software that is corrected half a year later at best. "ave... moreHTC do really well if not the best in terms of build quality.
No tech geeks deny that facts. The problem is they cut down many interesting features and their main feature somewhat half-baked and need to be improved over software update. Over time it will be more stable but the first-impressions on software had been damaged for common folks.

"Oneplus was a flagship killer four years ago..."Well,it seems to me 1+ is the victim of their owners(BBK)..Vivo and Oppo are selling like hotcakes in China,and they have exactly the same phone as Oneplus6.For the rest of the world,Oneplus just got too expensive..550euro(incl.shipping) in EU,well that cannot be best buy,innit?I mean,for the $640 there are plenty of options,including the ones from the big guns...Still a great phone though,no doubt,but when it comes to value for your $$$,I reckon we are all left only with Xiaomi,and possibly Honor....

  • Anonymous

Thanks for the long term review. Very helpful. Keep up the great work

Buggy software that is corrected half a year later at best. "average" camera, bad design decisions, long term hardware quality questionable, so...whats new here?
people to save some bucks prefer to have mediocre experience and say it is "full package".
I've HTC u11, people cry it's expensive, bla bla bla...but till now (1year later) i still have 0 problems, with flawless experience, all changes in OS are improvements from stock android. Ofc, reviewers don't have a clue what is a good phone...they press buttons for 5minutes, make some benchmarks that are useless in real life and say A is better than B.
UI/UX is the n.1 reason Apple is a trilion company not because they have a face id or best screen or faster performance....90% people don't have a clue what your talking. they just want a good smooth experience. ofc, a good hardware helps in the way so they can justify "forbidden prices". Never seen an OnePlus phone after 1 year without a problem..or a sensor stopped to stoped to focus well...screen scratch without a reason . my htc without screen protector still have 0 scratches and i use it and abuse it. keep buying crap, chineses companies say thanks to you

There needs to be some kind of option to turn WiFi on/off after specific time period. I've other cheaper phones than this that do have that feature. Also auto brightness needs improvement. Hopefully they add those features in their future product.

Whackcar, 18 Sep 2018OnePlus 6T will not be as pleasantly regarded since it's coming ... moreTrue. The only thing that could save that it's the inclusion of a better dongle and a massive battery or even stereo speakers

  • Tom

"You probably shouldn't expect Android Pie to make it to the OnePlus 6 earlier than December or January."
Really? There is already 3 open betas with android 9.0. I think stable pie come till end of october.

  • ZloiYuri

The worst thing about this phone is price. Nothing special chinaphone but costs like it carries better camera, wireless charging or ceramic back. Or good battery. Or safety. Or dedicated audio chip. Nothing. Basic phone like Pocophone with best processor available but two times more expensive.

OnePlus 6T will not be as pleasantly regarded since it's coming without a headphone jack. The reason why OnePlus got so popular in the first place was because they listened to their customers... but apparently they've gotten "brave" and decided to do controversial moves for no justifiable reason.